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Elmo Adam: It's 1 am and people are sleeping wtf is that beep?

iraq696969a: very nice work , what about Lenovo b590 same problem

Rose Taylor: ;no talk? no what did you do or going to do? what is that hooked up to the left side of laptop? what two keys did you hold down??

Gene Caldwell: INT wtf was that?

Hussaka4 henry: nice work..what about sony vaio core i3??

MellectricA1: There's no... I can't find... Uhmmmmmmmmm, i'm a tad bit lost! Can someone point me in the right direction to where I may find the porn??? I need it REALLY REALLY bad!!! :|

cg1245: my laptop constantly beeps, help!

Vikas Desai: what might happen if i stop it in between.. Plz answer.. i tried this and its already been more than 30 mins now.. what should i do?

Sergej Herter: Hello! Can you help me? Can you send me the data. I made laptop from my brother broken. Now I do not know what to go on. Please!

Fraxerrr: Witam czy dziala ta metoda na komputerach od Vobisa? Niestety moj komputer wymaga formatowania a plyty z win8 nie daja po jest ukryty dysk a nie mam pojecia jak do niego wejsc

kalinusa: I think there are several models of the motherboard. My old USA bought motherboard did not support ANY of the combinations or the described process in this video. I BOUGHT ANOTHER OLD MOTHERBOARD and the process described in the video above worked SUPER EASY! So it was definitely a problem with the specific model of sort.

Aukso Gisla: STOP 0000007b

taner2006: did u fix it?if yes tell me pls!

Sean Cerone: So I got an HP DC 6000 laptop and it just keeps restarting

duracotton: Dude I GOT IT! Writing you a PM!

duracotton: Yeah me too! I've got a DV6-6002eg.. Did you try to remove the bios-battery too?

rex gardose: unplug ur memory ram and clean it and get the eraser then clean it ur memory ram and put it back to ur laptop...

kalinusa: PLEASE I would love some help. I have read every website about the recovery, my problem is I have DV6500 and I CANNOT ACCESS THE BIOS Recovery mode. No batter, holding Win+B or Win+F or Fn+B or Fn+F when I plug the AC and hit the power button..NOTHING HAPPENS :((( (i keep hearing a very low clicking sound). Any ideas for key combinations. I tried so many...

KaragandaOnly: Please help me how do i start the bios

Erick Gonzalez: No yet... There are some publish in internet, but nothing resolve it... I thinking purshase in ebay. Other publish saying that this problem is common for this model, I will call to HP, for see what say about this..
BIOS RECOVERY dla HP DV6000/DV9000 5 out of 5

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