Newegg TV: CFI Taiji Full Tower Computer Case Overview

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えじりかいと: Are they sold in Amazon?
And can dual fan water cold sake of 240mm be put with that? To the top.

Xavier Frosth: That is an Interesting looking Computer Case

Jordan Long: Would I be able to install just a 240mm radiator to the top of the case instead of 360mm radiator? Specifically a Corsair Hydro Series™ H100i GTX Extreme Performance Water / Liquid CPU Cooler. 240mm?
The motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-Z87-HD3 LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard

NO_CHEAT_TURK CLAN: By the way it was fantastic review which made me by this case so thank you very much :D

NO_CHEAT_TURK CLAN: Hi every one l bought one of these BAD BOY last month and you know what? l love it so much so l went ahead and bought the last one available this case is the best ever PC case they build to perfection! l don't care what   some people says l build nearly 100 gaming PC 1998 and l have spend £275 on a single case but this BAD BOY is my all time favorite l wish they release more of these in the future! by the way l bought the last available to sell it in the future as an collectable best PC case! over and out :D    

mixsetup: Well transferred my computer system to this case a few things hardly any room behind the motherboard for cable management but heaps up where the Hot-Swap and fan circuit board are.  Another thing is on the box it shows Led lights down each side.  I can not find and how to put any lights in there and if they are in there they are not working or I can not find a cable from any.  Would like to know how you can install some though.  Other thing is that the rear case fan has blue leds.  I'm going to change it to a red or just buy another fan.  Finally if you do put a 240 rad on the bottom of the case you can not fit a D5 pump in between that and your power supply so I recommend either having the 240 or 360 rad at the top.  Other than that there are a lot of good functions and room for other things. Best buy I have made.

mixsetup: mine came in a better looking box but I wish it came with installed Fan filters.

mixsetup: I have ordered one locally so I can fit my new water cooling gear inside the case can't wait till it arrives.

Baggerz140HD: Where can i buy this case, i cannot find it anywhere, Newegg doesn't sell it no more :(

Øystein Andersen: Angry Linus saves the day.

D3ck3rCain: How deep is it Diane?

OnTheRoadToSuccess: Where can i buy this case ?

謎の目This_Is_Daddy!: this aint the rest of the world, this is america lol

Variacable: Dat linus pic

Joshua Long: Hey more power to you and your 61 asian brethren.

Austin Theriault: This case IS PERFECT for a server

Lionbruh: I ordered a Fang III Rattler with this case from Cyberpower and this video is really helpful. Wanted to see how the case would be and if it would be easy to open the tinted windows.

TvvisTerRz: What are you, 11 years old? Fractions can convert into decimals, as well as percents.

Loadiave: It is your opinion. Honestly, if you don't like something, you really should keep it to yourself on the internet. There harsh people on the internet and they will scream at you for saying things like that on the video.

nicholas russell: is it just me or should she not do these sgh is annoying
Newegg TV: CFI Taiji Full Tower Computer Case Overview 5 out of 5

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Newegg TV: CFI Taiji Full Tower Computer Case Overview