Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head

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Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head
Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head
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Jet City JCA20H Amplifier Head
Jet City vs. Soldano - Shoot-Out! ~Using Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar~
Jet City vs. Soldano - Shoot-Out! ~Using Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar~

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OperationEndGame: Why is it every Guitar World amp demos are badly mic'ed?

RGl oszad: Zagray amp !!!

Jimmy D.: very good amp for the money

azumbi: i think this jca100h seems meet those soldano avenger right?

Kyle Thompson: @gonzoe123 Its a Charvel

Nevigo: I love Charvels and Jacksons.Those compound necks are sooo nice.

Kasey Macintire: wow sounds liek you can get some reall good 80s rock sounds outta this thing!

makotronex: Looks like at 2:47 he got a liuttle lost there :P

Michael Medeiros: I think Charvel's are WAY better than Ibanez anything. Just my 2 cents.

GHXSTmusic: Question! Can the JCA100H be paired with TWO cabs? I was wondering if I can pier it up with the JCA48S and the JCA48ST. Is it possible? Please help. Thank you.

Nova Alexander: Sure. Could benefit from a boost for that but yeah. Has a lot of saturation. Check out FastRedPonyCar's metal reviews on it.

Armin Klinger: BRAND new??? ;)

khoirus sobri: @lampguy9400 oh ok, it's still weird even though i have the same pickup (tonezone) but the sound in this vid is awesome. i guess it's the amp :)

Strateuphoria: nice intro riff Paul!

lampguy9400: @sild123 Stock on the So-Cal is a Tone Zone in the bridge, Evolution in the neck.

sasquatch9934: @psyckla5 lol... paul may not be the best, but post a video on your channel of you playing and then we will talk.

Brian Roy: @northlander30 Nice! We both sniped out the b.s at the exact same minute. lol

Nova Alexander: Depends on what you mean by straight up metal. I play Thrash on it and it sounds killer for that.

daxweb: only my impression...or distort sound is not so good?

trevinor3: I have a jet city and I bitch slap marshall punks all day long!

dirtyolbum96: last

tr4itor08: I dont even care about the equipment on these videos, i just love listening to this guy play

pideuh weuh: I should recieve it today, can't wait for it ! :D

MireWolf29: @psyckla5 Sure you are, Skippy. Post a vid and prove it.

pindaro: fatevi una domanda.... perchè avete sempre il suono più freddo di tutto il web???

wxp24: In person, this amp actually sounds REALLY good. This video isnt a good representation of it at all. Trust me, theres plenty of bottom end on this ;)

pideuh weuh: And what about a more core genre ? Sorry for my maggotness...

Jordan Arias: i just watch these videos to watch paul play. hes a freakin awesome guitarist

Penki Void: why doesn't he review any high gain metal stuff anymore?

Brian Roy: @psyckla5 Hahaha my ass you are!! Made me laugh tho, so thanks for that. :) Watch his other reviews. Guy is way better than this video shows.

guywithaface: I looked at the website and it isn't the JCA100HDM although I wish I had that one. I ordered a JCA100H and the packaging receipt and the box said "JCA100H". So far everything seems to work like a normal one would, but my cover is different than everybody else's. I fixed the volume problem also.

Newbyrock23: Paul i wish you werent paid to lie to us about certain products..... I. E jet city.......

Jone C Hoftun: what model is that guitar? anyone know that ?

Kevin Hedén: @psyckla5 yeah sure

NiGHTRiDER9001: @aidoxD See my channel, I have 2 videos of this thing doing metal.

TheMetalHeaD256: @Metalobsession94 i dunno... he needs to review some of Ibanez's new crap. although, generally, if he's given the choice of what his sound is (he uses the given guitar and chooses an amp), he can always find a way to make it sound subpar. he plays good... really good... but his tone for the metal stuff is crap, IMHO.

metalvocalistwanted: \\m//

northlander30: @psyckla5 Really? You have no videos to prove this comment! Apparently you have never seen Paul actually play!

Robin Strower: This is instant 80s HardRock Balls To The Wall Sound \m/ Cheers, Robin :o)

loudgtr: @ScreamynDemon Correct...look at the way it's eq'd around 2:15 OD channel gain is at full up!? Soldano's sweet spot on the gain channel is between 5 and 7....maybe 8, but full up is too compressed imo.

zimbalist: paul riario loves everything he tries out...isn't that odd??

Craig Anonims: @psyckla5 he's reviewing a amp not trying to shred to impress you

Spudvader: @joniiboy Charvel san dimas, i think. It's a charvel ne who. Go google : )

Game4Lord: Jet City JCA100H + Bogner Ubershall = Perfect Avenged Sevenfold tone :D

aidoxD: what would this amp be like for straight up metal?

Nova Alexander: No problemo. You definitely won't be disappointed. Make sure to get the volume knob up to at least 6 a few times. Sweet spot for sure.

worldindusa: @trevinor3 did someone stuff a xiphos up your ass? ibanez kills it man, i dont know what you're talking about.

trevinor3: @TheMetalHeaD256: Ibanez sucks major balls dude, They make crap, and they dont stand behind there product. Ill never buy from those turds again.

Ian Ballard: @realkman666 Ever heard of David Gilmour? Besides, guitars are built for SOUND. Looks are for shallow assholes. No offense...

pideuh weuh: Already got an overdrive to boost the gain, don't worry. But is the 50 watts version able to make metalcore too ? Thanks a lot
Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head 4.8 out of 5

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Jet City Amplification JCA100H Amp Head