Forced-air Propane Forge

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Korey Gridley: Great Video, i love the forge design 

David Jensen: Melting ceramic fiber...can't tell you how much I like that!

Espresso Emperor: how did you remove the propane burner head off your harbor freight torch?

Lucky B: evin knows his crap when it comes to them gas forges for sure . that is a killer M F er .. so how do you like it .....

sneakystaffie: G'day Mark, nice work champ, thats mighty powerful. Hoping you would tell me if the 1 1/4" pipe runs right through the 2 1/2 " pipe or is the 2 1/2 " pipe hollow ? I'm hoping to use your set up to power my foundry furnace. Many thanks :)

pavolpi: interesting. good idea.

Beware the Beast: Hot dogs...need hot dogs..he..he. Great idea man,cool......!

RocketCityGardener: Is the tube your feeding propane with one of those weed burner things?

EastCompassoKnivery: Are you the Lowry as in Lowry blades?

desert1cop: line it with ceramic brick

O.T. Powell: Doesn't forced air cause an oxidizing flame which increases scale build up? Perhaps it doesn't matter if you are forging stuff but for Heat Treating, I don't think you would want forced air.

Mark Lowry: @ArtistBlade1972 I'm definitely going to do both: spin it so the inlet points straight down and put some Satanite on top of the kaowool. For now, I'm going to spend the weekend making some knives and curlicues and decorative stuff. I need to just practice the basics for awhile. Thanks again for your help.

Tony Schmidt: how much did it cost you to get that forged fab'd?

Rueber Snuttgrass: Aparently you don't get out much.

doggydangerous: Very nice forge. I would think controlling your air delivery in one of three ways might help. One way is to simply set your blower away a bit so you can just aim it off for less air. This has the advantage of being very simple and not melting the tip of your blower. Another way is to just dump off extra air using some dump valve arrangement. The last and my favorite way is connect your blower to a dimmer switch for ceiling fans. I hooked one up to my shop vac works great!

DesertFernweh: @pcblah Haha, I tried that on my Charcoal forge, blew the top off on the test run (thank god it was hot). Let that be a lesson, limit your beer intake when building a forge.

gammaray28: what sized tap did you use for the torch?


javier1farrier: Ecselente fragua

bushcraftbartons: Ncie fix......Excellent work Mook|

JohnnyForehead: Like the comment below says, if you want some life out of your wool then coat it with ITC-100. This also reflects the infrared spectrum for quicker/higher heat, faster forges and fuel savings.

Roger Eden: that is sweet !

Brandon Harris: Thanks for the video, man. You said, "Holy crap," at the exact same time I did...

maxey83112: how much did they charge u to make the entire thing welding and all?

locolobo338: is there a purpose for the 2 inch pipe before it goes into the forge other than to hold it in why cant it be one inch all the way

biguy525: I worked around industrial kilns for some time and I can tell you that the blanket refractory material won't last any time at all. There are soft materials that can be packed in where the blanket is that will last a lot longer than the blanket. We use to try all kinds of products, but nothing would last like plain old fire brick. only problem is sometimes it is very difficult to get installed. I think the plastic type would be best for you if you can find some.Good luck.

GunnySGT1911: You can try two coats of a refractory cement over your fire wool. That should help protect the wool, improve the isolation (allowing a higher heat and great efficiency), and prevent small pieces of the wool from flying around and becoming an inhalation hazard.

Mark Lowry: @MuscaVolitans I had it made out of heavy steel pipe, I think it was schedule 40. If I had it to do over again, I would have used an old propane can or a freon can. With the insulating blanket and the satanite coating I've installed, the forge I have is ridiculously over-built, and a thinner metal container would do just fine.

Mark Lowry: @maxey83112 No, that's not galvanized. You are correct that galvanized metal is very dangerous when heated, but I used black iron pipe, definitely not galvanized. Thanks for your concern, though.

Adam Thiel: you are the Harbor Freight front man !!!!

Mark Lowry: @MuscaVolitans I did make some alterations in later videos. I put a rheostat on the power supply for the blower, which has made an enormous amount of difference in how I can regulate the heat in the forge.

Mark Lowry: @mem7048 And I tried that before I did anything else. I had hoped it would be sufficient, but it wasn't.

deric Cormier: try zoeller forge .com and get the ceramic coating for your blanket, it protects the blanket from breaking down and you from the harmfull dust it gives off, not good to breath in. nice job by the way.

Mark Lowry: @thecustomart11 I doubt it, but I've never worked with a coal forge, so I don't know for sure. From everything I've seen, coal can get hotter easier (hot enough to melt the steel even), but it's messier. I don't have a problem with the mess, but my wife might :)

Mark Lowry: @RDPproject I don't know about a round insert. I'd still have to cut a hole for the flame inlet and I'd have to insulate the back wall. I think I'm going to buy some kiln cement ("Satanite" I think it's called) and line the inside with about a 1/4" coating. That stuff is apparently rated to 3000 F, as opposed to the 2600 F kaowool. If I melt through the Satanite, I think I'll just bag the blacksmithing thing and rent my kiln out as an auxiliary sun.

RDPproject: 6:40...we have ignition 6:44...we have main booster start 6:46...we have main engine start 6:50...we have launch of the first ever MakerMook Forced-air propane forge. WOOO HOOOOO..... Go you good thing!!! I kinda feel honoured that you included us in this first ever 'Fire-up' of your new forge. Thanks Mook. Can you get a 'round' fire brick like tube to insert inside? Rob.

Mark Lowry: @maxey83112 I think it would be pretty cheap to have them weld some feet on it and an air inlet tube -- maybe around $20.

terran698: a F254AP-1-2 fan from fantec (254x89mm moves 600cfm plugs into wall with 2 prong cord) would do much better than a hair dryer and would completely eliminate slow airflow problems... just watch your fingers around it

Lars källgren: Great vid! Going to build myself one now :-)

Kevin Legg: Hi I really enjoyed your video ?Can I ask where I could find the propane nozzle/orifice and handle set up?What size is the orifice etc? The HOLY crap part was hilarious LOL

clancy6969: You need some denser ceramic coating for covering the ceramic cloth, try googling ITC-100.

Travis Roby: I saw ur video once before and just spent hrs trying to find help on getting mine going. I set up the gas 1st then air. I c I was wrong. Something kept telling me to check your post. Thankyou. I think i also need to switch my tip. I wasnt mixing the air and gas before ignition.

M. Everett Munson: Maybe I am not getting this, but why not just put the weed burner down the 3 inch pipe and run it as is?

lowsideswitch: What size tip and regulator are u using??

Jacob Aaron: what thread pattern was your hf burner?

TheDrakenZ: heat rising and using heating duct which i was aware to be made of aluminum wouldn't be the problem with it melting?

pcblah: @BoyMixer lol try using beer as the fuel... to limit ur intake and put the smell in the air :D

elbert65lee: i want to make this forge question you stated in video that 3 inch pipe was too big could i just weld a 1 inch pipe to the forge and add elbow at top of the 1 inch pipe if so how long should the 1 inch pipe be thank you

naabtalschmied: who told u to do this things like this???? it cant work!!!!! i have already buildet a lot of gasforges, but non of my forges does look like so much like sh*t like this. if u want, i can help u to build a real working forge!!!!! send me a privat message, and can give u a lil video of a real working forge! which u can build at home with low budget.

billynightmare: i cant wait to see some of the knifes you make with this bad boy
Forced-air propane forge 4.9 out of 5

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Forced-air propane forge