Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}

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Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}
Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}
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Q&A Second Edition
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Liz Ruffin: Your skin looks gorgeous....flawless in all of your videos!!!

txbrunettegirl: Thanks so much! You saved me some money!

Flowerbomb31: yes!!!

Flowerbomb31: Thank you friend! Love you! xx

AJHappyheart: Great review Natalie, I found this so helpful and I now know what I am going to get when I go to Sephora, diffused, thanks!

MommyNmakeup: I'm so glad u made this video!!!! I want to try both and the Dim lighting. Great review!

Cbees77: love your reviews! I'm a Stella & Dot Stylist and spotted your necklace right away! stelladot (dot) com/cbolanos :)

Flowerbomb31: YAY!!! You will love!

LisaLisaD1: I agree! I JUST got mine today, and I am IN LOVE! The BB is not as "powerful" as these--I am getting Mood next!! Love you--looking good! xoxo Lisa

Marsha S: Thanks Natalie for the rundown of the two products...looks like another powder purchase is in my near future!!!LOL...ox~Marsha

Shelley9090: How exciting! Thank you! Now tell me how I can message you privately with my address! I can't seem to find it on your channel page. Call me clueless! :-)

TheBrunetteswin: I just bought the Bobbie Brown Brightening Finishing Powder and it's okay, I do like it but for $50 I wish it was more amazing. I use it, I like it but I think I will pick up the Hourglass Difused Light and try that out. Thanks for the comparison.

Flowerbomb31: Welcome and thank you for subbing! xxxx

16brindi: You look totally gorg in purple!

nandoandquenny: Thank you for this. I got the BB Brightening nude because of you and was wondering how the Hourglass compared to it. :)

melissa pintone: Which one is closer to the Bobbie brown but no sparkles?

Flowerbomb31: lol We love breaking bad, dexter, survivor! Thanks love!

thepuddinator2: Thank you for this review! It was very informative! I'm a new subscriber and I can't wait to watch all your videos! Xoxo Tracy

bchbounds: sephora carries them. the online tho is out of quite a few of them, but if you have a store close you may have better luck! i too now want 1...lol

Maquillage79: I was curious how you felt about dim , why did you chose the shades you did ? I have the same skin tone as you ! Thank you

Vivian L: Hi Natalie I think Mally beauty has a similar product

Flowerbomb31: lol Thanks for watching girl!

melissa pintone: How do you apply it? I use LM powder would I apply after? I also have bb and love it so maybe I'll use this day and nite bb thanks

Flowerbomb31: The ethereal is more for a satiny matte...luminous is definitely more of a shimmery finish! Thanks girl!

Flowerbomb31: yes! I think so! I really really think that will work..maybe not ethereal...but diffused might!

engelneen: what an awesome video! thank you. now , should we purchase the brush that hourglass recommends? what brush do you use? thanks!

Valerie Switzer: Your skin does look gorgeous today!! That Hourglass powder looks great on you! Ok..will try the powders... ;) thanks for the review!!

Barb Robbins: I also have the newer Bobbi Brown Porcelain Brightening Powder. It is lighter than the original and has no sparkles. I love it for setting my concealer. I love the Hourglass Diffused and want to get another one as well.

linda lalonde: Did you get the brush for the Hourglass Ambient? If not, is it easily applied with another brush? I ordered the Diffused but thought the brush came with, so maybe will get it. Also, I received my Tom Ford Cognac Sable and Coco Ravish today. OMG, LOVE!!!!! I still need the Sable Smoke, of this, I'm certain. LOL His lipsticks are what all lipsticks should be. AMAZING!

Flowerbomb31: You are! They are truly amazing!

bchbounds: i now have got to have the HG..i just don't know which one? the yellow sounds good, but i've heard alot about "dim"..even the "mood" sounds interesting?? hmmm, quite a choice..i cannot buy more than 1 so i have to make up my mind which i'd like better? the sephora site is out of quite a few. :(

Flowerbomb31: Thank you love! I wish!!! But no

cinsta8: Thank you!! I am getting one of the hourglass powdwers ASAP! I love Walking Dead too! What other TV shows do you\you and hubby watch? I love hearing what shows my fav youtube peeps watch. :-)

jenn838: Thank you for this review! I have the BB and in daylight you can really see all the sparkles on your face. Excited to try the hourglass.

myheartwaves: These products are new to me but sound great... where can we purchase them? Are they sold in dept. stores or do you get them online?

Hannah Kiddie: Why do you wear makeup in gym and swimming pool?

Flowerbomb31: thank you for watching vanessa! love ya!

Alexandra Peery: so the bobi brown reminds me of the guerlain meteorites. I have the loose and the compact. I love them both. I must try the bobbi brown some day. thanks for this comparison. I too have the hg diffused ambient and I think it is amazing. Thanks again and I love all your videos.

Flowerbomb31: You are welcome! I think you will love these to death!

blushingpixie: WOW you look drop dead gorgeous! That shirt and necklaces combo are to die for. I need. xox

Shelley9090: Another super helpful video, Natalie. You've become essential viewing for me. Thanks so much.

trinity white: what a great review i just watched a few and yours is the best . i just ordered those two colors now :) im so excited

Kamadice: This was great! You've totally sold me on the diffused and maybe ethereal light. Going to wait for a promotion...my sephora points are growing a little too fast and it's only March!

blurose227: have you tried the nars light reflecting pressed setting powder? I haven't swatched the hourglass but your description of hourglass ethereal reminds me of it.

Flowerbomb31: thank you amy! Glad to hear that! It's the powder I'm sure;)

Flowerbomb31: Luminous! I also just bought mood...will let you know about that one!

LipstickVanessa .: I have not tried the Hourglass powders but I do have the Bobbi Brown powder and I love it as a finishing powder. Thanks for telling us more about these beautiful products! xx Vanessa

Rutu Patel: if you love diffused you will love the dim light :)

kelligirl724: OK so trying to decide...I'm NC 25 but will get up to a 35. Will Diffuse work? I just want that smooth, soft look and some help with pores!

Flowerbomb31: Thank you!!! xx
Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison} 4.9 out of 5

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Hourglass Ambient Powder VS Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder {Review & Comparison}