Revive Old Car Battery Epsom Salt

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Revive old car battery epsom salt
Revive old car battery epsom salt
Revive old car battery epsom salt update
Revive old car battery epsom salt update
Revive old motorcycle battery Epsom Salt
Revive old motorcycle battery Epsom Salt
Does Epsom Salt Revive a Battery?
Does Epsom Salt Revive a Battery?
Save Your Car battery with Epsom Salt
Save Your Car battery with Epsom Salt

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clifton559: he for got to mention the chemistry ammounts hahaha.  two table spoons full of epsom salt, to every half a cup of water! is correct. more will kill the batterys other chemicals it has left over in the cores originaly.  goodluck 

Liberallez: Whew! Half an hour for five minutes worth of information? Good thing you can use the mouse to click forward.

Brian Dixon: My battery died yesterday and I dont have a charger. Can I do this and just jump the car and drive it for a few hours? Will this hurt anything or blow up?

HDXFH: ha whoops 24 not 04 lol it's a code of some sort anyway!!

HDXFH: date above negative terminal is 21/7/04! That battery has done well!!

Norman Bates: The battery was overheating because it was seriously low on fluid. That's why it was "spitting" out of the vents.

I Wesley: the whole "dont set a battery on concrete" thing is an OLD wives tale
nearly 100 years old
from when batteries were made of wood casings
its amazing what kind of superstitions hang about when it something that people dont understand.....

William Kiene: Another trick to bring back a battery is to discharge it completely and then charge it up backwards, Then discharge it completely and recharge it the correct way, This will soften the plates.

Boodieman72: Its probably not acid leaking out its probably water.  Use a proper desulfator not Epsom salt.  A proper desulfator will put the sulfate back into the electrolyte where Epsom salt does not.

gladeye2: That was great, Also thanks for the updates in the description

Arthur Bradley: WHO PUTS A BATTERY (charging), ON A TOOLBOX?

bam6972: if its lead acid then it should. what do you have to lose? but that's my opinion

Tony c: Do you think it will work on a 31a battery?

bam6972: no that's a different form of salt..

David Correira: can you use tabel salt?

bam6972: that's why you don't replace the acid with new. it will eat it up in no time.

guily6669: What about removing the acid, clean the interior with a lot of epsom salt, remove everything and then fill up the battery again with clean sulfuric acid? Will that work? And how many times can you do that with a battery until the metal inside is really useless as a battery??

bam6972: yea I think I just had it way to full, because it no longer leaks up top. I still have it and starts the car every time. but yea good idea.

fpaladin: i suspect the burnt ends on the caps was causing the battery to leak. try re-forming the bottom of the caps with a 2-part epoxy or some electrical tape to re-establish a tight seal around each opening; or maybe jerry-rig some rubber gaskets as washers, just make sure the vent gap is not plugged. good luck.

Terry Klinder: you should try pulling the battery cap off before charging, plus you can check the state of the empty battery cells. old timers say put it on wood instead of bare concrete, they say it can drain a battery.
Revive old car battery epsom salt 5 out of 5

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Revive old car battery epsom salt