Do Electric Superchargers Work?

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Do Electric Superchargers Work?
Do Electric Superchargers Work?
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FRS update and does my electric supercharger work?
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Electric supercharger dyno video!
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jason roots: Need one..

Johnny hhh: How big of a bruchles motor

cameron G: Now replace the motor with a brushless rc car motor

h,style no koment: Buy a turbo car and you wil enyoy more 😂 to play wit cheapest tune boost control

Pawel Wojcik: anyone could help to choose electric motor to be fast enough for turbocharger?

Joey G: Is there a small enough shell to fit my 50 or 150cc moped. I was thinking that with small displacement of a hello revving engine like a moped could definitely Utilize one of these. Is there anyway to find a shell small enough or a fan that’s high enough powered and small enough to fit in a small shell. Also what is the highest RPM fan you can find? Thank you very much for the advice.

steelmesh: Roadkill did a pretty good acid test, they put five (5) leaf blowers in a car and it was not spectacular; proved to be a waste. These are large displacement backpack style leaf blowers, with internal combustion engines. To try and convince the world that a 2lb puny small brushless electric motor is superior to even one (1) single leaf backpack blower is ridiculous.

I did see a young man here on YT who put a large ~25kW motor (30lb?) on a roots style supercharger and he had a large bank of batteries to back it up. That is significantly more feasible because a 30lb 25,000 watt electric motor can make around 30 horsepower, which is about what it takes for a small supercharger (Eaton M62) to make power at peak RPM in a 4 cylinder engine.

Joe Baras: OK and how do you make the motor run faster as you hit the throttle or how is this brushless motor controlled ?

Daniel Downs: Turbos rule

M: Does exactly what it is I'm looking for and considering it's probably 120 output or input or whatever

M: Unless of course you can throttle control with a TPS whatnot idea from a dimmer switch and finding an old high output hand dryer from a gas station or something up there replacing or getting rid of putting new bushings into it I'm supposed to probably do that

M: I've been trying to work out one we're just having an alternator maybe a little output such as + 85 watt. If you're doing that obviously you have to add one to the vehicle that's standard plus the increase of wattage that it has to have for the new alternator that is now a motor because it's being reversed from an output to an input with electricity going into it not coming out of it probably just nothing more than just switching a wire or 2

M: And you got to put the gears on to it the proper order and put the tiniest little motor on there but if you put the freaking proper gears on doing things going to spend insanely fast making it into a turbo but if you from the turbo to the motor unless you're doing it from the motor turbo but from the turbo to the motor having a tiny gear on to the shaft to a gear two larger gear two larger gear to a larger gear enough gears later that thing's going to have quite the RPM capability simple drawing of gears and whatnot for balancing with a simple bit finding some kind of high-speed what not doing it gear to gear to gear it's balanced use gear on the shaft balancing the shaft itself everything should more less be okay up till probably maybe 15-20 + a Supercharger might be okay make it into turbo mainly is just notching shaft in a lot of balancing considering the RPM that it has to have ie a gearbox

shawno009: 2.5 psi?! Just get a real turbo at that point

Seniomsed Jimmy: I bet a typical super charger coupled with a 100hp electric motor and say a 50 to 1 gear box could easily generate actual boost. Now add 1000lb battery and inverter to get the 480VAC to run it. Now you have added 1500+lbs to your car and it would still cost thousands of dollars likely more that just installing a supercharger the correct way. But it would work.

Lee Clark: If you believe anything that you just said on this video then you seriously need to go to school or i would advise not to go outside bc i fear your too dumb to actual make it in life 38000 rpm is not enough to create any boost an actual turbo has a turbine in it that spins at 150,000 rpm plus i applaud you on your salesman skills to say that with a straight face but i am here to tell you that its time for the world to stop believing bullcrap bc a person tells you bullcrap with a straight face we are too old and by now should have enough general knowledge to know the difference atleast in something this simple to comprehend come on this is whats wrong with the world and why we still have darwins theory of evolution bc if you believe that an electric supercharger works then all i can say is you get what yoi get when yoi install it and either blow your motor bc your running lean or bkow it bc you had some sense enough to put bigger injectors for more fuel and you ran rich either way you mess your car up for being a complete and utter idiot for believing this crap its what we call a placebo effect

William Keuhs: Hey B2BEcharger what do you recommend for turbo shell is t3/t4 good and what motor do u recommend for build

InFAMOUSPS4: can you also use the motor as a generator? I was hoping to build an MGU-H like that of Formula 1 cars. If not, I wanted to split the turbo into the turbine and the compressor separately and have a generator on one and a motor on the other

JOe Moe: wish you posted this when I was 16 and retarded :D dam ebay scammers ahahha N1

Mr. Problematic: So your snake oil is better than theirs? lol

Whatever, nigga.
Do Electric Superchargers Work? 5 out of 5

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Do Electric Superchargers Work?