Rodent Resistant Chicken Feeder.

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Ulad Ularriono: Rodent resistant chicken feeder. :)

Cordell Johnson: Neat!

Lesley Agnew: Good idea :-) but too narrow, bossy chook gets most food- try much wider, NZ made :-). "Grandpa's feeder"

jimday666: and a big rat could not open it?

Brandon Bryer: brilliant

CBJAMPA: Genius!

Bill johnson: brillent idea

klocke77: That's a kewl design, but my degus would figure it out in a second :)

Paul Baker: Can you buy these or was it built by plans

HISandman: what a great idea!! how long did it take the chickens to figure it out?

111mrawsome: sweet

chickencoop618: Cool I want one of those

BloodyBay: Now that is a good idea! Is there anywhere people can buy feeders like that, or would I build it myself? And are those New Hampshire Red hens? I have a New Hampshire Red, and she looks just like that.

steve goesse: geneus

Paul Pellicci: super, ingenious....

Ledsmoke: I love it. I saw one just like that in the book of John Seymour about self sufficiency. Never sav it live and love the way you've done it. Wonderful to see. Hope it serves you and them for a long troublefree time ! Thumbs up!

herosmooths: lol

ErinBisIN: there is a posibility of them getting stuck. If one steps on the pad and one reaches over the side and the one on the pad steps off... I wouldnt trust it.

MrFlench: That's very cool .

CrustyHO: Would be nice to see one made out of metal with adjustable weight, patent it now!

jacob hunt: Hey, where did you get this? I need one for my chickens.

TheBushdoctor68: Heheheh. Silly chickens. :)

130June: Rats are much smarter than chickens, it wouldn't take long before any size of rat would have sussed out how to open the door to feed. Good video, but your project needs some work.

scargreattrueking: Ohhh woooow that sooooo cooool

danieladamdelarosa: I bet a chicken that feeds from the side gets a good surprise when the first chicken on the lever steps off! lol

Barbeeznet: very cool I need to build me one of those :) when my chicks get big enough and heavy enough to open the door.

Octonation: No No a half eaten chicken head

Károly Szűcs: Ha éhes marad a patkány rá fog fanyalodni a csirkékre. Az ötlet egyébként nagyon jó.

Fraususemil: "We now have hungry rats." Hope you have got hungry cats as well, or better one Jack Russell terrier ;)

haynerbass: Screw all the nay-sayers. That's a cool design. Do you have intructions on how to build one? If so I'd love to see them.

lmkk07: brilliant, where did you purchase this feeder? Do they do large ones for x4 hens?

Edoardo Monacelli: intelligente

1PatriotsMettle: Wow this is one of coolest designs i have ever seen. Great job.

Jesse Gamble: chickens are funny lol

vvaduva: @sxn10 You have to balance the weight of the pedal to make sure only an adult chicken can open's not rocket science.

Tae Ken Do: What about squirrels..?

papakeetee: AWESOME!!! 5 STAR VID!!!!!

D Quinn: Excellent design, you ever do up drawings?

willied345: Can you make a bigger one for a dog? (414) 334-5001. Txt me

salmki: LOL NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE .... Where can i buy these feeders? am sure my aunties back in Kenya would love them.

Carlos Herrera: The rats in my city are like cats

Jose G Wilches M: como se hace, diganme por favor

purewhiteflutterby: Now THAT is cool!! Truly genius.

eastbournediver: @eastbournediver If you look at my other video you can see a rat on the feeder but not opening the door.

Mike Omeg: @snx what size of rodents do you have? Geez!

davyc65: Brilliant. Could you add soundproofing to avoid disturbing the neighbour's afternoon nap?

mal Caldwell-Andrews: where did you get the design.

salguodnednis: whats stopping the rats eating through the side ? what is the damper mechanism ?

DeepingAaron: So what happens if a hen is feeding from the side, when another is on the ramp?? Early meal? or is another safe way to protect your thick hens going to come on a later video?

pauly cc: esto me gusto......
Rodent resistant chicken feeder. 4.9 out of 5

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Rodent resistant chicken feeder.