Cataclean Will Clean Your Engine - Part 1

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CATACLEAN does it work? (REVIEW)
CATACLEAN does it work? (REVIEW)
Does Cataclean Work ?  Lets Find Out .
Does Cataclean Work ? Lets Find Out .
Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1
Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1
Cataclean Works
Cataclean Works
Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner 2018
Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner 2018

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Oscar Hernandez: I refuse to recommend that expensive junk it does not work

Pete King: I've got a Volvo s60r 332,000 miles on the clock arse end was smoking bad got told about this was dubious as snake oils don't work but with nothing to lose I added a bottle to two Gallons and can honestly say the smoking has GONE. Definitely worth a try if you have a smoking rear end.

Frank Romano: Did not work for me. 08 malibu with 88K

valgore01: I think im getting old because im seeing mouths move & hearing voices hours later??

R D Holt: It cleared an o2 sensor error for me. I used it on my 2004 RAV4 and it cleared a code that was for a bad o2 sensor (not the catalytic converter). It took 4 bottles to clear the code but that was better than $2000+ to replace my o2 sensor since TOYOTA had designed my car with the o2 sensor screwed into the catalytic converter. Since I could not get the o2 sensor to come out I would have had to replace the sensor AND my converter. After the 4 bottles it cleaned my o2 sensor and I passed inspection, saving my wonderful RAV4 from becoming a flower pot!!Read more Show less

Stoffeangel: water is free. so why should i buy cemicals. When water/steam does a Even better Job. save 25% on fuels?? its from the cleaning not the fuel aditiv its not rocket science

Grimshaw Grummage: the guy with the blue tie is definately a snake oil salesman

Grimshaw Grummage: this video looks like such a cowboy salesman ad, the presenter is far too enthusiastic about the product. you should get someone more impartial.

Ninjaraku Pwnz: @austin griffin a turtle in the car means it's just not able to get up and go or is slow. A TURTLE
@david roller then, get the codes read?
@Robert Hazen check your Vacuum lines, and your intake system if theres oil where it Shouldn't be, Jeeps and GM vehicles especially.

David Roller: Just tried it in my car and the service engine soon light is still on!!!

Robert Hazen: try two bottles of catyclean did not work for me.  I think i have too much oil in my exhaust

Jeremy Jacobs: Hello Hugh
You may remember you i was your Brother in Law sometime ago! 
looks like you have hit on something here! i have a 40 year old landrover which needs some TLC!
i hope you are well
Best wishes


Joseph Ekiituno: Thanks Paul  for the video. Mr Hugh Collins and Mike Higgins thank you for Cataclean. You simply saved me a lot of dough! Think of it this way, A Nissan Murano has three catalytic converters and you know what usually happens when you replace one of anything... the rest too come calling for replacement. Do not forget the price tag that a new catalytic converter comes with, add to it the labor and then the heartache. Honestly that stuff works and thank you so much for your posting.

gardenweed: It worked for me.  I just wonder how many of the people who say this stuff is rubbish have actually tried it? I am not a believer in snake oils, Homeopathy, Jesus Allah or goblins. I am a true born again skeptic and I don't take much at face value but I had a choice. Scrap the car because of high emissions or spend £15.00 and take a punt.  I poured it in an almost empty tank because I didn't even see the point in putting fuel in a car that was going to be scrapped later that day. On the re test the fuel light was on it was that empty.  I didn't thrash the car on the way there and I did absolutely nothing else but put this stuff in the fuel tank 20 mins before the re test  It passed with flying colours.

alex korbeck: It works. You may need to do it twice but trust me it works and my car works better than before. Follow the directions. You don't want to dilute it by putting into more than 5 gallons of gas. Preferably less. Put it till tank is almost empty. Fill up tank and catalytic converter is cleaned.

Hernil Soriano: Thanks it works

Buick Mackane: Cataclean will make your catalytic converter cleaner than it was before you use it. It will not guarantee a pass on the SMOG test. If you have a dirty catalytic converter, Cataclean will make it cleaner, maybe clean enough to pass SMOG. CRC Guaranteed to Pass will also help clean your catalytic converter, but they also do not guarantee that you will  pass SMOG. They only guarantee to refund your money ($11.00). If you use CRC G2p and fail SMOG, you must take your car to a mechanic, get whatever needs to be fixed or repaired and then go try to pass SMOG again. Once you pass SMOG you must provide all your receipts showing what you spent to get your car fixed and then CRC will refund your $11.00 you spent on their product.

William Wynn: I guess I got bent because I bought a bottle. A lot of you guys are talking about Scotty Kilmer. Well I never met the man but I have watched some of his video's. He seem's to smart guy and knows what he is doing.  Eric the car guy put the lacquer treatment to the test. Check out his videos. 

210peanutswaye: Nobody else checks for NOx but Uncle Sam, that is such freaking BULLcrap.
Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1 5 out of 5

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Cataclean will clean your engine - Part 1