EV Home Charging Station Installation

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EV Home Charging Station Installation
EV Home Charging Station Installation
electric vehicle charging stations future
electric vehicle charging stations future
How does an electric car charging station work?
How does an electric car charging station work?
Electric Car Charger Home Installation
Electric Car Charger Home Installation
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GE Solar Carport Installation for EV Charging at Plainville. CT
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Capt Larry: The cost of EVSE boxes is a scandal. Maybe $50 bucks worth of parts. couple of relays, a very dumb circuit board and a cord. My clothes washer has a half dozen boards that are far more complex, and the most expensive of them is about $100. Clearly, it is quite simple to provide either a hard wired connection to an EVSE or a suitable outlet and wiring and circuit breaker in a main or sub pane1. Of course anybody with an electric dryer can fabricate and extension cord.. and bobs your uncle.

chuckwalla: Nice. Wish my commute was shorter, so I can go electric.

Kenz300 x: Electric vehicles are the future..... it is time to end the oil monopoly on transportation fuels....... Climate Change is real .... we need to deal with the cause or we will deal with the effect........ Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches | World news | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/dec/27/pope-francis-edict-climate-change-us-rightwing 

hectortoledo5914: actually not a relay is a contact that is normally open then normally closes when there is a appliance 

Turo Zavala: Love that sticker ;) 

Hahn Soloe: Pretty sure #4 wire is overkill for a 40 amp circuit. That's probably why you had a hard time getting the wire into the breaker lugs. #8 THHN is the proper size. Good for 55 amps. #4 won't hurt but it's a waste of money, especially if you have to increase the conduit size, fittings, etc. to accommodate the larger wire.

Refuso PissedO: How about the can of gasoline just to the left of his 220 Volt grid, on the floor? The half empty ones make the biggest explosion/fire wave. But he's ready for that with the 5/ 8 firecode gyproc, or wasn't that installed yet.....

Refuso PissedO: Southern California Edison has two 'special' plans for EV owners. Neither makes sense for us, (Spark ev) because one uses one meter, but has caveats associated with your other appliances, and the 2nd rate plan requires a 2nd meter. The install is too expensive so, just go solar, run on the sun. We've been following solar for a long time, the changes come fast. My gate and front lights (led) run on small test platform systems, but deciding on a configuration is like Peyton Manning reading the defense, on the run. In the last two years or less micro-inverters, AC panels (same thing), mppt controllers and a range of inverter options have opened configuration doors for us. 335 days per year of sunshine, someone said. Basically now we can scale up or down, monitor what's going on with each panel, re-direct solar electricity from sending it to Edison's grid, or using it to charge our EV. 

Kim Taylor: Did your electrician use the diagnostic tool as done in the video from the Nissan site on installing this charger? (I tried to paste but youtube prevents URL posting. You didn't show that and I was wondering if that was necessary. Do you like your charger? What would you have done differently? What would you ad? Heard of any better?

LackThere0f: We do, however they're not in most rooms, but only located where major appliances are intended to be installed. There'll be one behind the range, one behind the dryer, etc. Most 240 volt chargers sold here require a dedicated 40a branch circuit, which means even if your dryer is in the garage and on a 40a circuit (most driers are only installed on 30a circuits), you still can't have both of them plugged in at once.

Unit: What's the point of charging station? Why don't simply use wall socket with sufficient amprage?

ALTN8NRG: Cool video!

kiauchao: Lots of people do that, it depends on your needs. Occasionally, I do drive it until it has a bar or so left, but I still have some errands, so I'll give it an hour or so of charging in the garage, which adds about 15 miles at 240V. 90% of the time, when we plug it in in the evening, it's done by midnight.

apharrison1: Thanks for this video - I just got my Leaf.

kiauchao: The charger is good. It doesn't have a web interface, so it''s more of a dumb electrical appliance, but it does its job reliably, as designed. As far as doing anything differently, I don't think there is anything. I'm pretty satisfied. I still haven't put in an outside access door yet, though, but it's on plugshare and available. Is there anything better? Well, apart from the quality of internal components and wiring, I'm not sure there's much difference between non-web evse's.

DAn Brock: Does anyone think electricity will be replaced? Like steam engine to gas, and gas to electric.

danaba321: I am thinking about leasing one as well, I'm curious, What is your mileage limit and what do you suggest? Thanks.

kiauchao: No, we didn't have that little black box the guy in the Nissan video had. The evse has an on-board diagnostic which you test by pressing Start and Stop together for about three seconds. The lights flash vertically down and up, kind of like drag race starter lights. That works fine, and it communicates with the car and starts charging, so I was pretty confident it was working properly. So, the answer is you don't really need that little black box.

