Forced-air Propane Forge

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Wesley Jackson: thanks for sharing your mistake, helps us all learn

Julia Davis: Mark - line your forge with satanite, ITC-100, or Aluminum Oxide based concrete. One important reason is health related.. The forge as is will blow shards of that stuff every where; including your lungs.. other reason; forge welding requires flux ( Borax ) it will eat that lining quicker than a kid with a candy bar .... like the design.. thom

Steven K: Hell, you made me laugh! When you threw in the burning paper I started to party and then this flame... holy crap! I have to build one of those! Thank you so much! Oh and... there is no "to high" :)

BAILEIGH MINSHALL: i built a mini torch that runs off my air compressor and a little camping propane bottle it will melt light gauge stainless steel in 22 seconds I am trying to collaborate with bernzomatic

toadman506: You need to put some kind of Stiffener on the Kaowool to keep it from eroding

Jess Evans: you need an asbestos blanket, or fire blanket, dont know if they still make em outta asbestos anymore but the last one i saw was....that a pretty nifty setup, been looking how to build one from a tank, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. very helpful vid, kept me from a lot of trial and error

John Fordham: Now make some tools, knives and whatever, Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Thomas: Wow man! .. Never seen propane get so hot. I'm building a Forge out of a old side fed fireplace and I want it as hot as possible. I was going to just buy a big ass propane torch that most people use. after seeing this suddenly I find myself staring at my blower fan... I'm totally doing this! The port in the top of the fireplace is 4" but I'll just do exactly what you did. This fp is like 2ft deep from the side so I need tons of heat. Ty for the video!

Christopher Hamilton: Hey man, if you wanna preserve your ceramic cloth, you should look into layering it with some satanite, ITC-100, or Aluminum Oxide based concrete.
That will prevent it from melting as it did in the video.

Korey Gridley: Great Video, i love the forge design 

D. Jensen: Melting ceramic fiber...can't tell you how much I like that!

Espresso Emperor: how did you remove the propane burner head off your harbor freight torch?

sneakystaffie: G'day Mark, nice work champ, thats mighty powerful. Hoping you would tell me if the 1 1/4" pipe runs right through the 2 1/2 " pipe or is the 2 1/2 " pipe hollow ? I'm hoping to use your set up to power my foundry furnace. Many thanks :)

RocketCityGardener: Is the tube your feeding propane with one of those weed burner things?

pavolpi: interesting.
good idea.

EastCompassoKnivery: Are you the Lowry as in Lowry blades?

Beware the Beast: Hot dogs...need hot dogs..he..he. Great idea man,cool......!

desert1cop: line it with ceramic brick

O.T. Powell: Doesn't forced air cause an oxidizing flame which increases scale build up?   Perhaps it doesn't matter if you are forging stuff but for Heat Treating, I don't think you would want forced air.

terran698: a F254AP-1-2 fan from fantec (254x89mm moves 600cfm plugs into wall with 2 prong cord) would do much better than a hair dryer and would completely eliminate slow airflow problems... just watch your fingers around it
Forced-air propane forge 5 out of 5

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Forced-air propane forge