VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY And Kit

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VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit
VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit
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Oil Extractor Oil Change DIY on a VW MK7 Golf R
VW MK7 GTI Oil Change DIY
VW MK7 GTI Oil Change DIY
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VW MK7 GTI OIL CHANGE 15.000 miles DIY
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Stanley Tweedle: Too bad shipping is so high for this product.

saab900t16: Drain oil when the engine is hot, clean the filter housing out and use a bloody funnel.

peacefrog0521: @ 6:19 Looks like you figured out what I was going to suggest, cutting the bottom off an empty bottle to use as a funnel. Though usually I use a quart bottle as it's less likely to tip over.
Haven't done an oil change yet on my TSi so I don't know how well the bottle neck engages with the filler neck. Thx

Boodieman72: Drain plug? Don't you know that its suggested to extract the oil though the dipstick tube?

Lee Smith: Sooooo I wanted to use Royal purple and they said noo I can’t use it. What brand should I get ?

Drewdownkali: My gunuime filter only came with the o ring for the cap. Shouldn't the o ring on the little tube be replaced also?

ilir swe: U doing it the wrong way.
Always loosen the filter first.

Max Cichon: After performing many DIY oil changes on the Mercedes Benz 3.2 V6, it was always MUCH easier to refill through the removed vertical oil filter space. MB provides the "710" cap for top-offs between changes.
Same here, or can anyone respond on this? ASKDAP?

xjinit: Why is a 32mm socket a special tool?

chris huntly: I have a 2013 gli with the Gen 3 engine. Ecs tuning sent me a kit without the filter. Telling me I didn't need it for this engine. Is that correct, before I start changing it

mrstanlez: For amateurs. Don't get oil all over the engine.

huntsville90: Do you recommend against pumping out the oil thru the dipstick tube instead of draining it out the bottom?

Robert Serrano: Just noticed the title says "chage" instead of change.

Mr Mojo Risin: Should I use the synthetic liquidmoly?

secret guy: How many litrs of oil. I put 5 litres of oil in my vw mk7 2.0tdi. ??

Andrea De Biase: Is that a 32mm socket for the oil filter case?

schrismon1: I recently did an oil change on my 2017 mk7 at 3000 miles. I used the exact kit you guys are using in the video (Liqui Moly Leichtlauf 5 w 40 and factory filter. I feel as if the car accelerates slower since the switch to 5w40 from 5w30. The gas mileage is also worse. I'm at a loss. Could it POSSIBLY be that the tolerances are so good with the new engine that the oil is a little thick?? I've had experience working on cars and feel that I have a better than average amount of car "sense". Any thoughts?? The only thing I did different was refill the new oil from the filter housing. Less reaching and less mess.

Men Styles Barber: Why you guys recommend liqui moly over the other oils?

Ed Mathews: I've decided on 7,500 mile oil change intervals on my 2016 GTI. At 22,500 miles, I did my first one yesterday (dealer did two for free). I always rotate my tires while the oil drains, and typically get the maximum amount of oil out of my cars. My car took a full 6 quarts to get to the middle of the area on the dipstick almost exactly between low and full, when cold. After driving and checking again, it was exactly at the full level when hot.

0xmariuszx0: Torque for oil filter cap is not so important as the seal works on o-ring. be sure to visual screw down cap and filter body and all be fine. the same thing is the oil drainplug. no torque, just visual turn-to-stop.
VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit 5 out of 5

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VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit