G Scale Garden Railroad Locomotives Lgb, Bachmann, Aristo Craft

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G scale Garden railroad locomotives lgb. bachmann. aristo craft
G scale Garden railroad locomotives lgb. bachmann. aristo craft
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AristoCraft Dash 9 G scale locomotive unboxing 10/31/13
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Hello Again Guys It's Your Buddy Greg: do the ones that don't run run?

G Railway Engineering Lines: I have the train at 0:23, except mine has different funnel stack compared to yours.

texasfossilguy: To fix those back wheels you might use a drill press. Clamp the wheel down, and use a bit the same size as the diameter of the plastic? thats in there and gently remove it, then you could use a very strong glue and a new rod between the two wheels. Thats how I would fix it if I had it.. The other wheel with all the gears needs to have the gears stripped (measure the distances first) then cut off the rod, use the drill press to remove the part that goes into the wheel. You might try working the plastic first to see if it comes loose. Thats about my only idea for how to fix it if you cant get the part.

anthony gaona: can you do a video on the lil critter i got one on ebay 3 days ago and its taking forever to get here and nobody has done a good video on one.

Otaku Railfan: i recently found its original stack. the 1st gen hauler is now on a shelf in my room since its rarely run.

Otaku Railfan: I recently found its original stack and bell, its now on a shelf in my room.

Christian Peterson: Why couldnt you swap the baloon stack on the 1st generation with the shotgun stack on the one next to it? It would be more acurate.

SkippyTheTrainFan: HEY!!!!!! The second locomotive you talked about is my username lol! And I luv your trains

KandNWLR: Subbed. Check out the Kent & North Wales Light Railway, a live steam indoor layout.

Otaku Railfan: @MechaGodzilla2001 I got a whole set from Craigslist for $100. Hobby stores you can find used ones.

Chris9017: They are water proof, and can withstand Rain. Bachmann Spectrum models can withstand Rain, but becareful with them. The geared engines are best for withstanding rain, along with the 2-8-0s, Mallets, and K-27s, but never run a Spectrum mogul or 4-4-0 in the rain because they are very fragile, and will easily corrode. The geared engines have anti-corrossion matterial and so do the LGB engines, as well as the newer Aristo Craft stuff. If you don't want water stains, it is best to clean them

Dakman Productions: LGB steam locomotives are waterproof and reliable. The Bachmann Big Haulers are good for begginers getting into the hobby but don't last long. Barry's Backshop makes a great aftermarket replacment gear box for them. The Bachmann "Annie" was a better build than the Big Hauler. The Aristo C-16 was re-designed with the new motor block from the Mikado. I own a Aristo Mallet and it runs great.

Otaku Railfan: @MechaGodzilla2001 LGB is the most waterproof, aristo craft, Bachmann and the other trains are not so waterproof. You can get any of these trains wet (rain for example) but make sure you dry them off.

Jamesis5: @pennyf9 I have been debating on that.

Otaku Railfan: @Jamesis5 Thats good, I used to keep locomotives in a tote box but that was a stupid idea (my Bachmann glebrook valey 4-6-0 and hartland 4-4-0 broke because of this) you should make a video showing your garden locos and rolling stock, I would like to see your toys!

Jamesis5: @pennyf9 All of my engines are inside my house. In what will be our guest room, I took the chest of drawers over and loaded it up with rollingstock and my Mack and LGB Stainz. Then next to that I have cars piled up and boxes full of kits to build. I also have a shelf in our family room, which I also took over, with rollingstock, a "boxcar engine", and my latest Bachmann 4-6-0. Then in my room, where I have 2 shelves which I used to run the trains on, I have 2 B'mann 4-6-0's and rollingstock.

Otaku Railfan: @Jamesis5 same here, I tried running a battery operated locomotive and my little brother Lionel Polar express, but that did not work. Right now, the tracks are under 2 feet of snow and I am just to lazy to go and shovel it out. I keep the locomotives in an old metal cabinet and the rolling stock in a large tote box, so they are protected from the snow. My railroad is nit the biggest, but there are 2 lines.

Jamesis5: @pennyf9 I am in South Jersey and I got about 11 in. on the railroad. Snow was to high for the engines.

Otaku Railfan: @Jamesis5 I would but here in New York we had a major snowstorm that gave us 2 feet of snow and I need to buy a outdoor transformer because the one I use is an indoor one. I'll try to make a video but I will have to be careful.

Jamesis5: Great collection! Do you plan on uploading videos of the trains in motion? Would love to see the railroad! -James
G scale Garden railroad locomotives lgb, bachmann, aristo craft 5 out of 5

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G scale Garden railroad locomotives lgb, bachmann, aristo craft