How To Make The Liquid Marijuana

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solutionnotpuzzle: fast forward to the future: weed became legal.

Shawn Conway: why don't you use speed pourers?

Nester Beauregard: This drink, I just tried today, tastes exactly like marijuana.

apbrit2009: you could add some tincture to it, make it real liquid marijuana

HelloImNicNac: This is garbage

The Family: "I've never eaten marijuana"  aka   "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" aka QUIT BEATING AROUND THE BUSH, you've blazed!

knightofdreamz: Green cigarettes.
All of us born in the 70s remember our parents rolling green cigarettes. We all remembered the bad smell and we all remember hitting 12 or so and saying "ahhhhh, i get it now".

TheJusnic82: they actually make or used to make a hemp vodka, that was to be honest the nastiest tasting vodka ive ever tried...I say used to make because I seen it in the liquor store once it was all the hype I bought a bottle its been 3 years (still have 3/4's of the bottle) and ive never seen it again on any shelves in any liquor store

For a very accurate flavour profile, next time you mow your lawn take a few handfuls and put them in a pot with vodka for a few weeks and drink it.  Yes it was that bad.

TheJusnic82: get sprayed by a skunk, wet your clothes, wring them out into a highball glass, mix with vodka ice, and baboom the liquid marijuana! 

Gabe C: I think the reason why it's called the Marijuana is due of all the flavors that you taste and the bitterness because people experience many things when they smoke Marijuana or so I've been told. Never done it myself. I agree that the green is just to accent the name. But anyway good show!

Ryan Sanders: hurry up!!!!!! freak you can talk.

Jon Steel: Maybe infuse a little vodka with green onion to get the smell...I know not the correct scent, but close...maybe a  little coffee too.

James Myers: are you on meth, have adhd or really nervous.  You wouldn't stop moving around and first part of the video is pointless.

Tyler Corley: Your supposed to put dry ice in it. That's what makes it a liquid marijuana

Captain Spaulding: i eat marijuana

BigPoppa1830: are you from NC

achristianub: I paused this video at 1:11, to leave feedback.  Please no more videos. 

Quentin Sylwester: i came here looking for marijuana so then i had the liquid marijuana with the smoke marijuana then im like whoooaaa

Tracy: The hair.. Ewww... The fact you touch the ice when putting it into the glass.. Ewwww... I don't think I'd want you making my drinks =/

NitsuaNaed: cannabis and alcohol are perfect companions!
How To Make The Liquid Marijuana 5 out of 5

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How To Make The Liquid Marijuana