How To Repair A Vehicle A/C Leak With R134a Super Seal

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How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal
How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal
How to Repair a Leak in Your Car's A/C with Super Seal
How to Repair a Leak in Your Car's A/C with Super Seal
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Automotive A/C leak repair
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mayte rivera: Where can I get a can

Chris Espejo: Q: my truck only blows cold air like for 3 to 4 days after recharging it, does this mean it has a small leak? Or it is kind of big? And could this seal it? Thank you.

Brian Grech: I have just had my system tested and they found a leak at the evaporator(its too expensive to repair). I had filled my Honda hrv last summer but this summer it wasn't working again.Now i filled it and its working but obviously the leak is still there can i use the system to fix the leak even though it has been filled today with refrigerant? Thanks

Rollan Raimer: AC repair sucks.

corey taylor: I've been slowly buying tools over the week to fix on my own vehicles. I used to hear great news about my father fixing on vehicles when I was a kid I guess his instinct is inside of me because when I let up a hood on a car it seems like I already know what to do... If anybody mechanics out there have advice on helping me with my AC problem please hit me up

corey taylor: it took them over a month to actually put a new accumulator and lines on my 2003 GMC Yukon SLT 4.8L... And when they replace that it still leaks I have the old accumulator in a Box with the rubber silver washer rings. I paid them to fix my oil pan because it is leaking they didn't ever fix that either. so now I'm out here in Atlanta Georgia still riding around with NO A/C. My Oil Is still leaking out to the ground more as it did before I am so pissed RIGHT NOW😬👿👿😖

corey taylor: hey just let you know I watch your videos when I can. just let you know I lost $215 from a shop that didn't do anything to my vehicle AC I asked them to fix the part. they kept recharging my unit and said I'm all good to go. after over a month of keep going to the shop they kept telling lies every time they send me on my way I tell them you did not do anything because my hoses and things have leaks in it plus my accumulator still have steam coming off it so I told them ordered the parts and fix it.

Abdulrahman Tammour: I have a slow leak, I'm charging every couple of months, probably from the condenser, should I wait until the gas go out and fill the seal the the gas, or I can fill the seal even if the system charged !

tariq geassa: Q: the Super Seal will harm the system or no please answer me ?

Priscilla Quijas: didnt even work just poured out of condenser!

Moto arzan: Is it better if you can vacuum out the AC system first. I've got a very, very slow leak (recharged in a friends shop late spring last year and worked all through the summer and fall and need to recharge again, 1 year later). I plan to use the ProSeal first and then recharge to hopefully fix the leak for good.

Aaron P: I just a cheap case of it on amazon for 50$ and it I charge as I go all summer never know when car is going to die so I'm not going to pay 800$ for a new system

David Tillwach: i hate to see the damage it will do to the compressor over time .in the hvac trade that stuff is junk in R22 systems .it would be the same for cars

ATL Gamer: Is there coolant in the can

John Daniels: don't expect  this to seal compressor leak, will for a couple of weeks maybe.

Jeffrey Grier: i cant here no sound

Khalid Alfadli: I hope selling the product in the Middle East countries, where high temperatures

Steven King: I drilled a hole in my evaporater trying to drain the water out how can I seal it myself can't afford to go to a shop right now

Govinash Govi: if I add a can of refrigerant (if the compressor is not engaged) can I just continue filling up with this superseal?

ali Al hagoy: if pipe of car Freon gas has leak because accident .  what I should do ? . 1. remove belt of air conditioner 2. take off switch A /c . what i should do it to save my air conditioner . thank you
How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal 5 out of 5

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How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal