Savage Model 10 Tactical .308 Rifle

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Mr. Bennett: Do they make that stock for a sabage model 10 22/250

james peters: nice rifle, I love all my Savages, cant beat them....tell your buddy to use his left arm to support the back of the stock, use a sand bag or sock for the back under the stock and lean into (load ) the rifle with his weight to not make it not scuff all over the bench table....I bet he gets much better results shooting like that!! Thanks for the video....fixing to order that stock for my new Savage 22-250 FV.

Everett Morash: I have that rifle. The trigger pull at its lightest is 2.5 pounds. Not 1.5. Mine in the accustock rips a ragged hole off bags. Great rifle for the price. In fact for the price it's the best rifle going. The Remington and ruger cost more.

Jairo Sanchez: What railing do you use

Mike Rotch: Hey sootch, quick question for you. I'm just getting into long range shooting and would like your opinion on a nice .308 rifle. I'm debating between the savage model 10 and rem 700 aac sd. Or anything that you might recommend. Thanks, I know you're a busy man so thanks in advance for your input.

MrIrrelevant2010: Is this a 22" or 24" Barrel?

Ballenxj: Nice review, however it would have been nice to see the target afterwards so we can see what it really is capable of.

DAVE WAYNE: You people are a menace to society.  Only an idiot sets up a 30 caliber rifle with a 1.5 lb. trigger. If you look at it hard it fires. The stock is stupid,it triples your weight,blocks access for a ten rnd. mag, and probably costs more than the rifle. Oh yes then top it off with a $50 scope.I thought it was a violation of federal law to sell firearms to people in your I.Q.  level.

Deplorable Dave: I dont see any long range rifle that does NOT have a detachable magazine as "tactical". This is MY opinion. This opinion may be split as much as 50-50. IDK. I just feel that reloads done by stuffing rounds in from the top simply is slow and VERY non tactical. Go to any tactical shooting competition. How many rifles do you see with out detachable magazine system? None? Savages BEST and unfortunately discontinued  model was the Gen 1 10 FCP-SR. Three tenths of an inch three round groups on mine bone stock with Federal GMM 168gr. AICS 10 round mags. The accu stock is rock solid but poorly designed for anyone with XL hands. But is produces groups as good as $5k-10k boutique rifles. Scope? 30mm tube 6-24x50mm Bushnell Tactical Elite with G2 reticle. Rings?  Seekins. Cost for my 2012 Savage? It was pre owned but NIB, never shot...paid 800usd in 2015. BEST money I ever spent on any gun..ever!

Deplorable Dave: Beautiful gun and stock...with a crappy Barska scope on it. Bushnell Tactical. Burris, even the Falcon Menace is better if you want a medium to high power variable scope. Bushnell leads in value IMO for FFP mil/mil scopes with 30 or 34mm tubes.

Sean 24986: I have one on my Savage model 11 hog hunter in .308 (which is a short action, btw) and I do love it!  Yep, it's heavy and it is supposed to be.  This isn't a hunting stock, it's a sniper stock!  However, you will love the heft when you can easily shoot 150 to 200 rounds of .308 at the range and still be able to use your right shoulder!  Simply, it a great target stock.  Mine is topped off with a Falcon Menace 5-25x50 FFP mil/mil scope (Falcon is a UK company) and it makes a day at the range awesome!

WaffleNinje: What type of scope would this rifle be good for? max price is 250$

emerald640: Get a real scope on the rifle. The weak link in this system is the glass. If you really ,really need it something in the scope will fail. I am going from a redfield 3x9 to a fixed 10 power to have less parts to move and be inconsistant. SWFA super sniper. Corney name but good reviews and military approved for up to 50BMG use.

Marko Hynninen: I got one, harris, BR silencer and BSA mildot.
 5 shots in one hole on 100 meters. I like it ! 

TheHamSarless: awful scope just a piece of trash 

TJ4774: Oh and if anyone here is debating on picking up a savage model 10 just do it. It is an amazing rifle for the price. My only complaint is a conversation kit to a dbm (detachable box mag) for these are $400 :/

TJ4774: That's my exact setup except the Choate Ultimate stock. Is that stock worth it? I've been looking at it for a few days and I cant find a review :(

Legion: A very good rifle for the price, i used to have one and it is one of the best rifles i've shot!

I am a Homo Sapien: Do they make this stock to fit a 22 Savage? Good video, HI5
Savage Model 10 Tactical .308 Rifle 5 out of 5

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Savage Model 10 Tactical .308 Rifle