JG Bar-10 Assembly And Disassembly Part 1

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Jack McGee: @ScreenDestoryer3000 see if it's jamed.

ScreenDestroyer3000: I had recently received a JG Bar 10 but I have a little problem with it, when the magazine is in the sniper it will not fire no matter what I do. I have tried tightening the screws, even to the point where they have stripped and I still have no luck. So my question is, what do you think the problem is and how do you think I could fix it?

Panos Tzevelekos: Plzz make a vid for the mag realese

Jm Tajon: @silentfury214 hi guys..i also have the same problem but I've already figured it out... did you also change your trigger sear? ..try to check that one..the stock sear can not stand it..i saw a crack on it when i change may piston sear..i hope this helps..Godbless..:)

YaMom0: @silentfury214 well that makes me feel good lol. thanks anyway

silentfury214: @YaMom0 I really don't know what is wrong then. I had the same problem, sold the rifle and now the guy I sold it too is trying to fix it.

YaMom0: @silentfury214 it is metal

silentfury214: @YaMom0 Is it plastic or metal?

YaMom0: @silentfury214 its a brand new reinforced piston

silentfury214: @YaMom0 If you have the stock piston, the plastic is being shaved off.

YaMom0: my brand new reinforced piston sear isnt catching onto the piston... any thoughts?

Yourthefishead321: Piston sear. $20 fix if you know how to install it.

cmabeast: if everytime i pull the bolt back and go to push it forward the bolt shoots forward and then it actes like its never roostered whats wrong?

Kevin: whered you get this

Dino2009able: Thanks for the video! My rifle quit shooting, now I can take it apart and try to fix!

silentfury214: I have not experienced that myself, but you can buy a cheap thread tap set at a hardware store and remake the threads.

KyoshoCrew: Pen! That's what i was thinking about all along. I went around thinking: what is it that uses a familier spring? I know there was something, but couldn't remember what. Anyway, i tried it out, and after a couple of adjustments the pen spring worked pretty well :-) Thanks. Anyway, about the long screw, i bought another 5mm screw which i would be tighten, problem is, it doesn't seems like there's anything in the stock to catch the screw, like there's no rings in there. Experienced this yourself?

silentfury214: for the spring, cut the spring of a pen in half and then you have two. you can get the screws at home depot.

KyoshoCrew: I got the gun today.. and ofc i lost the motherfreaking spring in the mag release. The reason i loosed it in the first place was because it was impossible to get onto the little nob, so while i was trying it just flyed away somewhere. Where do get another one of thos small springs which would fit? Also, the long screw that followed to the stock, isn't the right one. You cant use an alan'ringe or whatever you call it. Where do i buy extras?

silentfury214: the bolt scrapes against the scope.
JG Bar-10 Assembly and Disassembly Part 1 5 out of 5

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JG Bar-10 Assembly and Disassembly Part 1