Glowing Mountain Dew

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succesful glowing mountain dew attempt
succesful glowing mountain dew attempt
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glow mountain dew scam fake it does not work !
glow mountain dew scam fake it does not work !
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Zero Bahamut: use blue glowstick/ or blue dye to make nuka cola quantum (dont drink it lol)

RWBHere: Well, Anne, look how many geniuses didn't understand your effort to protect them from being fooled by the scammers. Can't win sometimes. Thanks for the video.

Don Ocampo: Oplok malamang mu glow kay imong gi butngag glowstick

S&H Gaming: You need to use glow stick with that.

Itsa Me Jaden: Why are so many people not getting the point of this video... Its to show that you can't make mountain dew glow without the ingredients which make glow-sticks glow...

mustjab mani: what is this timing

Jimmy Cartoi: Will a highlighter do the work without glow stick?

Enable Chaos: Yeah, I'm only here to make sure I don't end up making like chlorine gas or something.

Frank's Forehead: wtf................................................................... i expected you to actually get the thing to work...instead, you put a glowstick inside it............LAME 0/5 stars

Cute Enderman: ok here is the thing, the Glow stick make it glow so it is cheating so col vid though

Michael Krause: Please please please change that music


ANNE DIDN'T PUT IN WHAT IS IN THE VIAL IN A GLOW STICK. SHE ONLY PUT IN THE 1 CHEMICAL OUTSIDE IT. The hydrogen peroxide with the help of the others made the mixture glow. If she wouldn't have added the hydrogen peroxide it wouldn't have glowed.

LPZoah # Highlights & Gaming: Where i can buy peroxide?

iamasaltychild: dafuq are you trying to poisen people? WHY WOULD YOU WASTE MOUNTAIN DEW

DayyLikeNight YT: This isn't edible is it? I mean it DOES have dishwashing fluid in it.

michaelsaldana: now drink it

Scott Struble: Add a glow stick!
1. Get a clear bottle filled with water.
2. Activate glowstick.
3. Drop whole glowing stick into the bottle and screw on the cap.
Camping 101.

SAVAGE308SNIPER: my pickle glows because I drank it and my piss was awesome!

Fihon: can i drink it

MagicRoma: it's not true at all, there is a special lamp under the bottle. I share this trick on my CHANNEL
Glowing Mountain Dew 5 out of 5

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Glowing Mountain Dew