Yamaha FZ1 Air Filter Change

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Yamaha FZ1 Air Filter Change
Yamaha FZ1 Air Filter Change
How to change motor oil and oil filter, Yamaha FZ1 Fazer 1000
How to change motor oil and oil filter, Yamaha FZ1 Fazer 1000
Yamaha FZ1 Oil Change
Yamaha FZ1 Oil Change
Expert Dyno Tuner Says:
Expert Dyno Tuner Says: "DON'T Modify Air Box on Motorcycle!!" | MotoVlog
How to change engine oil and filter on Yamaha FZ1 Gen 2 (2006 - 2015)
How to change engine oil and filter on Yamaha FZ1 Gen 2 (2006 - 2015)

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Donny Azoff: Great video mate, I am going to give it a go on my FZ1S.

Saša Fajković: What are you spraying inside the cylinders? I couldn't find the answer anywhere (nor the reason)

Fred Smith: Great tip on propping up the tank! Thank you for sharing!

WeAre138: This got me hard. The music is SO smooooooth. I wanna freak!

copper shot: Hey brother you haven't got the lars airbox mod or the ais mod huh.

Joko Saputro: background music makes me sleepy.

Ady11000: Thanks .

Frank White: Yes, the FZ1 is faster from 0 to 100 then the R1. After 100 mph the R1 will catch and beat you.I have raced them so I know. But as smoothbase said you absolutely do not want to start out on a liter bike. All liter bikes are dangerous including the FZ1. If you don't have experience riding a sport bike there is a pretty big learning curve.

Douglas Wood: Thanks for sharing. My 08 FZ1 just turned 3300 miles and I was wondering when to change the air filter (and how t do it). GREAT video.

Claudio Guida: and something else? for example, candles change? ...

avantgarde120: Thanks for the vid.Just got my package today.Going to install to my FZ1S ABS 2010 tmrw.Btw,I'm using BMC air filter.

OCDonnyMac: Thanks for the video. Was trying to figure out my 2008 FZ6 and this was similar enough to do the job. Twenty five minutes was spot on.

Felix Li-En: I love FZ1, and by the way... I REALLY love this background music, too !!

SmoothbassmanStudios: @65pont Agree the music sucked. YouTube made me change the audio cause of the music that was on there. Unfourtantly I lost the original video so I couldn't remix. it.

RiviDude: I like the Lame Jazzy Track...

luciax402: what bars are those? thanks

tomkatseven: good vid,my next bike....fz1 baby!

plasticadam: And don't trap the breather pipe under the tank like the dork in the workshop that fitted mine. Or you end up blowing the rocker cover seals and getting oil evrywhere

unverbraucht11: Hey, thanks for this man. I've got an 08 R6, and I'm wanting to do everything that I can on my own. I'm hoping that the set-up isn't different for some strange reason. I'd rather spend my time working on the filter than pay through the nose getting someone else to do it. Again, thanks a lot man!

Rodney Sullins: Helpful, thanks. I'm changing my filter tonite, and I would have removed the tank completely and from the opposite direction (and would have to remove the fuel line). This vid this saves me some trouble.
Yamaha FZ1 Air Filter Change 5 out of 5

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Yamaha FZ1 Air Filter Change