Do Electric Superchargers Work?

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Do Electric Superchargers Work?
Do Electric Superchargers Work?
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shawno009: 2.5 psi?! Just get a real turbo at that point

Seniomsed Jimmy: I bet a typical super charger coupled with a 100hp electric motor and say a 50 to 1 gear box could easily generate actual boost. Now add 1000lb battery and inverter to get the 480VAC to run it. Now you have added 1500+lbs to your car and it would still cost thousands of dollars likely more that just installing a supercharger the correct way. But it would work.

Lee Clark: If you believe anything that you just said on this video then you seriously need to go to school or i would advise not to go outside bc i fear your too dumb to actual make it in life 38000 rpm is not enough to create any boost an actual turbo has a turbine in it that spins at 150,000 rpm plus i applaud you on your salesman skills to say that with a straight face but i am here to tell you that its time for the world to stop believing bullcrap bc a person tells you bullcrap with a straight face we are too old and by now should have enough general knowledge to know the difference atleast in something this simple to comprehend come on this is whats wrong with the world and why we still have darwins theory of evolution bc if you believe that an electric supercharger works then all i can say is you get what yoi get when yoi install it and either blow your motor bc your running lean or bkow it bc you had some sense enough to put bigger injectors for more fuel and you ran rich either way you mess your car up for being a complete and utter idiot for believing this crap its what we call a placebo effect

William Keuhs: Hey B2BEcharger what do you recommend for turbo shell is t3/t4 good and what motor do u recommend for build

InFAMOUSPS4: can you also use the motor as a generator? I was hoping to build an MGU-H like that of Formula 1 cars. If not, I wanted to split the turbo into the turbine and the compressor separately and have a generator on one and a motor on the other

JOe Moe: wish you posted this when I was 16 and retarded :D dam ebay scammers ahahha N1

Mr. Problematic: So your snake oil is better than theirs? lol

Whatever, nigga.

Luisito Torres: that turbo that you made you think you could sell me one?

52988monkeyhead: use a 120 volt grinder and a power inverter to drive the turbo

Riad Ahmed: You are right

TheDBCooperforum: You can act by showing some sort of logic behind this, but the fact is once they are put on a dyno that they just don't work....calculate, slide rulers, charts won't change common facts...

Aaron Berthelot: ud need alot bigger electric motor than that to overcome the n/a air intake of the motor. the intake of the air being sucked in by the engine would be higher volume than what ur electric motor could produce. even with stopping surge ud just suffocate the engine.

Keith Chummley: thats a turbo not a supercharger bro

tyler jenkins: in working in bulding onemy self

The Gaming Norwegian: do anyone know if this would work on a Atkinson style engine?

two210: Could you make a big turbo with electronic and exhaust, so it helps with the lower rpm ranges and the exhaust kicks in during high rpm?

sparty94: junk

VengefulSage: buy these!! put them on your cpu!! TURBO CHARGE YOUR COMPUTER!!! about all they are good for I'm serious it really works on your gaming pc!

Filip laskovski: This is a gimmick, nice try dude but I'll stick to exhaust gas spinning my compressor!!

Allen Poe: You would have a better chance of making cheap power with 1 of these 2 methods.
1, the old coffee can and dry ice bit.
2, running a hose from you ass to your intake a farting yourself to speed and economy!!!
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Do Electric Superchargers Work?