Moss Pawn Gun Tour March 2013

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Moss Pawn Gun Tour March 2013
Moss Pawn Gun Tour March 2013
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muskie1976: hey iraq veteran 1888, the civil war is over. the british have been pushed back to upper canada and robert e. lee surrendered. it's time to stand down.

Lino Dalla Gassa: hey ,,,,, wheres the New years 2014 tour........................ tap tap tap waiting.....

C. A. Kimball: I own the Springfield XDS 45. sub compact... nice little conceal carry that packs a powerful punch and is accurate!! Love it!

Ryan Hornibrook: what does acp stand for ?

Stuart Edwards: this guy is why i love the u.s.a.

Elias Dias: 3:25

jonas adriano: price m16???

Frank Ferguson: This was very enjoyable. Wish you guys would open a store here ... oh, sorry, I'm from Canada -- apparently, guns are bad! :(

mark rigsby: Make your own ammo

konfederate6277144: I love watching your guy's videos, keep it up!!!

bricksquad9552: 4:30 lol

Gary Mccarty: wonder if moss has any golden eagle "recurve compound" bows made by predator, went out of buissiness in the 90's ??? but I recently built 2 of them and looking for more !!! when all the bullets are gone ill have arrows !!!!

Monique Cervantes: Gun

sirwilliam51: The next time I'm in GA I'm going to stop at the shop, go to the lazy susan of death and start worshipping it like it was a church alter. Do you think anyone will notice?

Жак Фйф: Yeeaaaa the Serbian Ak-47

Diesel415: So Barry, you shot that Civil War era cap and ball 44 revolver in your youth? Were they new tech back then? ;)

Joe A Merican: Moss Pawn Gun Tour Featuring Micro 9 Derringers 1911's-Springfield Beretta m9 XD's Rugers Kel-Tecs Uberti 1860 Army revolver .22 cal DR style 50 round 9mm magazine FNS-40

CaptnMexico21: A few months later and now we have some idea why they are buying ammo...

Conspicuous Inconspicuos: That mini Uzi should be illegal

iamMANSOME: I wish I had your job. Would be so badass

Barry Mycockiner: Its April 19th and in my town and surrounding towns, even bigger city's the stores don't have any pistol ammunition. or 22LR. freakING BULLcrap. if they cant get the guns they can get the ammo. and that's the way it seems to be.

bouncygangsta: Next thing youll be telling me its happening.

muddog1able: using tax payers money for stupidity

0neDoomedSpaceMarine: Huh, I knew they had made some Uzi pistols in .22LR, but I didn't know they had made full-sized ones. Nice to know.

TacticalReaction: Nice videos i just subscribed

billyblue888: Always love these gun tours, it would be nice if you guys could throw some prices out there for some stuff, doesn't have to be everything just on some of the stuff shown.

Stuforce: Wicked guns u have

Botox84: Duude, your Fingernails...

CreativeConscious00: "its a pocket rocket right there" Barry youre so funny.

simhthmss: many 'debunkers' just show one purchase order and say 'well theres only a few hundred thousand' but however cooky you think they are infowars went through the dhs's published ammo orders that were online from the horses mouth, armored vehicle and full auto rife orders were there too and yeah much of it hollow point, before the censoring the number was over 2.5 billion rounds of mainly hollow point. they are dying to mass take the guns and the economy cant run on fake money forever, work it out.

Weedus2: Seems they let you keep the Guns but limit the Ammo so much that the NWO Government no longer has to fear the 2nd Ammendment??

sjoerd eugelink: How's the ammo problem?

OfficialGunnyBoy: Likes this!

Sisco Coon: Love the videos as always. you said you do reloading videos as well!? well they don't show up as much as the rest. I don't reload as of yet but I'm right now gathering info on it so I can do it later. I think I have watched 1 or 2 videos of reloading from you. It's just fun watching you guys blow stuff up or showing up with fake blood on your shirts after killing zombies. I'd love to stop by and chat but I'm no where near you sadly.

richay kitch: some story with me but with ur mum on my rooster

Nicholas Clark: I wish I lived a little closer so I could visit! What a great store!

colton burris: i was in that storm when i was leaving for spring break to florida. small world.

bullpupluver: do you guys think you could do a video on the revolvers you got?

Buyer Aut: Moss Pawn for the next Gun-Reality-Show !!

Justin Qualls: Classic Barry at 4:35. "To satisfy the...the...Democrats." Hahaha. You guys are the best.

rkrzbk: If "Fugly" wasn't lime green, that would be one cool ass scout carbine. Make it OD with charcoal and tan relief and it would be freaking awesome.

samhellion: looks like i need to come give you guys a visit

10hellobob: Where all yall located

prunktanner: best parts, where things are improving,eh. Good total view !

andreww1212: Living in NYC makes me nervous. There's no legal accessibility to guns anywhere. When the crap hits the fan then what's going to happen?

tristan clemons: hi my name it tristan. im from kentucky in erlanger. i love all the guns u guys got. im a big fan. im 13 and i just cant wait to get a conceled carried licence.

chris rico: my friend fidel castro

thegr8pulido: They don't carry those :(

TNTony100: How's ammunition around there now? I know up here in Canada its expensive but not extremely limited.

gunny25highway: There's guys are kick-ass!! True patriots keep fighting the good fight! If I am ever down your way I will certainly pick up a few items!!
Moss Pawn Gun Tour March 2013 4.9 out of 5

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Moss Pawn Gun Tour March 2013