Paul Nijssen: Andreas talk to your local utility company. In California you get a special rate.

cpg1498: Thank you for the video. How is your experience for the last 11 months with the Leaf? any noticeable degradation of the battery in hot weather?

kiauchao: I had a few custom made at a place called zazzle.com. I came up with that after going to the Keystone rally last fall at the Whitehouse. I was thinking that if the US could cut its oil use enough by using ev's, Keystone would become unnecessary. There was a cool chant there: Show me what democracy looks like; This is what democracy looks like. It occured to me that using more ev's might lead eventually to the end of gasoline. So, the end of gasoline looks like an ev, and visa versa.

Jose Cruz: I think in another 50 years will go nuclear, Just a little Pellet and no refueling in 50 years or so.

DAn Brock: Nuclear cars(ford and the time traveling delorean) have been considered in the past. Nuclear comes from nucleus, the center of atom, but I think(and somewhat) it will skip down to the quantum level (quarks) or the use of other sub atomic paticles

Jeff Morgan: Why would you invite strangers to your residence to charge their vehicles? Seems like a major liability potential!!!

Kim Taylor: Thank you for posting!! Just brought home a leaf today. Curious how you like your Leaf too.

Unit: As i understand many US houses already have 240 volt sockets for a/c units or electric ovens, as in this particular case.

jonboy545: The dryer outlets are usually rated at 30A whether it's a 3 wire or 4 wire. However, OVEN outlets/plugs are usually rated for 40/50A. Also of course welder outlets, but it's very common to find a 6' pre-made pig tail of #6 with a 50A rated plug at your local hardware store for about $25. Of course appropriate conductor size should be used to feed your branch circuit.

Steve Kirkland: Major electrical code violations starting with the load center. No record of a electrical contractors license in the state of Maryland for Mr. Lamari. I install electric vehicle charging stations for residential and dealerships alike and I'm required to carry workmen's comp, 2 mil.general liability and 1 mil on my vehicles. So, $2,100.00 is a fair price in most cases. It comes down to the cost of doing business.

kiauchao: Congratulations, may you have many gas-free miles

danaba321: I ended up getting a 15,000 mile/year 39 month lease with putting $1,300 down and $351 a month.

Jose Cruz: that Is my case in my house I remove an Older GE. Electric Oven and it does have a 40A bracker,

kiauchao: Fabulous. My only problem is that I didn't put the mileage limit high enough on the lease, so now we're going on a driving diet. No more peaceful recreational drives in the country!

Kim Taylor: And where did you get your sticker? I have my original 2002 Prius sticker I never used because it seemed deceptive - but is finally now applicable, but for my Leaf. "Eat My Voltage" it says. Seems crass but I may put it up anyway.

DAn Brock: Mostly fueled by coal so till solar panels are better made(look at nature for solution) and AC rather than DC. And truth be told,they've had electric cars since they had steam cars but you'll never read that from a history book. Also, Sir Humphrey Davy invented the light bulb,22 inventors later Edison just commercialized them(Just another beef I have with history ' _ ' ).

rammy912: Interesting question. Unlikely, at least not anytime in the next couple of centuries or so. Steam was massively inefficient and gas provided more power than steam can provide. Now gas is not renewable and it causes much pollution so electricity seems like a likely alternative. Good thing about electricity though is that it's totally renewable. Not everyone is doing it in a renewable way yet, but that'll happen eventually and it'll be green, clean power :)

Sinan Wolf-Gazo: Cary Lamari is a great electrician. He installed me EV level 1 and 2 charger in 2 days. Finds solutions, to any problem!!!!

Volt Report: Electric bicycle charging stations are the business Check them out right now at TheVoltReport (.) com

kiauchao: In the little hot weather here in Maryland, much less than out west, I've seen no battery loss. I still have all my bars. We've been driving since Dec 2011, about 13 months. My performance seems to be identical to what it was the day I drove it off the lot. The only thing I've done is replaced a tire that picked up a nail, and attached an inverter under the hood to supply emergency power during hurricane Sandy. You can check it out at evadc.org/2012/10/31/using-an-ev-to-power-a-home/

kiauchao: The lease price has come down recently, making leasing an even better deal. It's something like $200/mo. with $3000 down. I leased becasue I expected the Leaf to improve, and in particular, I knew it had a modestly sized 3.3 kW charger, while the competition (iMiev and others) has 6.6 kW. Plus, the battery will improve, so I figured a 36 month lease would be appropriate. My dealer recommended turning it in at about 2.5 years, which will be about 30K miles.

Andreas Cappello: Hi, that is cool ,man your electrical bill going up? me too I want buy Nissan leaf but I m not sure ,because, somebody tell me, i gone spend a lot money for electrical bill. Is true?

Chris Capel: Would it be cheaper to have someone modify the EVSE that comes with the LEAF for a 240v outlet, and have an electrician come and install a 240v outlet in our garage instead of buying a charging station? (we have a gas dryer, so no dryer outlet)

ALTN8NRG: The Nissan Leaf takes approximately 21 hours to charge using a 110/120 volt house hold plug. The 240 volt chargers will charge the Nissan Leaf in 6-7 hours. So charging overnight is ideal for most.
EV Home Charging Station Installation 4.7 out of 5

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