Glowing Mountain Dew

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Glowing Mountain Dew
Glowing Mountain Dew
Homemade Mountain Dew glow stick.
Homemade Mountain Dew glow stick.
succesful glowing mountain dew attempt
succesful glowing mountain dew attempt
mountain dew glow stick
mountain dew glow stick
Mountain Dew Review
Mountain Dew Review
Does Mountain Dew Glow in the Dark
Does Mountain Dew Glow in the Dark

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Alex D: Another way to make it glow is to put a flashlight behind it...Seriously, most useless video EVER.

Ashleigh McKinney: All you did was add the glowstick and the soap the glowstick stuff made it glow

Moldymortz0720: You never used the dish detergent on the "hoax," you just left it out

Felipe Algo: i dran this and my stomach glowed 10/10

Christian Bryan the illusionist: There was no warning about consumption... You're lucky somebody doesn't sue your ass for not giving a warning regarding not drinking the glowing Mountain Dew.. Which is highly freakin toxic.

Torilynn Madriaga: You need dishsoap &&' starburst'

Hannah Westbury: You dipcrap. You just put the freeking glow stick in it and for got to put soap in the first time

jbeandragon: how long does the glow last?

Beto Osorno: This does work thanks a lot

scs0827: U just made a glow stuck with a freakin glow stick! This is dumb.

Danny Moe: Was anyone else looking for a drinkable glowing mountain dew video? 

Bladex2105: BOOO!!!! U STINK!!

jesus garcia nieto: would it shine for ever (by shaking it)

GRACE BATTLEFIELD: thats so stupid to add a glow stick , Well no duh! Ya Im making a homemade glowing liquid with an actual glowing liquid in it. Try doing it without the glowstick dumb ass

Chibara01: Nice to know the starter fluid was real glow material...

Jermy ZeChicken: Damn

Techdeckmegastar: Will it prevent the dew from going bad

Odd Billy: I want to try this 

my_bby_unicorns:'re making a glowstick, WITH a glowstick? 

deltor4549: Just put a starburst candy

malarri martinez: it's not really home made if there is a glow stick in there. 

Lily Walovich: can you explain the chemical reaction of it?

Dana Cajigas-Windsor: You need starburst 

howaboutsomeroyg: i made it glow but i didn't know i wasn't supposed to drink it

HellGamer: My ears hurt!

skyphantom29: OR.... You could just have the glow stick and not waste your time or drink

Mitsuru952: No. That wasn't 1/4 of the bottle. And, that wasn't 1/4 of a spoon of baking soda. Also, that wasn't 3 caps of Peroxide. Most of it fell out, and those were like half a cap.

kevin spencer: Add Tonic water and put it under a black light.

Chelsea Taylor-Johnson: How long does it last??? 

JayMark2049: What does detergent have anything to do with this?

Angelina Sosa: U forgot soap dumbass

2495BLACKOPS: Thanks for the video. This video is going to help me with my science invention in school.

Blade Walker: Can you use a full bottle of mountian dew instead


Rasmus Wahlstedt: Excuse a stupid outsider, but, what kind of brew is mountain dew?

iMollyPop: How to make a Glow Stick, you will need: Mountain dew, peroxide, baking soda and a glow stick... Why would you even need to make one if you need one to make it! MY BRAIN HURTS!!!

Nathan Archer: Oh and starburst...

purplepacion: From a previous vid, when it was hit really hard against something, it immediately starting glowing...just like with some glow sticks, you do have to tap them hard to get them to glow...Give it another try!

chase dunn: are you able to drink because what would be the purpose of making it i get you are just showing us a trick and you seem nice.

zigzagtuna: Can you drink it? 

Sakura Miku: What's the point of making a glow uf your useing a glow stick

Artur Hünnev: How Long Its Gonna Glow ?


Christian Rigg: It only works because of the glow stick

Nuck Chorris: Yeah, with freaking glowstick liquid everything glows.

TheDimDimProductions: Well no crap it'll work with a glow stick 

Lightningblade2.0: If I drink this glowing Mountain Dew drink will it also make my piss glow as well?

crystal arellano: It does not work

Some Random Guy: Whats the point u can't drink now! Waste of time!

dennis72830: Glowsticks are poisonous, and do you REALLY want to drink soap?
Glowing Mountain Dew 4.2 out of 5

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Glowing Mountain Dew