TINY Wood Stove In A Tiny House - Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review

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TINY Wood Stove in a Tiny House - Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review
TINY Wood Stove in a Tiny House - Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review
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Tiny House Tiny Stove - Hobbit Stove Review
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Michael Markle: I like the video you guys did it was very informative I was wondering if I could use pellet stove pipe through the wall as I only have a small cabin 8 ft wide and 10ft long and the peak is only 7 foot high something like a little shed but I can't put it through the roof due to the wavy roof that was installed I was wondering if you could help me with this thank you very much for the great video again looking forward to your reply thanks

Offgrid Millennials: Love your channel and this video! I bought a grizzly and were wondering where you purchased your trim plate at the ceiling. I am having a terrible time trying to find one and yours looks so nice. Keep up the great work :)

Dude Hammer: Love your stove, I bought one myself and I'm getting ready to install it in my 2000 Ford paravan, were did you get the little ash shovel from ?

Eric Vonderlinn: How long of burns do you get

SV Scotch'Nwater: been researching stoves and lucky me they came on sale again today. picked one up for my wife and i on our sailboat

Tim Tv Please: hello. did You ever get a promotional going for subcribers for the Cubic mini?
thanks so much.
You both look awesome.

i am still hesitant, and dont know where to put it in my class B.. but i think i want and need it.

BEVERLEY LYNNE HARRIS: My "Cub" has just been shipped! Took to heart "Tiny House Preppers" advice - very good - going with double-walled pellet stovepipe and have gotten an adapter to increase from 3" to 4" diameter to help with both creosote management and chimney sweeping. Mine will be going in my Class C motorhome. Looking forward to sharing pics with the company's website.


J Ma: Hey just wondering what's the technique for cleaning the flue pipe and what kind of wood do you guys use for the fire it seems like a lot of people use 2x4 but that could start getting expensive and and cutting firewood logs to the appropriate length seams like a lot of work.

Alex Gaebe: hate to be "that guy" but they shaved a cool $100 off the price of this stove since these folks bought it!

Angela Payne: Thanks for making this video and sharing it with us !

Davie Henry: Thanks for sharing.

seoulkidd1: sweet

michaelcentra: Hi,

Do you experience any condensation problems with this stove? Thanks.

roxanneworld11: cute airstream update...but the "one inch gap" of the heat shield seems to be bolted straight onto the walls..why no real space there??..seems like the wisest way is to make sure there is a healthy gap between the heat shield and any wall and/or other vertical surface for safety. was there a specific reason you guys opted out on that?..because the shield can have a lip on the bottom which can be bolted to the base..and there is that piece of firewood placed between heat shield and the side of the counter (if i remember what it was??)..but, omg, why is it there?? fire safety first ..just wishing the best for your safety. 😮

(and i very much miss having a wood stove...sold the place i had 10 years ago and have promised myself that my next home will have one.. exploring tiny homes on wheels.) 👍

450rhino1: Great video. Glass cleaning tip. When the stove is cold. Take a wet papertowel and dip it in the ashes. Wipe the smoky glass with it. Then clean the window with water and papertowel as normal. It will amaze you, it did me. :)

Patriot77: hope you guys were not in there for the initial burn. Galvanized steel produces poison gas when its heated.

michael knight: how's that toy working out when it's below zero temps??

Trouble Shooter: They load up the pipes with creosote because they don't burn hot enough, keep an eye on that.

Fat Loss Fit TV: Great set up! Are there any issues with insurance?

agnes 's: hello, I ordered one of those wood stove thinking i would put the pipe through the roof, but I found out it is not possible to do so, due to the way my roof and ceiling are made up . I am having a hard time finding a through the wall piping system of a 3 inch diameter . I Was wondering if anyone had been looking in putting a mini cubic through the wall and how they did it ?
The majority of my pipes would go straight up inside the tiny house ( my floor to ceiling is 11 feet ) and the exit would be close to the roof , but on a wall. Thx for any input if anyone has any comment , Thx
TINY Wood Stove in a Tiny House - Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review 5 out of 5

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TINY Wood Stove in a Tiny House - Cubic Mini Wood Stove Review