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Re: Hilton basic tango
Re: Hilton basic tango
Đĩa dạy Slowfox
Đĩa dạy Slowfox
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Airbus Fan: Don't forget that the routine you see here is a basic routine of competitive ballroom dancing in a quite perfect, but a bit old fashioned way. Maybe some of you prefer the very advanced and slightly more modern interpretation of tango by the current world amateur standard ballroom champions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb9ZshSPUsk - enjoy!

Airbus Fan: It has been made more than clear that this is ballroom tango - and I love it. But to all those who believe that this couple can only dance this "robot-like" (I would say passionate) Tango: Marcus and Karen Hilton are two times world amateur LATIN champions, too. Not only in my opinion they are the best (especially ballroom) dancing couple ever.

Patricio Martí Pontoriero: Es en version Europea, verdad?. Bueno, es tambien muy bonita.

Redha Taibi: Who can give me please the name of the composer of that musical version of cumparsita

Cecilia Rojas: un insulto al tango....

Ana Anic: whats the song?

Unknown: I have read those comments,I´ve already told you that I hate them too, but no, that doesn´t give you the right to insult, it makes you the same as them. Insult the people who makes those comments if you want, but not the dance itself.

Lucia Berto: I don't have to insult? I? But you have read all insulting comments by your friends of argentine tango in every standard dance video? Million of hating and heavy insulting comments? And I don't have to insult? Unbelievable...

Wajahat Jadoon: Hello, have you considered "FlamaDance" (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a great free video featuring the best way to dance Tango, Waltz, Jive, Salsa, Rhumba, Cha Cha, Samba, FoxTrot. This is the way Bryce learned how to dance just like a star super fast and therefore gain back romance. I hope it works for you as well...

Unknown: when i called you ignorant, I was refering to you inability to respect something objectively whether you like it or not, and i am well aware of the idiots that insult this type of dancing, like i said, i don´t like that, and if you don´t like it either then don´t do the same thing.

Lucia Berto: I am not "a little ignorant" about Argentine Tango. I dance international standard style, in competition too, by 15 years, I observe and try to learn this Argentine tango so many times, and is my really own idea about it. You can read in every international tango video so many insult by Argentine Tango Dancers. Very bad insult. Not like mine.

Unknown: If you don´t like something, that´s fine, but you don´t have to insult. Same goes for those criticizing these dancers. i don´t really like this style but i respect it, it´s beautiful in it´s own way. argentine tango is beautiful too, maybe you are a little too ignorant to apreciate it, that must be why you found it so "boring".

Lucia Berto: ha ha ha ha really funny, oh yeah. Argentine Tango is perfect for people who THINK to dance and be passionate, instead are ugly, old, fat, sloooooowww and heavy on the floor, and sooooo booooring to look for....

Léo Siqueira: want to see a warm and traditional Argentine tango to access my channel

filiwian: Stewie: Hwip, hwip, slow.

Andrea Cameras: The song is "La cumparsita"

ZenKarinsia: What is song name? I like song.

SabrinaJalaniUsman: The start of the music reminded me of the opening for insidious

SuperSephiroth13: they lack emotion

Thu Tran: They're awesome! I really love Tango ~
Hilton basic tango 5 out of 5

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Hilton basic tango