Cataclean Will Clean Your Engine - Part 1

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Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1
Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1
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autoworld100: he likes a rover?

discodd94: £14.99 for a cataclean ,the car is worth a lot less???

James Partin: I just spent 25 bucks on this product from pep boys... it was a total waste of cash, the codes it throwed before were cleared and when check engine light came on again after following the directions on the bottle, they were exactly the same.. this product did absolutely nothing as far as I can tell

Roger Swinscoe: Car should be at normal working temp before taking any reading on gas annaliser, that should be abot 85 - 90ºC. Not 23. cat,s need to be very hot to burn of deposits. DONT BY THIS RUBBISH.

ldnzz: Just washed my cat with this cleaner. He didn't like it. 

dylan johnson: amazing cataclean i used it and it worked my car failed mot i bought this and put bck in and flew mot

Elizabeth Nash: I'd like to see the readings on 'high tech piece of equipment' when A: the vehicle is actually RUNNING! And B: A vid of the entire 'testing' in from start to finish! No way did the HC's drop from 1561ppm to 17! in LESS that FIVE minutes? Just dumping in the tank?? WTF??? I've been working on/with/in/around performance and street engines for over 25yrs now, and this is downright insulting to watch! Hell.... the dude with the lacquer thinner video at least was honest! And it worked, LoL

alexnds1: I'm not sure if it's a light mix of STODDARD SOLVENT, or a bit of Acetone, also a very strong solvent, but I do know I had a code P402 on my OBD-II, that the catalytic converter is out of range. My dealer told me a new catalytic converter is $1,200 to $1,4000 each (I have a dual exhaust) and for $25 bucks, you can't lose! My problem did go away, with cleaning the throttle body, changing air and fuel filter and pouring this bottle. No more codes!

voiceofreason2008: You don't need a fuel additive like this, youd be wasting your money You can achieve the same effect by giving the car a GOOD HARD run on the motorway for about 15 miles, really get the engine HOT that will burn away any deposits in the exhaust system you only need to worry if your emissions are high but the car has been serviced properly that means there is a mechanical or electreical fault somewhere that needs to be addressed Most of the time a good run is all you need to reduce emmisions

rengarcia7: The video shows no results for the NOX, which is what my car failed to pass. In California, NOX is a big part of the smog check test.

Christian7777771: No kidding!!..... this stuff really works!! Spent 6 months and a small fortune trying to cure a misfire on my beloved (but aging) Cosworth. Then a mate read about this stuff in a motor mag.... bought a bottle..... and now my little baby runs like a dream..... smooth as silk. Bloody good stuff old son :)...Christian

StargazerF3A: @soweidanali so did it helped you?

luvswiss07: i tried it today it really does work and now i can pass my test

Eric Kilpatrick: Have you had any problems with your car after using CataClean?

Elizabeth Nash: I hear ya, man!!! W T F????

ROOBY BLACK: this crap useless

JAZSAXMAN RicardoO: I would like to see the scientific facts and chemical formulas that prove this works. It must be amazing stuff if it makes it through the combustion process and still has the power to clean the CAT and Lambda Probe. Just think what it is doing to the atmosphere. Save your money. Get on the motorway and get the revs up that should do the trick. You don't have to speed just stay in a lower gear for 5 mins, that will clear out deposits. My engine has done 255,000 miles with no additives.

tcu861: Update.. major fail. Though i admit my explorer seemes to run smoother the check engine light with the same codes came right back on. Eh $35 was worth the try i guess.

g0fvt: One of Catacleans similar presentations was banned in the UK by the advertising standards agency, they were unable to substantiate many of the wild claims they made...snake oil

soweidanali: my 05 g35 have bad high flow cats so it is failing the emission and inspection but after going through some reviews about the product it seems works well. now i am going to try cataclean stuff and will see what happens...

IIovefootball1982: Is that some fraud? I didn't know that you can clean your CAT.

Doudou1158: bullcrap ran about 12 miles (asrecommended) nothing still have the p0420 error.. bull crap i will just buy a new one from scrap for 35 $ freak this crap fckn bullcrap..

ericrichard7: Motherfreaker, tell my why in the hell the maching RPM is reading 0?

soweidanali: @StargazerF3A , hey. the product itself is good but it depends on the situation. mine did not work because the high flow that were on my car been used with racing fuel before so Cata clean wasn't strong enough to clean that . but my brother used that stuff for regular cats and he told me it worked fine. also, if the catalytic converter are melted inside, it need to be replaced with another ones. good luck

Troy Sanders: I spoke to someone from the tech support dept today and he said that Cataclean will not unclog a clogged catalytic converter.

DiarmaidGNR: Scotty Kilmer is great! I'll have to look that up.

MrRonnie99999: I run a small garage in Basildon and wanted to test this product. I put a bottle in before Xmas and measured the emissions which were not high anyway. I measured the car again on 30th December and the emissions were 28% lower. The car is also running smoother. I am going to stock this product if you want to buy a bottle contact me.

ookemot: Bullcrap, not working, waste of money.

Chloe Boxer: every website you look at for reviews of this have one person with no previous posts copying and pasting one blurb about how crap it is then someone else claiming to own the company saying that the product is the best thing since sliced bread, then a couple of suspicious posts again singing its praises, doesn't really instil confidence! My mechanic recommended this for my, emissions read 0.4 today, we will see what they read tomorrow! not holding my breath though.

Fooxach: I used cataclean in my 1986 Volkswagen Golf Gti 8valve after failing its mot, Within 10 minutes i noticed everything was running much smoother, the horrible black smoke being produced had been lowered vastly and it sailed through its mot. Not only do i recommend this product i will be using it in the future,

tcu861: So i have a 98 ford explorer v6 with 133k. It has two cats on it that are both reporting below threshold. $1200 bucks to replace. I picked up a bottle of this stuff today on advice from my uncle and am going to test it out soon. Ill update with my findings and maybe it'll help others.

Buick Mackane: Scotty Kilmer recommends a gallon of laquer thinner added to a full tank of gas will clean your catalytic converter after you run it hard on the highway.

Buick Mackane: What exactly are the contents inside the bottle of Cataclean?

HorrorAngel666: I drank one bottle and nothing happened so I drank a few more. I started to feel very sick later. This stuff doesnt work very well.

toiletpaperninja209: Its ok it helps it keep running but doesnt make much of a differance

RupertR93: this is bull

gsd0506: My car failed the MOT last week because the emissions were too high. I was quoted £188.05 to buy a new catalytic converter. Someone told me about Cataclean, which I tried and my car then sailed through the MOT. I would highly recommend this product

David Britten: I don't know about the product (yet), but the syncro in the video is so bad, I can't watch it.

akira22011: lol frozen screen results hhmmm looks dodgy to me looks like screen shot results of another car! i wonder?

Blunder1248: I put this in my Honda 1992 1.6 vtec! This stuff really made the engine alot smoother through out the 8000 RPM range :)

Frank Weigle: It cleared my engine code P0420, but it trashed my engine. $3500. to replace my engine of buy a used car.

aleon1018: not to be confused with: Cuntaclean

Roger Xiong: @jdojkig sure is right. i couldnt believe it when my friend told me about this site. Listen to this, really lucky that i registered and earning more than $40 daily from this web site :). its worth a try here >->
Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1 3.1 out of 5

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Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1