Do Electric Superchargers Work?

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Do Electric Superchargers Work?
Do Electric Superchargers Work?
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bottel esto: your talking out of you as,if you put 2 attwood inline to a efi it's the same as a super charger, An plastic inline would not do nothing to a turbo motor most likely melt the inline because the hot air your running,turbo to me are worthless ,superchargers inline the attwood 3000 blows more air then your turbo,that a turbo ,not made no where near what to use on a supercharger,do you know what the difference between a super charger and a turbo,you don't know do you! TURBOS SUCK IN THE FIRST PLACE turbos were made for diesel motors,,you don't know what your talking about.The thing your hold up there is a old turbo made from red neck from out here in Ga. in the 40s and 50s to run there moon shine and out run cops,a red neck invaded it do you know that? red necks took a I think it was a kirby vacuum parts and run the hot air coming out of the exhaust back into your pistons,I never liked that ideal at all,yet leave it to Ga. red neck to come up with an ideal like that,it work yet no like on my end. Ga. RED NECKS YA1111 I had my feel full of them YA11111

Dave Fits: how does the install work? been seeing the phantom

thirdarc: This is theoretically posible. They do make some extremely powerful servo motors about the size of a coffee can you could gear up to speed. Though the motor and driver you would need is likely to cost more than a decent traditional turbo setup.

Nick Kosanovich: have you ever test your prototype? Also do you sell them?

kirostar12: The real turbo get hot not because the high RPM but because the Exhaust gases going in it. That's for the guys thinking high RPM get high temperature :)

ZDARA GROUP: would this work on a motocycle

Quantas Antonovich: 2 words. volumetric efficiency. this is bullcrap, you need to release exhaust gases faster to keep up with induction?

puck stopper: using a inline fan on the ol civic well just let ya know there enough air pushing thru it too blow the eyebrows of Oscar the grouch just saying tested it and works 15 amp draw on the inline blower

Motta Junior: I can put an eletric motor to rotate 50.000 rpm and get 1 kg air pull force. 12volts and 50 amp.

ΣLECTЯ0N: Correct me if I'm wrong here, but, basically & generally-speaking you've kinda redesigned or repurposed (if you will) a standard turbocharger to, instead of using exhaust gas to spin the turbine, you've attached an electronic DC motor to the turbine (in-effect turning it from a turbine to a propellor of sorts or fan blade...) which, turbochargers & forced induction as a whole are terribly taxing on an engine and I, personally, don't feel that the effects a turbocharger has on an engine to make power is worth the trade-off for making said engine last 1/3 as long... I'll take variable valve timing & open headers any day over a turbocharger...

Raul Cipriano: I've yet to see anyone show mass air flow readings before and after installing these things. Put that thing in a car a show a gauge with the psi reading.

Jeffrey Dyrek: If the boats fan turned at 30,000 to 60,000 RPM it would produce boost too. But these fans never turn at those tremendous RPMs and will never produce the boost. I would like to see an electric motor that turns at the proper RPM, it would cost a fortune for that high speed of electric motor.

vectortangram: Great video. Informative for those who want to waste their money on those cheap ebay kits...

william wehmeyer-nelson: Is there a way to hook it up like a tachometer, so that the voltage increases the boost with RPM? Just a theory.
I was thinking back to the days when RPM red lights were hooked up to airshifters, so that all the rider/driver had to do was pin the throttle.

Skeleto Manuqtix: wait i have questions.
does that electric turbo use engine oil.
Do you need coolant??
does that turbo spool at constant rpms?
do you need a waste gate?
can you use electric turbocharging on carburetors?
do electric turbos use a lot of current?
are there any bearings?
its origins?
what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to exhaust driven turbochargers?

Ryan DeClue: Really need to get in touch with this guy. Please someone shoot me a link or a phone number.
Wanting to do some testing on Rotary engines!

Kevin Brock: Chevy small block

Gary Stiltner: No they do not.

Tyler Durden: Electric superchargers do not work

richard cero: buy some compressor for the tube and put it on the engine to boost up to 50 psi and the result is power?
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Do Electric Superchargers Work?