Homemade DIY EVAP Smoke Machine

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M JL: Excellent video! Thanks for posting Mdrus03. I am a bit puzzled by the "y" and the two lines going in though. I think just your bubbler line will do the job and simplify it further.

mdrus03: Added a few more videos of use to my page recently. Worked flawlessly and allowed me to find a lose valve cover bolt grommet.

Felix Rebal: check out the big brain on brett.  Nice job  dude. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Profilingisillegal: I like the idea of a vacum check valve great idea... that way it will only flow one way and hold the pressure introduced into the system.

govbentley2011: Pretty damn good

BERLINCAM86: Can you do a video of what's inside the bottle to see where everything comes In. Like how much baby oil. Is there a tube going to the bottom from the top fitting. Just trying to understand how it works

Darksurfr: just wondering what diesel vehicle the glow plug is out of for ease of going to the store and getting one.  Not familiar with diesels.

MoK86: Ever thought of making an extra one and selling it for $100?

thewibb: LOL @ burnin' the baby fluid.

Nice work man, very simple, best and easiest one I've come across.  Thanks for sharing.

Jake Johns: will this work with checking the fuel hoses? like the purge evaporator tube, etc.

Randy Fuchs: Interesting but I'm confused why you need TWO sources of air ?? I mean just the "bubbler" line will pressurize the bottle, no ? How full to you fill it when you use ?

yung408: Is that room still open?

mdrus03: Glad everyone's working it out.

rb26dett32: Did you say you are using baby oil? Is that what you would recommend or would using something else work better? The way you have it works perfectly. The only thing I don't "see" is a regulator. But you did mention to regulate it at 2 psi. Are you doing that with an actual regulator or are you controlling it my modulating the air gun?

freddy warcliffe: made mine out of a big monster can works like a charm ty

mdrus03: @sympatheticsun yes, it's just an aluminum drinking bottle and it will run as long as there is fluid and a power source.

mdrus03: @sympatheticsun

theshadowfexx: its just a standard aluminum pressure bottle for coffee or tea and cold beverages

john fin: There have been some concerns about introducing oxygen (air) into fuel vapors. Some claim it could be creating bomb. Have you come across this issue? I would think a check valve to prevent the fumes from hitting the ignition source (glow plug) might be a good safety feature.

hardrockau: gud vid bro, could you tell me what bottle you used? I am getting bit confused with the choice of the container or the bottle. And if you want to run the machine for long one go , then How long can it run without any interruption?
Homemade DIY EVAP smoke machine 5 out of 5

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Homemade DIY EVAP smoke machine