World Smallest Non Military FPV Quadcopter

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medialution: Would this transmitter work with the Fatshark Predator as well ? The channels listed on the FPV Home website not really match Ch1:5705mhz , Ch2:5685mhz , Ch3:5665mhz , Ch4:5645mhz , Ch5:5885mhz , Ch6:5905 , Ch7:5925mhz , Ch8:5945mhz 

Oridecon Bling-Bling: The Men in Black chair ...

Pașca Alexandru: Why's the video fed so glitchy? Even within a few feet from the receiver...
Anyway, that's a nice mountainboard! 

199almost: Your house is awesome & cool drones 

bkbkor kim: want to buy this!! can you??

Bond James Bond: He has a nice house, because he probably works hard. 

Nathan Swisshelm: Your rich!!

Tim Goffin: wow nice house

ricardopr54: Awesome setting. Still feels heavy and slow on it's response, but it does the job. You did a really good job. Thumbs up. 

Mamosh88 M88: this is not the Worlds smallest fpv, the World smallest was made by me and another guy from rcgroups, we made a Hubsan micro into a fpv, you can see it on rcgroups...:)

thejason51873: Wow awesome house! That's crazy that thing can lift that much weight. I dont think the NanoQX I have could lift that!

Zac Duncan: You have so many! send me one so it isn't so cluttered in there lol

ENDVash: i want your egg

jonathan Gatsoff: Not the smallest

JustForFunXD: Nice!!

TekReview's: FPVHobby site says there account has been suspended. Not sure what that means either they stopped selling or something.

SavageInsight: I love small flying craft, but the noise they make makes it hard to work/play with them as often as I'd like in my area. Plus I used to play paintball/airsoft so it'd be fun to fulfil the fantasy of a "stealth recon" toy. Any ideas or suggestions for building a "silent" monocle FPV pocket quadrotor?

ben chya: Your rich man too many quadcopters nice fpv glasses

Tom Wadsworth: If you all read down the list of comments I memtion many times the parts over and over. It all from fpv hobby dot com

Mgs363: pls could you say what parts you used???
World smallest non military FPV Quadcopter 5 out of 5

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World smallest non military FPV Quadcopter