Highlighting Your Own Hair Yourself At Home Color Using Foils - Part 1

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Ever wonder how I highlight my own hair?
Ever wonder how I highlight my own hair?
DIY At Home LowLights done right.
DIY At Home LowLights done right.
How I Lightened / Highlighted My Hair @ Home   Casey Holmes
How I Lightened / Highlighted My Hair @ Home Casey Holmes
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How to Highlight your Hair at Home!
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lam420sel: I want to try this at home and I have a question- how can I match the color to my already existing highlights if I am only doing the regrowth? I'm thinking of just trying test strands in an inconspicuous place until I get it right. Do you think that would work? Thank you so much. I love your hair!

YouTips4U: You're very welcome! It really is empowering isn't it!

YouTips4U: Apply highlight mixture to hair that has been colored with permanent hair color can be tricky. You may want to consult a salon for that or speak to the manufacturer of your product first before use.

Pea Johnson: Does it make a difference in that I am highlighting colored hair as opposed to natural hair in the amount of time the solution is left on? Thanks!

Brittany Gesell: As a hair dresser here's an easy way to understand developer. For level of hair color that you want to go lighter you add 10. Developer comes in 5,10,20,30, and 40. So for instance your a level 8 blonde and you want to go to a 10, you'd use a 20 developer. If you have gray you have to use 20 or more. Hope that helps someone better understand how to decide which developer is better for them. & you've got the mixing wrong. For instance you use 4 level scoops of bleach, you'd use 2 oz. of developer

cortez2187: Ok the click click is annoying! So I muted it Lmao good job with the highlights

amanda donat: This was very helpful thank you

hannahe23231: I totally agree. At salons they never really come out the way I want them too.

chachabooom5: Hi! Saw your videos and tried the foils - worked very well! I used to use the cap that came with the hair hi-lighting kits but that was a disaster, since my hair is very super thick. Thanks very much for your help!

YouTips4U: Hi, you may need to leave the product on a bit longer next time. You can redo the yellowish ones if you want, but you'll only need to leave it on for a very short time to bring it up a bit more. Be sure you check every five minutes as it will come up quickly once your hair has already been highlighted.

Mollie Zweiban: cant u jsut use a pencil XD?

YouTips4U: Hi, if this is your first time, you'll want to check the foil every 15 minutes or so. Everyone's hair lifts differently, so until you know how long it takes your hair to lift, you have to check it periodically.

Rileigh F: I LOVE it! you have the same hair color as me!

keikoasmom: Thank you! I have been "painting" my highlights for years, sometimes good, sometimes not so good results. I also have been using Natura hair color because it is not tested on animals. But I want to try foils, and now I know how!

Camila Rodriguez: @TheMilkshakePoem no azul means blue in spanish lol :D ,she messed up LOL

YouTips4U: Hi, I highlight small chunks around my face and a few towards the back. I only do the surface hair; I really don't go into my underneath hair. I only do the roots if the rest of the strand is already highlighted prior. If I'm selecting a strand that was never highlighted, then I will do the entire strand.

SugarRose25: I was wondering if you only highlight the amount of hair shown in all these videos. Do you normally highlight more strands and did you do less for the video? Do you normally do a very long strand or simply the roots? Thanks!!

Jsunsetsky87: The developers come in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50! Also, buying the foils are such a waste of money!! You can use regular foil and cut them the right size! Cheaper and thats what salons use!

YouTips4U: Hi, highlighting your hair can be damaging to the hair in that it breaks down the hair's cuticle leaving it porous and vulnerable to dryness which can cause breakage. I recommend following the directions carefully as well as conditioning your hair after every shampoo to help replace lost moisture and prevent damage. Many people highlight their hair and I have for years. You can still have healthy-looking hair if you take proper care of it. Be sure not to overprocess it.

MsHannahJessica: Hello, i am dying my friends hair this weekend , i think i am going to use what you said in this video , she had thick mouse/ash blonde hair but were looking to highlighter for more blonde color , i was wondering if you could tell me can this be damaging to her hair she had never had an dye/bleach on here hair before , thankyou :)
Highlighting Your Own Hair Yourself At Home Color Using Foils - Part 1 5 out of 5

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Highlighting Your Own Hair Yourself At Home Color Using Foils - Part 1