How To Install Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Oldsmobile Alero 99-04

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DocHavoc0512: The oldsmobile alero is basically a Pontiac Grand Am correct? So would this video also help if I were to change the hub assembly on a Grand Am?

1A Auto Parts: The wheel bearing is a complete assembly and comes as a wheel hub bearing assembly. The wheel bearing by itself is not serviceable, it comes as a complete hub. We carry new ones on our website with free shipping. Check us out at 888-844-3393 Hope this helps you out. Have a great day!

Steve Potter: I'm in the process of doing the front hubs on my 2001 Alero. The axle nut socket for that year is a 36mm.

1A Auto Parts: It shouldn't. Usually what happens is that the sensor itself tends to go bad.

1A Auto Parts: Thanks for checking us out. We're always here when you need us. 888-844-3393

Eddee Williams: I have a question, would i be able to remove that middle nut without an Impact wrench? I cant afford one but i do have a breaker bar and the socket for it. Would that work? If not do you think an electric impact wrench would be strong enough?

Chris Sobel: Very Nice, Informative, and helpful video.

hp11208: nice

1A Auto Parts: Honestly the only real option for you is to do an engine rebuild. Putting in an additive to the engine is a band aid to the real issue and really is not going your oil pump and justice. You will wear out other parts of the engine quicker by putting in additives to the engine oil that are meant to "fix" issues.

1A Auto Parts: You shouldn't have any issues removing it with a ratchet and a socket.

Darkcity55: I own a 2001 alero 3.4 engine, I have Noisey lifters that just start making clicking noise everytime I accelerate... I put some Lucus in there with the oil, It had calm down a little......People suggested for me to Try Marvel Mystery and try up grading my gas from Reg to Premium.......What you think??

vincenttetuaniii: Yes thats correct. It's a complete deal. It's the same thing with my 99 Ford Explorer. And it is very important, VERY important to use a torque wrench. I have no automotive knowledge and went through 2 wheel bearing assemblies because I didn't torque right. It was alot easier back in the day when all you had to do was take and replace just the bearings. But times have changed and they include everything in one assembly. Which is kinda cool too. Just more expensive. Good luck.

niceperson08: i have a 04 olds alero how do you know if you need to replace the wheel bearing hub????

Luis Sanchez: hello i had a question i have a 2000 nissan maxima it has a vacume leak but i cant find it and will this cause any problems with the idling recently the idling on my car has been really low going up and down sometimes it turns off even if i press the gas pedal all the way down it idles around 3 rpm

1A Auto Parts: @TheOutwiththeold You can pretty much buy them from anywhere that sells tools.

1nerdswag5: hey ive got a 2001 oldmobile alero, i need to change the wheel bearing, it makes a horrible sound while im driving but when i make left turns its step dad doesnt think its the hub but the bearing itself. how would i change that??? im not sure how long someone was driving it like that before me but ive had the car since january and he told me it could eventually destroy the trnasmission, would you mind doing a video to show me how to change this out??

1A Auto Parts: HI, if you search this video number in YouTube search eB9mrc4K0-c it should pull up our wheel bearing replacement video for your Pontiac Grand Am. Hope this helps you out. Have a great day. 888-844-3393

Saleem Bakir-Bey: will this also work for an old 2001 intrigue? I'm getting "chk engine, antilock & track off" lights on the dash although when chked there are no codes listed. PS it display that a cadillac system is installed??? Any comments or guidance is tremendously appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!

jroc4949: would this stop the abs sensor

1A Auto Parts: @TheJackhammer81 The Craftsman ones seem to work fine.

Nicholas Miller: thanks for this video, helped out with communicating to another friend of mine. I don't know if you'd prefer an alternative method, but with the brake you can usually leave the caliper/pads/rotor all together and just remove the 13mm bolts for the carrier to the hub, and then hang the whole thing out of the way. It saves a few minutes, I usually do it this way just to skip messing with a c-clamp. Also, using redline synthetic hub grease would likely improve bearing life, I do it to my car.

ian paul freely: Tsb on axle nuts, new nuts and torq spec. 173 ftlbs

1A Auto Parts: @luis7750 Yes this could cause you car to idle irratically if there's a vacuum leak.

Jim Lockhart: Sorry niceperson08 for intruding on your comment but i couldnt find how to make my own. my question to 1aauto is do you have any videos on how to change the fuel filter on a 2001 alero?. sorry again niceperson08 i will research on how to comment and wont do this to u again.Thanks buddy

TheOutwiththeold: Where do you get a press like that from?

1A Auto Parts: Normally a clicking noise has to do with wheel bearing or possibly something going on with the brakes. Taking the wheel off and checking for anything stuck in that area will give you a better idea of what is going on.

1A Auto Parts: Usually they'll make a high pitched noise at over 30 mph, or they may make a grinding noise. Another sign that you may have a bad wheel bearing is excess wear on the outer edge of your tires. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

1A Auto Parts: You may have to hit the old one with a sledge hammer to break it free. You should be able to remove it using the method shown in the video.

kenhagerman: I have a 02 Alero 2 D always replacing wheel Bearings on it.

Mike Harris: Great video thanks! I did have to use the axle press (free loaner tool from Autozone) but it actually just separated the hub from the bearing component, basically breaking it in half. I had to chisel the rest of it off of the steering knuckle, it was stuck so tightly due to rust.

TheJackhammer81: Hi. I'm looking to buy a torque wrench. Do you have a recommendation on which brand I should look for.

1A Auto Parts: We currently do not have an auto repair video on that particular repair.

golfgodd1: you obviously are not in the rust belt? i've unfortunately never had one come off this easy. and always have to wire wheel the knuckle before reinstall. good video though. thanks from michigan.

1A Auto Parts: @golfgodd1 Thanks for checking out our auto repair video. We're actually over here in Mass., so usually we're up against the same Have a great day!

bicyclexc: Even thought Advance Auto Parts seems to have bought all your ad space, I will remember 1aauto when I need to buy my oldsmobile new bearings. Thank you.

jon204: I had to replace my wheel bearings at 125995 miles now its good for another 125,000 miles lol
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How To Install Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Oldsmobile Alero 99-04