How To Repair A Vehicle A/C Leak With R134a Super Seal

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How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal
How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal
How to Repair a Leak in Your Car's A/C with Super Seal
How to Repair a Leak in Your Car's A/C with Super Seal
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Uncle Mark uses AC PRO Super Seal to save "THE DATE"!
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How to Use AC Pro
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suomynona: Thanks but dont tell me what to do!

jimmy tan: sura can fix for leaking ?

Adil Nawaz: is i found in U A E (dubai)?? ps help

mayte rivera: Where can I get a can

Pavel Kupka: CAn I use this product for my car when leak Air Conditionig? Mercedes Benz c class c220 cdi salon 2002? Thank you

Leo King: 05 Ford Expedition Air leak coming from rear of the truck.. Should i try sealer or professional help?

Jonathan Hutchinson: I hope we have super seal here in the Bahamas I'd hate to have to order it online

jjenson2006: Infomercial ends and installation begins at 1:35

Meseret Kefyalew: Wow , thanks guys my 4 runners , ac been not working long , I thank you for you show me how to do.

Wrage: I added arctic air and sealer to my ac low side and follower the directions and it worked great but next day it didn't blow cold so i hooked up the can again (it came with gage) and now it's pegged in the red anything I can do now? it will work in the morning but after I shut it off it doesn't work again till next day

Shannon Nicole: So, I'm having to add refrigerant to my vehicle every 3 days or the A/C blows hot air. Would this product help or should I seek professional help?

automotiveDIY: You need to atleast pull a vacuum on the system before adding anything.
If there is air in the system, it will heat under pressure, and when it
cools, will condense and over time will corrode the aluminum

Ray: What if I need to open up the system someday? Will it seal the system when I open it?

Michael Vander: This stuff is magic! Worked like a charm

David Myers: Will this potentially help if I know that the leak is in the compressor? The system is still blowing moderately cool air, but I can see evidence of the oil (described in the video) on the lower section of the compressor itself. Any advice is appreciated!

Bogdan Bogdanović: ac technicians added uv paint on last system was last summer since my ac was worked correctly, till March when they were found small leak with UV light around compressor shaft.I was lost about 0.07kg of cca 0.6kg system capacity for almoust 1 year.

Bogdan Bogdanović: Does this product can use to seal leak found in compressor shaft ruber seal?

Luther Blissett: Do you have to use the hose with a knob or can you use the one with the gauge that is for filling?

P00nez: Would this work for an ac line?

JeffreyRay1: This is one of the best products i have ever used and it really works like it says. Unfortunately here in Puerto Rico air conditioner technicians and mechanics started arguing to the government and the government of the country passed a law banning any person to buy this product or any product from companies like a/c pro including synthetic refrigerants who do not posses a license to do air conditioner work. So now you go into pepboys, advance autoparts and any other place who sells them and stocks are full of products they cant sell since they require your license number at the cash register. I wonder why will the companies not fight this law since the product is supposed to be a "Do it your self" kind of product for minor leaks.
Like i said excellent product. I had to order it from ebay in order to buy it and more than a year now blowing ice cold air with no problems. Like it advertises: "more than 2 million people cant be wrong"
How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal 5 out of 5

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How to Repair a Vehicle A/C Leak with R134a Super Seal