L96 Sniper Rifle Upgrade Kit For ECHO1 ASR/UTG L96 (part 1)

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L96 sniper rifle upgrade kit for ECHO1 ASR/UTG L96 (part 1)
L96 sniper rifle upgrade kit for ECHO1 ASR/UTG L96 (part 1)
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Matt Pirone: so this uograde will not wreck the trigger? i just dont want to have to upgrade the trigger becuz this is too strong

DeadSilent120: @johnnyl96mc hmmm.....I would have to say the laylax zero trigger. They are very costly, and even more hard to come by.

DeadSilent120: @XILycanthropyIX also be sure to check out my other videos, especially the shooting reviews. =)

DeadSilent120: @BadCompanyAirsoft1 No it will not. The AGM L96 has a completely different internal design than the UTG and other Maruzen clones. AGM and the others have less quality parts inside them and break easier.

Jeff Moore: Hey i was wondering i sall the UTg Mk96 ipgrade kit for 50$ on airsoft gi it says 550-570 fps i also looked at the one he is useing in the video the echo 1 asr upgrade do they do the same job fps wise?

DeadSilent120: @fightoflife4 yep. You'd be surprised how much tortion there is on a spring when its being pulled back. Plus it serves as a shim to boost the compression.

DeadSilent120: @PepperoneyMan No, it will be fine without a trigger upgrade....though if you want a stiffer spring in the future, you would DEFINITELY want to get better trigger system. If for some reason it does break, which it won't, Leapers.com will have the stock trigger box and they can send it to you for no charge, plus shipping. Just contact customer support with your model number and request a replacement parts list for it.

propaintball79: did you buy a metal sear for the trigger box?

DeadSilent120: @liveforpool77 Yep. Its an ASR essentially so it will work

touxay559: @DeadSilent120 k thanx :D

DeadSilent120: @propaintball79 The sears in the UTG L96 are already metal. Plus, this upgrade is designed for this gun and others like it, so it doesn't put too much stress on them.

DeadSilent120: To anyone who reads this: The video for the cheap L96 upgrade is in the suggestions scroll bar on the right side with the title: UTG MK96 spring upgrade.... EASY

PnoyTaco: @hondaman07228 Okay thank you.

DeadSilent120: No, this kit is made specifically for this gun, and no other mods are necessary.

Airsoftmontreal: @DeadSilent120 Thx man

TriskaidekaPunk: Just a comment on that, IF IT A BRAND NEW SPRING then spring guide is pushed 2 thousandths of an inch more back then the stock brand new spring so when you go to push the bolt/spring catch back in position you have to wiggle it forward and back to get it to pop in past the guide, or else it wont slide in. Still this is the fastest way I am glad that UTG left the field strip way on this :)

hondaman07228: @DeadSilent120 lol ya im gettin this kit and a madbull barrel and im gonna use .3g's so hopefully i can do work! lol im gonna get a cheap p90 as a side arm

DeadSilent120: @hondaman07228 you're absolutely right. I thought I had answered him, but youtube has been going stupid on me lately. =P Happy airsofting!

DeadSilent120: @XILycanthropyIX Yes. It will work on all maruzen clone l96s. =)

DeadSilent120: @Cocokingable1 Here's my advice...check for worn spots on the piston. If you have real bad worn spots where the sear catches, then that's your problem. Personally I think you should just get the Echo1 upgrade kit and drop the whole thing in there...spring guide included, since your problems started when you put in that self-made one.

DeadSilent120: This kit will work for the Well MB-05 if that is what you are asking. the cylinder on my gun was well lubricated so the o ring lubed itself after a couple shots.

PnoyTaco: @DeadSilent120 ok thank you

nate bourque: will thius work for the well mb06?

touxay559: sooo can i put the UTG L96 upgrade kit inside the echo1 asr then?

eric9908: u might have said this somewhere but did you have to upgrade your trigger after this upgrade. some people say its a must others say its not necessary because the bearing help dampen the force. What is your opinion

DeadSilent120: @WeAreZerG Let me look and see. Well from my research it will not. It only works in Maruzen APS2-style guns, such as the UTG l96, ASR and clones, as well as the barrett M99.

acexprt: good to know that the ASR and UTGl96 are compatible...

DeadSilent120: @WohnJayne Yes. It works on all Maruzen clone L96's, including Well.

hondaman07228: @Punkboylol101 it should, the mb04 is just a pistol grip version so its internally the same...i actually have an mb04 and im getting this kit

ImTheAirsoftGuy: how much is it

DeadSilent120: @acexprt Yeah. Saves a lot of hard work looking for parts.

fromentin vincent: Ok, I have it, It's a spray ^^ so i must spraying my kit and after take it in my snip? (How do you see that I'm french? :p)

Ghilled1: Will this work with the Well ASR MB06

juggalo7996: will the bolt be alot harder to pull back if u upgrade the spring in the utg l96 shadow op sniper?

PnoyTaco: Will the upgrade kit work on the Well MB04?

DeadSilent120: @tronosneoauror No problem man. My scope is a leapers 4x40 mildot ranging scope with red/green illumination. Actually came with the gun itself. =)

TriskaidekaPunk: sorry for double post but it is a HUGE upgrade kit if yall doubt it BS to yall that dont buy it, old spring would go through 3 cardboard boxes and bb would hit wall and bounce a ft back, new upgrade went through those boxes hit the wall put a nice dent, the whole bb went in and bounced out, in the wood molding on my wall then flew back and hit me i would guess around 100fps so it packs a whole new punch!!! all Test were 20ft from barrel to wall, bb used .25g tsd black

DeadSilent120: @juggalo7996 You would be correct. But it's not too bad. Just takes a little getting used to, plus the spring breaks in so after shooting it for a while it's not so bad.

fightoflife4: Ahh I get it. The bearings prevent any twisting on the spring :D

DeadSilent120: @aelnegres this is all you'll need. See, this upgrade is made specifically for this gun, so it's not going to put undue stress on it. Now over time, you MAY have a problem, especially if you replace the spring in this kit with a beefier one (don't know why you would want to), but I highly doubt it.

DeadSilent120: @Airsoftmontreal @Airsoftmontreal Yes it will.

thereyoflite: @DeadSilent120 will i have to get new sears/ trigger box?

fromentin vincent: Did I must do like you've done for upgrade my well mb-05? Because you didn't put of lubrificating and I don't want break my snip ^^

DeadSilent120: oh okay. Well, for lubricant I use nothing but 100% silicone oil I see you speak mostly French. Let me translate for you. J'emploie seulement l'huile de silicone 100% pour mes armes à feu d'airsoft parce que toute autre chose avec des distillats de pétrole détruiront des joints d'air. Hormis cela vous devriez aller bien. Aucune autre hausse n'est nécessaire. \nDésolé si mon Français est mauvais, il a été traduit par l'intermédiaire d'un site Web. ;)

DeadSilent120: @Punkboylol101 Umm...After looking at this model, it looks like all the internals are APS-2 type, so I think you're good.

LuXiD LeThaL: @aelnegres So how long has your gun been fuctioning with this upgrade kit, cause i really want to make my shadow ops l96 stronger.

DeadSilent120: @hondaman07228 cool deal. I use the same setup minus the P90. Your best bet is to go with KSC .3 gram bbs.

WohnJayne: Will this work with the Well L96 AWP from airsplat

DeadSilent120: @Ghilled1 As long as it has the same internals as the Echo 1 ASR, then yes.

Cocokingable1: ok. ive had my rifle for about a year and the spring guide broke. i turned a new one my lathe and tried to pull my bolt back and the seer wont catch. is the problem my trigger or the plunger worn out where the seer catches it. plz help. i need to know which one to buy: trigger group or the WELL upgrade for a new plunger.
L96 sniper rifle upgrade kit for ECHO1 ASR/UTG L96 (part 1) 4.6 out of 5

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L96 sniper rifle upgrade kit for ECHO1 ASR/UTG L96 (part 1)