Htc Hd2 Touch Screen Not Responding

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FIX for HTC HD2 touch screen not responding
FIX for HTC HD2 touch screen not responding
HTC HD2 touchscreen failure maybe solved
HTC HD2 touchscreen failure maybe solved
Htc HD2 touch pad / digitizer not working
Htc HD2 touch pad / digitizer not working
htc hd2-touchscreen failure
htc hd2-touchscreen failure

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Michael XKirby: A hammer solved my problem,, and the legend died.

Freddy Hawks: Hahaha, it works, power butter, call button, press hard as many times untill it works.... haha nice job

samir bouarif: je devleppement les qualliter de hts

summer smith: Thanks for the help

Samuel Boon: Same Bro~ I was like WTF!!! Man~

Khanh Trinh Xuan: mainboard failed

Shaheen Naikpay: My HTC HD7 is not responding and also it is not going to ON when I press the power button.... What should I do guys???????

pepe six: i dropped my phone two times yesterday at night.. n when i went to lay down, i was gonna use it n the touch screen doesnt work xc out of the sudden, n the screen its not cracked or anything n than i took of battery like 5 timess n it was same crap lol n so than i left it without the battery the whole night n nothing happen it didnt get better, i was even having lil dreams of me trying it, n it would work on my dreams xc this thing its like a nightmare to me xc

h4k3r 993: had this happen to my lg phone from rogers i left it untouched and the i tried it again ad it worked

Mohamed: I have the salsa and i dropped mine facedown now the top and right of the screen work so i cant unlock it

MetalReptileMKII: I have the HTC Hero and i'm having this issue right now.

Badmus Olukayode: i pressed hard on the power button and the touch screen responded.there is no time limit to pressing the button! just do it till the screen responds.i used the bottom of a biro to press hard.try it, it work for me

Badmus Olukayode: hi guys, my htc hd2 touch screen stopped working! its came back for like 4mins and that was all.i tried hard reset but its not still working because there some prompt on the screen that i cant access without the network is not showing H.please help

SuperSuperdwight: I have the same problem on the sprint android and the problem is that whatever i do the touchscreen doesn't work no matter what.It worked 2 days ago but all of a sudden it stopped.

Spyros Antoniou: I opened mine and under the power button there is nothing...

A Riggs: It is the power button. You'll find that if you push the potter button a certain way, or hold it down the screen will respond. The HTC hd2 was made by placing a cheap piece of tape to secure the power button. That can easily be replaced if you have the right tools. Have fun and good luck!

Florin Georgescu: Hy ! I had the same problem and this tip it worked but not permanently. Now it doesn't work at all, just when he want; and he want to work a couple of seconds/minutes per day. This shows me that the digitizer is not fuc_ _d but what else can i do. I have read on other sites that the replacing the digitizer doesn't rezolve this problem and the problem can be from the cip on the ribbon of digitizer. I don't knows what's the problem with it. Thank you ! Sorry for my english !

bashintosh: yes pressing the end butting with some force helped hopefully it lasts

Momo Veve: Your problem happens with every single touch screen phone its usually because some water came inside or just the hardware is really messed up.

Momo Veve: Then it probably stopped working in the first place because of water issues.
Htc hd2 touch screen not responding 5 out of 5

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Htc hd2 touch screen not responding