Innokin Coolfire 1 Review

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The Innokin Coolfire 1 Review
The Innokin Coolfire 1 Review
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Innokin CoolFire 1 an 2 Review
Innokin coolfire 1 review
Innokin coolfire 1 review
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Innokin Cool Fire Review! PLUS GIVEAWAY NEWS -IndoorSmokers
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Cool Fire I (Eins) von Innokin

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Daves Vapereviews: Here's my review of the innokin coolfire 1 and the iclear 30B clearomiser that comes with it.

SecondHand Vapor: Haha...I'm still "wrapping" my head around the voltage/wattage thing. Good review, bro. I'm looking forward to vaping that tank.👍

MrScott1023: I dropped an X8 carto tank on mine, not sure what ohm it is, it's amazing though, great vape, flavor and it's warm. I was disappointed with the 30b I like dessert flavors and it just didn't give good flavor at all.

justjuju21: awesome review....This is my 1st mod I've had it now for a week as well and I'm loving it great flavor,great taste planning on vaping on it for a while. i think its a good mod to start with especially for ppl that are just getting into vaping. it would be great if they make a cool fire that's a variable wattage without the granade look cuz IMO i didn't like the look lol. but overall i love the cool fire mod keep up the good reviews and videos KCVO

Eugene Robson: Hello Dave, could you put the nature midi on it? Thanks

mubbles1066: Got mine just over a week ago and love you said,great vapour,taste and performance.can't really fault does what it says on the tin.another good review mate, :)

Sigurd L: How dos it work in cold weather, like minus 20C?

john p: good review, thanks.

King Singh: How does this charge bud?

Luís Francisco Loureiro: can say the name or model to use drip ??

Martyn Parker: .......... then I discovered the Pipeline Scope - - any thoughts Dave?

Cory Brown: subscribed just because of COC love that band.

puro chihuahua: Nice review.... So the higher the ohms in my coil the better? I just don't want to take dry hits it taste nasty HELP!!!

Shelley Chase: Great review! I subscribed :)

Jerry Pendleton: Nice straight forward review. I'm a big fan of Innokin stuff and have already bought a 30b. Methinks this'll be my next mod. Thanks for posting!

stephen mcadam: A Great review.. very helpful... thanks.

MarkS: Great review, subbed, and will definitely be purchasing this!

Kris De Craemer: Good video, thanks. How many hours of vaping do you get from one battery approx? I know not everybody will get the same result, but is it one hour or like six hours if you know what i mean.

Eugene Robson: Sorry to bother ya again, as a newbie wots the best juice company in ur opinion? Cheers

cHooBey Doo: Very nice review Dave, thank you. I have been vaping for only a week, havn't touched a roll up since and decided to buy this already, before watching your review. Was initially a bit apprehesive after buying it but after watching this vid you have set my mind at rest, including what clearos, drip tips etc that are compatiable with it. Again you have set my mind at rest, thank you! Keep up the good work dude!

Martyn Parker: Best review of the Coolfire I have seen. Good Work!

Eugene Robson: Thanks for the reply, top review 👍

Eugene Robson: Ordered one of these to step up from ego twists to go with my n-vape midi & protank, just watching your vlogs I've already advanced to intermedia level. Cheers bud👍

J.: Great review! Thank you.

badbackman1: nice review mate keep it up

Shunn Hudson: does this come with a battery?

motosuwahideki1: just got one from a local vape shop and im loving it so far really works for me great review thanks for the review and thanks for the tips on what kind of juice to use with it

Andrew Wright: Really clear review Dave, so easy for all us non mod users to understand. I've been wondering about getting into mods for a while, but with so many out there atm it really is confusing. Decided though after seeing your review to plump for the Coolfire 1 as it looks great, and isn't as complex as say a Vamo. Will check out some of your other reviews now......

T Frensdorf: Another good review my friend 👍
Innokin coolfire 1 review 4.8 out of 5

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Innokin coolfire 1 review