Do Electric Superchargers Work?

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Do Electric Superchargers Work?
Do Electric Superchargers Work?
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FRS update and does my electric supercharger work?
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Bald Vulture: with enough power supply and a good electric motor and it will boost.

Jeremy Wilson: Do any of you that are all excited by this, or running right out to buy one even know how a turbo or supercharger even works....?? If you did, I mean actually really got it, you would know a bottle of octane boost will give you more added power than this garbage, an this guy... needs to whipe off that white board and bring it to a couple of intro classes. Id start with english class before enrolling in mechanical engineers. Just sayin.

Christopher Marshall: No such thing as "reversion" of air in a car engine pickleHEAD!!

frosty A B: this is a dumb video that creates more misconceptions about supercharging and turbocharging then it clears up - and so do most of the comments - want to know whether something works or not, and how it works? study thermodynamics, electromotors and compressor theory

kilamanjaro Mountain: C.J. is in jail for being a lying con artist! freak you

Lee Griffith: If we can move past how the marine motor does not make power and yours does in an efficient amount of time that would be helpful. Also, seeing some real world examples with a Dyno and a smaller cubic inch motor would help as well. I have a 1600 V-Twin motorcycle that I am interested in electric turbos. Feel free to hit me back on thoughts.

Richie Sisneros: Have you tried this on a car yet?

787brx8: I use a hair dryer! I'll tell you how to set it up. First off you will need a inverter to change from 12v dc to 115v ac. Then plug in your hair to the inverter. The next step is to hook up the hair dryer. Cut a hole into your cold air intake and stick the end of the hair dryer into the hole. Use duct tape around the edges and to hold the hair dryer in place. Make sure your put the hair dryer on the cold setting! You can wire in a on/off switch for inside the vehicle. Next realize that this is a complete waste of time. Just like reading this post!

GLD M3MBR: i know this may sound funny to you TouTubers but can i add this to my 2017 Prius3 touring ? i just want a little more power going uphill in canyons. thanks

jason roots: Need one..

Johnny hhh: How big of a bruchles motor

cameron G: Now replace the motor with a brushless rc car motor

h,style no koment: Buy a turbo car and you wil enyoy more 😂 to play wit cheapest tune boost control

Pawel Wojcik: anyone could help to choose electric motor to be fast enough for turbocharger?

Joey G: Is there a small enough shell to fit my 50 or 150cc moped. I was thinking that with small displacement of a hello revving engine like a moped could definitely Utilize one of these. Is there anyway to find a shell small enough or a fan that’s high enough powered and small enough to fit in a small shell. Also what is the highest RPM fan you can find? Thank you very much for the advice.

steelmesh: Roadkill did a pretty good acid test, they put five (5) leaf blowers in a car and it was not spectacular; proved to be a waste. These are large displacement backpack style leaf blowers, with internal combustion engines. To try and convince the world that a 2lb puny small brushless electric motor is superior to even one (1) single leaf backpack blower is ridiculous.

I did see a young man here on YT who put a large ~25kW motor (30lb?) on a roots style supercharger and he had a large bank of batteries to back it up. That is significantly more feasible because a 30lb 25,000 watt electric motor can make around 30 horsepower, which is about what it takes for a small supercharger (Eaton M62) to make power at peak RPM in a 4 cylinder engine.

Joe Baras: OK and how do you make the motor run faster as you hit the throttle or how is this brushless motor controlled ?

Daniel Downs: Turbos rule

The Tin Can: Does exactly what it is I'm looking for and considering it's probably 120 output or input or whatever

The Tin Can: Unless of course you can throttle control with a TPS whatnot idea from a dimmer switch and finding an old high output hand dryer from a gas station or something up there replacing or getting rid of putting new bushings into it I'm supposed to probably do that
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Do Electric Superchargers Work?