Sony Xperia S Review - Does It Suck?

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Sony Xperia S Review
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Camz Ramos: love this review! thanks!

PBanimation: Sony has the smexiest phones...

Blender3DProjects: You can get an app to turn it into a notification LED :) I prefer the light on the Xperia Sola though, which is the phone I have.

Blunty: The clear bar does NOTHING to "improve the antenna and WiFi connectivity" physics of radio waves do not work that way. Clear or black, the plastic would be exactly as transparent to radio waves, so Being clear is utterly meaningless in any functional sense in that respect when it comes to signal strength.

Tareq Amane: I own the phone and its pretty much as he said in the review and with the new android update coming out jelly bean(4.1.1) it will become better By the way, the see thru bar at the bottom of the phone improves the antenna and wifi connectivity pelaez: it feel like im holdign a sony tv lol and its very japanese

Romil Dhar: I own this phone and I must say the review is bang on target! it is not the most powerful device on paper. Camera focussing issues are there but overall it is a very decent phone with a pretty decent Android interface and a sturdy build quality! Mr. Blunty, you are now subscribed!!!

yılmaz güney: Back sound - Battlefield 2?

asian aries: When we have something or even someone good, never look for the better. We can never know we can actually find or learn many things from the one that we're having. Appreciation is one of them. I have always been loving and supporting Sony. Be it Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG and many more, each of these brands has their own strengths and weaknesses. For me, Sony is my only sweetheart although I like, NOT hate, the other brands. So Sony, don't worry because your true lovers will never leave you.

MrCouragous: so does it come with the 32gb?

sy2pie: Id actually prefer this over an Iphone. I really would. Not only is it better but cheaper. Its got access to the Playstation store now which has a lot of potential. The strip at the bottom was something I thought id hate but after getting the Xperia P I fell in love with it.

Na5iR11: Thanks to the amount of publicity by samsung, I think we can finally compare an advanced android with another advanced android.

Oppsaer Fluffy: squid girl <3

A K: Ps ICS is a burner on this device

A K: Best Phone ever! The battery life is indeed not the best, but the camera, display, quality of telephoning, software and support are awesome. Yellow tint is a problem but Sony repairs it. Buy buy buy people

Leo: *apply cold water to burned area*

STARTINGSOMESHIT: What's interesting is that Sony makes the cameras for the 4s... Yet the iPhone seems to have the better picture. So is it the quality of camera? Or software issue? Let the debate begin!

MrAkihiros: Like the bluntness...the fotos, however, can give some P n S a run for their money. A very tempting buy.

adri1ed: Gooooood Photographer

Iain O'Neill: An helpful ap called illumination bar will give you options to use the light up bar as a notification light. Works well and is a very nice feature.
Sony Xperia S review - Does it Suck? 5 out of 5

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Sony Xperia S review - Does it Suck?