Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Install

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Channel Drain. Driveway Drain. Install
Channel Drain. Driveway Drain. Install
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Tyee Cambrón: watttt. concrete saw cuts faster then that. my stihl 14" diamond blade cuts through easy.

I only have troubles is when the saw angles off a degree, then all the blade is doing is friction-braking on the side of blade instead of actually cutting

Russell Craig: Looks good.

Annihil8or: I'm pretty sure it cuts 1' per minute, not 1".  Otherwise it would have taken you 10 hours and 24 minutes.

Dustin Galofaro: A walk-behind concrete saw would have made quick work of the cutting.  Would have been straighter too. 

vivo4music: So how much does the company charges for something like this

intromix: how much does it cost for the tools to execute this,,, VS just having a contractor do the job in this size???

EnyawtheGreat: LOL, yes you are dead right. You're supposed to put tape over the grate when placing the concrete. That stops them from getting stuck and allows you to lift the grates later for clean-out. Sorry guys but that's a pretty ugly job. You can also buy a frame for a cut-off saw that allows you to use it as a walk behind... much easier on the back/ arms and you'd get a straighter line.

lee mccluskey: I would not of thought a decent drainage contractor would have got cement all along the edges of the grills on channel drains. I certainly would not be happy with that job and would want a refund or the job done correctly before I would pay. What happens when sand fills up the channelsand other bits of debris that get through the holes on the grills. I have seen many a channel drain completely blocked only in this case here the home owner woould not be able to lift the grills and clean out.

youmu stbejoking: Hire a road saw?

sahdra74: It wud hve been nice to see where the water drains off to? And also I take it the drain covers are intended to stay in place for ever?? Coz it looks as though u done a gud job of concreting them in for good!?

themenacingjester: Where's the water draining to?

sibs4life: Hey guys. Great video. I am going to be doing this to my driveway and I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of concrete you used? I don't know much about concrete and I don't want to use the wrong one. Thanks. you used

Joe Phillips: Great work adn video guys. A 2x4 might be helpful to put atop the channel grates to protect them and make mudding it in easier. If you have any jobs that might use a stainless steel upgrade check out platinum stainless steel dot com Our shower drains are designed to use a 2x4 as a place holder prior to mudding into the shower bed.

appledrains: @darcy1664 ... LOL.. ...Push - Pull - Lift - Bend... What ever it takes! - We'll Make It Right The First Time!!

Matthew Darcy: push the saw not pull

appledrains: @dramamnsta We'd be happy to take a look. I am sure we can solve the water problem :)

SHANON BURWELL: nice, my driveway is gravel, my carport was converted into a larger master bedroom. When it rains hard, I get water coming into my floor.....growl!

videobreakthru: NIce info video ~ looks like a great job well done. and ALOT of WORK!
Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Install 5 out of 5

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Channel Drain, Driveway Drain, Install