Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassembly For Repair

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Samsung Galaxy S2 disassembly for repair
Samsung Galaxy S2 disassembly for repair

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jerseytomato100: I only found 6 screws in mine. Two on the top corners, two on the middle sides and two on the bottom corners. Where's the other one?

gr8tbigtreehugger: This video starts with the unit already disassembled - need help getting the back cover off.

AMOL CHAVAN: dear sir,my Samsung galaxy S2 is not starting.when I put to charging no indicator on screen.I tried replace battery but that also not starting phone.i want to replace the bottom circuit board with usb but where can i purchase the new circuit board.

MoonSapphireDemon: This video helped me a lot. I didn't have any problems with my battery because I had to hunt down and buy a new S2 battery but whenever I plugged in the USB into the phone charging port, it felt as if it wasn't exactly in there all the way. It wiggled around in the port and if I push it up one way and bend it another, the red light comes on saying that it's charging but as soon as I let go of the cable and set it on a flat surface, the light disappears. 

Paul Lego: Hi, please how to how resolve charging problems.While charging my S2, a message pops up saying " charging stopped because of low battery temperature"

dreamygirl1994: hi i would like to ask for you're help, my samsung won't work I took it to three people to fix it they all say they need to change the mother boarde I asked if they could keep the memory save because is have too many dear things I don't want to loss but they said its to hard and they can't do it, you seem to have good knowledge about this would u be able to do a tutorial about how to change the I know i'm asking for too much but you would be giving me great help and it would be a favour I will be always thankful for. 

Tyndle: Thank you for the video! I browsed few other ones but you explained the parts and the disassembling process the best. Thank you for the help, my phone that well in the toilet and didn't start up anymore now functions perfectly!! I'm still baffled that I fixed my phone only with isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush :D

ellie rivera: I really need help ASAP! I dropped my galaxy and it kept turning off at random times and just vibrating softly every 2-3 seconds. I tried fixing it and taking out the battery and when I try turnint it on it only stays on the boot screen, it doesn't go further than that, what should I do?!

jordan lowes: hi man my simcard is broke do you think i can change the simcard i went to mitro they say i need new board but i find the simcard online 

That Guy: Question: This may sound stupid but is there anyway possible i could back up my files from my samsung galaxy s2 with a broken motherboard? I really need to get the photos/videos etc. But if i send off for repair it will most likely be restored. Thanks

Nazareth Eleyjian: can we change the internal Phone memory to the bigger capacity?

Cee Cee: my phone fell in the toilet and it stoped working but I put it in dry rice and it starts back working but then one day i cut the phone off and it never come

Christian Salmeron: Hello, i need your help, how can i replace the power switch for my samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g d710?

elboneio82: have you not tasted it?? it's delicious

Deja Johnson: Aloha.I have a samsung galaxySll for boost mobile. I woke up one morning and my phone had a dark black smear in the middle. As the day progressed, the smear got darker & before u know it, my entire screen was completely black. I still recieve calls, phone rings, charges, i jus cant see screen, which means i cant call, use web. Its a guessing game jus to answer the phone. "PLEEEEEEEESE HELP"

stephen fairholm: Iv got the exact same problem and ur video has been a real help many thanks . British elite

José Alaiza: Hey! Awesome vid! It help me a lot!!

Katie le Gros: Hi there, i have a samsung galxay s2 LTE. I dropped it in the tub for about 2 seconds and dried it off and stuck it in rice. My screen now stays black while my buttons light up and my sound is fine. How do i fix my screen?

longtalker: Thanks so much for this video, really useful!

f3Dseizures: PP
Samsung Galaxy S2 disassembly for repair 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S2 disassembly for repair