Vodafone Comedy Stars 19-01-2013 TEAM VIP

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anas muhammed: അടിപൊളി

blissy bliss: My buddy thinks he is amazing coz the guy generates many millions in gold coins on FIFA. He was not gonna inform me strategies about how he made it happen, however I once and for all uncovered the website which coached him after I checked his web history. Ahhhahaha... Busted. He got effective in buying and selling utilizing the Zappo Fifa Gold System (Google it!) This is really gonna lead him to be livid!

Rafee. CS: vip supper

ARUN KUMAR: super skit

Anandakrishnan n u: Good vip

Mohamed Jafer: nelso is vry vry vry brng...i dnt knw why jdgs spprt hm ...no idea...i thnk noby is much bettr thn anbdy..

abhi afa: kidilam skit

Sajjad Manjeri: Hi :)
Vodafone comedy stars 19-01-2013 TEAM VIP 3.6 out of 5

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Vodafone comedy stars 19-01-2013 TEAM VIP