Mercedes W123 240D -83 Restoration

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youtuube: i want to learn more about the clitch

IraHayesIraHayes: Headlight wipers on a w123?  NEVER seen that before.  Very cool.

Rakee: Nice restauration. Respect !

coolakiIlen007: Thankyou! ;) trying to keep her in that condition as good as i can but its hard with all the salt we have here in the winters!

KESYL1: Wszystkie w123 są tak zgnite?

coolakiIlen007: yeah, ive changed the relay and the glowplug dashlight started to come on which it didnt do before, but now it only glows sometimes, perhaps 3-4 of 5 times i start the car, even once run warm, but then there isnt any problems to start, worst bit is the cold starts, i'll check at a Mercedes service station to see if it might be an earth problem. if i had a 5 speed in this one it would be just as cheap to drive as most newer diesels. ;)

coolakiIlen007: yeah, people would kill for such cheap fuel over here! when my dad took his licence in 1985 the gas was i think a bit over 2$ a gallon! if only we could go back there! wow 2000 bucks that is a pretty penny, dont think i'll be spending that kind of money in one go anytime soon haha. ;) i have a slight glowing problem i need to deal with before it gets too cold, it is starting to freeze in the mornings and the engine will be really hard to start without glowing..

coolakiIlen007: ah i understand what you mean, kinda like mine when i picked it up. everything worked and worked fine except the brakes obvoiusly ;) we dont do that over here, i dont know how you make such a convertion anyway. but the fuel is expensive as hell here. i dont know but i think that there are about 4.5 liters on one gallon (?) and here one liter of diesel costs over 2$ so its about 10 dollars a gallon. :P ;) so a tank is 150$ (65 liter)

coolakiIlen007: Thanks! ;) yeah it sure would. you got any vids of it? ;)

coolakiIlen007: nej de gjorde dom inte! w124 sätena hade mycket kortare mellan fram och bakkanten av fästet, så vi använde lite av w123 fästet till de nya sätena och fick till de på något sätt. de var värt de i slutändan. w124 sätena är fastare än w123 sätena som bara har 2 fjädrar, passade dock mig väldigt bra. ;) men skinn känns bättre och armstöd är gött o ha!

coolakiIlen007: haha tack! ;) ja de vart lite extra pill, men de blev lite billighets stuk eftersom lacken vart lite matt då vi inte kunde få tag på tillräckligt fint sandpapper att slipa primern med. (hade 240 behödve nog 1200-1400) :P men tack än en gång, om ja får möjligheten att renovera bubblan så blir det nog lite mer finslipad renovering, om budgeten tillåter vill säga. ;)

VwErik88: Häftig renovering! bra gjort :)

coolakiIlen007: when i see it, it does not need any cutting, these are mostly facial rust which is gone with some angle grinding! ;) and a 230E too those are pretty rare, i like the door panels aswell! :) id say that rear fender just needs a few spots grinded then just treat it so it wont become rust again then sand and paint the whole fender, since its a metallic it wont be any much difference from the old paint unlike a mono lack like mine which get faded and bleeched.. :P the rest of your car looks great! CK

Sanjay Bellare: Coola, sent those photos of my W123 to you....

coolakiIlen007: @smbellare haha yeah that would be something! ;) you've got pictures or a video of it id like to see it! :)

Sanjay Bellare: If only I could drive it down to you and you could sort out my merc's bodywork!

coolakiIlen007: @smbellare the spraying on the other hand is fairly easy to master ;) my merc was my absolutely first try, and it turned out pretty fine except that we couldnt sand the primer properly so it became quite matte.. but the cans i used had a formed nozzle with long and thin ray, just have the ray spraying vertical and then move slowly with same speed, and same distance from the suface as you go back and forth, further and further down. im sure there are good instruction videos on youtube. ;) CK

coolakiIlen007: @smbellare i can understand that. its not a sunday afternoon to learn either. but to be honest im not very good myself, ive had alot of help from my grand dad who basically thought me everything i know about these things so ive been lucky in that way! the cutting though, just requires an angle grinder with a thin blade and just cut little pieces at a time you'll even it up later. this is the problem with doing the work yourself, supplies and knowledge is just compulsory.

Sanjay Bellare: About the rust fix - easier said than done! Unfortunately I do not have cutting, welding and spraying skills.........

Sanjay Bellare: Rust fix - easier said than done! I don't have cutting, welding and spraying skills unfortunately.........
Mercedes W123 240D -83 Restoration 5 out of 5

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Mercedes W123 240D -83 Restoration