Varnish And Epoxy~ A Professional Wood Finish For Teak Part1

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Russell Cole: If you would like to use epoxy to create a mat (rather than glossy) undercoat you can wipe it on/off with a cloth, so that the epoxy absorbs into the underlying food fiber without building on the surface to the point it starts to show and look slick/glossy. I did this with some floor hatches which, because they were inside the cabin and were not going to be exposed to sunlight, did not need a U.V. layer such as varnish in addition to the west system epoxy.

Piotr Brandt: Hi i just wonder if this method can be used for the whole wooden sailing boat restoration. I want to buy a wooden Omega (polish sailing boat) remove all paint and varnish layesrs built up over years and secure wooden hull with Your method. Hull construction is backed from 1942 and basically it is made from pine slats (approx 0.5 x 0,25 inch). I could send You some pics but do not know how to do that over Youtube.

booger king: What kind of glove are you using?

Damen 69: Good afternoon Andy, I would like to thank you for your fantastic videos. I have learned so much by watching all of your videos. I'm hoping you can answer this question for me. I have an Egg Harbor with teak gunwale caps and I would like to try this technique to finish them. However, I'd rather not remove the teak from the boat. If I were to finish the top and sides of the wood in this way and then run a bead of sealant along the wood to the fiberglass to stop moisture from entering the unfinished bottom of the wood. Do you think I would run into problems with moisture getting under the finish?
Thank you in advance,

Lancaster Park: Yes can you vanish before epoxy

Youcandoittech: would I add stain before or after putting on penetrating epoxy

Kadee Newton: Hello - I am trying to come u with creative ways of protecting my deck from my dogs nails. We have a large Shepherd and his nails do some significant damage to the wood of our deck. We currently have the deck stained but want more protection. Would varnish be an option for a deck?

Great Lakes Cruiser: Andy....I have seen a variation of your technique using a "penetrating" epoxy made by mixing the two part epoxy with some type of solvent in mix ratios as high as 50:50. I was wondering what you thought of this "penetrating" epoxy technique?

paul mryglod: I just finished 3 coats epoxy in a day, followed by 6 coats varnish over 6 days. takes for ever, but looks great.

Ogie Oglethorpe: Great video, thanks for posting it.
Have you refinished any wood that was finished in this manor? How much more difficult would it be to remove the epoxy coat one it failed.

Miguel Negron: I know you like your Pettit products. If using Pettit 2018 cear sealer, do you sand down untill there are no shiny spots? don't know how hard to sand. I'm asking everyone for advice... thank you, great vids and comments

Alexsay Karpowitsch: I will be using this method on my bow pulpit on my 88 sea ray 300 weekender. its a nice teak piece.

West System International WSI: Great demonstration and advice! To go along with this excellent video you may be interested in this short piece

Richard Hagen: I have a vanish fighting chair and want to redue to cover in a epoxy paint can u help

Joel Simbrow: Cheers.
you the man!
not sure how, but will try to share photos of results with you once the bar is done up.
did I mention we're in Shangrila, Yunnan province China??
welcome any time for free drinks and tour!!!

Joel Simbrow: Hi Andy.....much thanks again for the lesson.
We're doing teak bar top and shelves in our bar.

Question: do you use 220 grit in between the Epoxy coats?
(also..any recommendation as to what grit to sand the wood to before first coat? We're using the same epoxy as you)

Don Voigt: Hi, great video on applying the West epoxy.  I'm installing a new cabin sole (old one became black due to water instrusion through the edges of the old floor).  So, I'm using the West Epoxy for the underside and edges of the new marine plywood and then will apply spar varnish to the top/exposed surface.  My question is - how would I prepare/rough the surface of the Epoxy before I apply the adhesive and set the new floor in place (I'm using Sikaflex 291 on the new marine plywood and will lay it down onto an existing subfloor in my boat).

Niall O'Bodicin: Hi Nick. Big fan.
I take it this epoxy method can only be used on flat wood?

 I am renovating the inside of a boat. The wood has been damaged with black mold on teak veneer. I have stripped it and used oxcalic acid to take out the mold spots. I would love to epoxy it, but i cannot remove the walls of the boat to lay it flat.

nick scott: whats the name of the epoxy used?

nigel robinson: Hi Andy. I just wanted to say how brilliant I think your videos are.!!!! Thanks very much.
Varnish and Epoxy~ a Professional Wood Finish for Teak Part1 5 out of 5

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Varnish and Epoxy~ a Professional Wood Finish for Teak Part1