Marlin XT-22 Magnum Accuracy And Review

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cronos222: Just my opinion , CCI is the all around best rim fire cartridge . I shoot them almost exclusively and have for years because of their consistent reliability and performance .

Kory Phillips: How do I contact you I want to buy a sling

Honda Rincon: tasco scope sucks !!!! get you an Nikon like i have give you better group.

Michael Luna: this kid is freaking dumb

Ben Dover: I have same gun, shot like crap until I bedded the cheap little stock with Devcon aluminum. Now it shoots one hole at 50yds. with Rem. accutips, and Bushnell 6x24 on bags n bipods. around one inch at 100yds.,3/4" if no wind. I lo e the little gun, but it took a little tinkering to make it do this good. Along with bedding, tore trigger apart and polished ALL parts and lapped the action a bit.

Les Rinehart: I am interested in a sling how do I contact you?

Sean 270wn: marlin was bought out by the same company that bought remington

Sean 270wn: I can make paracord stuff and know that took a lot of rope

Brent Young: I have a Simmons Masterpiece 3-9x40 scope on my Marlin XT22MR.  I had the same experience with my rifle being wild until the barrel broke in.  Finally I got a box of CCI "Troy Landry" bulk ammo.  After shooting the bulk ammo the gun dialed right in.  My rifle shoots best with Remington 40 gr PSP ammo.  CCI game points are a close second.  I have never shot my rifle off a bench to see how small a group I am shooting.  I do shoot golf balls s lot.  When a golf ball rolls in a small depression you have a very small target.  I limited out on rabbits in a friends wheat field.  All the rabbits were shot in the head.  I just walked real slow and did a lot of looking with binoculars.  I wish Boyds would make a true hunting stock for the XT22 series.

ronpaul2012robust: your gun is the updated marlin 925m witch is what I have and I can hit pop cans at 100yrds on the reg, you should get a better scope I have a 4x32 nikon prostaff scope on mine. not talking smak just want to let u know it should perform better, keep shootin.

Teru Mikami: can you shoot .22lr out of the .22 mag?

ratrod diesels: nice rifle and sling too.

rebel oneal: Remington? I had two out of every box misfire...BUT the CCI rounds right out of the box mine only took three test shots two adjustments..Man that is the best I've had from any gun I've bought..FYI from brother in arms..

michael smith: This is a great little rifle! Bought one a few years ago before the ammo crisis and it has turned out to be a great little rifle! At 100 yards I can manage a 1-2in spread all day long. The 22 WMR isn't as cost effective as a 22LR, but the rifle does it's job and is vary effective on small game.

wayne clark (Bossbear91): Speak up 

droidx24: the 40 grain is gonna be a more stable bullet thru the air, even without wind theres gonna be wobble, it takes more energy but the heavier bullets will travel thru the air more smoothly 

TheArsenal187: What scope rings are you using?

bryan palmer: That gun is waaaayyyyyyy more accurate. Js. 

Kay Jay: Do I need to have a gun license to buy 22LR ?

Dalton Bowles: 1-902-867-7035 add me into ur phone and text me!!!

Marlin XT-22 Magnum Accuracy and Review 5 out of 5

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Marlin XT-22 Magnum Accuracy and Review