Plex: On The PS3

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Gary Dorman: Plex works fine on my iOS devices and Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the server does not show up on my PS3 or 360. My computer will show up (I've tested streaming videos), but Plex does not show up. I'm not sure where the issue is.

Gixxxer138: There's a Plex app for the PS3 now (found in the online PlayStation store as of January 2015 I believe) and found under the same location as the Netflix app (internet).  Only problem is that you need to be a Plex premium member to use it.  It's free using the method in this youtube video (DLNA) but the problem I'm having is that my plex media server is remote and not on my LAN.

Mario Horvat: Do you need to pay for this.

Tim Mcmillan: Is this app a pay service?

Larry Johnson: its not a client its media service/server. not the same if it was a client my friend could reach my plex server via this. its just a local media service/server.

basically just a network drive that the PlayStation can see

Moriah Schoen: Does PLEX get around Cinavia on the PS3?

Jerry Turner: I cannot believe he has not watched "Amazon Women on the moon"...seems like quality to me

surfskate: Don't use Plex for PS3 if this is all it does. Use PS3 Media Server, it's wayyyy better. Plex is great for being to browse through movie box covers rather than names. However, since PS3 and PS4 do not have an actual plex app, then PS3 media server does this same thing but way faster, way better options (including VLC transcoding) and way easier to set up.

Apothekari: Thanks a ton.
Very straightforward and informative video, my good man.

TheSuspectEST: my ps3 ultra slim shows up movie thumbnails also ;)

Shawn McCollough: I'm going to give you a like for batteries not included.

kedde2005: no metadata - haha lol wtf noob program!!!

damon79: Wow!!! Plex on PS3 is crap!

JackFilmTube: I just bought the PS3, Only took me 6 years to get it :3

deadringer28: You say "you're not gonna care about any if this stuff". If you are not using Plex Channels you are missing a huge amount of content. Especially from the "unsupported app store"

Andrew Woodliff: Hopefully the app has been updated enough since this video to make the experience smoother.

Andrew Woodliff: I use Plex on my Roku 2 XS and it works flawlessly. When I download a new movie or tv show I put it in the folder that I have designated and right click on the little Plex icon in the lower right hand corner of the PC and hit "update library" and it 99% of the time finds the poster artwork and other information I need automatically. The layout looks like that of the Netflix app. I haven't used it on PS3 yet but I'm going to try it and see how it goes.

Toby Gangell: why dont i just try it

Toby Gangell: will this work for Sony Bravia TV with the PS3 menu setup?

gavanelli: Install on your PC and it will come right up on your PS3. Theres a media feature you have to enable on PS3 (should be in the network settings)
Plex: on the PS3 5 out of 5

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Plex: on the PS3