Canon Printers Waste Ink Tank Cleaning

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Phillip Abbott: So, putting it simply, throw the printer away and buy another one, preferably not a canon. There is no way that video would help me service anything.

Cheyenne Blankenship: Sorry but when the color went bad on my printing I put the printer head in my sonic jewelry cleaner. After about 6 two minute sessions it came out as clean as from factory. The color in prints now perfect. Beats spending another $900 on a printer. Mine is now 15 yrs old

Cheyenne Blankenship: I have a 15 yr old i9900 and just today when the color

Noblelox: Waste of time...pointless

beerborn: Everytime these asians do DIY videos, they always play disco or techno music. Useless video, just pictures that don't mean anything.

Gary Packer: Waste of time

Gary Packer: freaking useless, to much disco music

reifukaiyukikaze: I just pop it open....why the hell you guys need a video how to clean's just a normal sponge!!.....easy dish sponge in the kitchen is dirty what do you do??? you need a video on how to clean a sponge????????.......and why the hell bitching about not having assembly video????......just reverse the process......seriously the only way to fix this is by extending or replace the absorbed tube with a longer one that extend until the outside of the printer to whatever you can use to collect the remaining oil.....the tube is connected with a simple pump(spinning and pushing to create low pressure) inside the printer....short answer....freak this printer!! cannon actually knew and made a printer that already have expiry date and didn't even tell about it.....freak canon....freak your sump ink sponge!!!

outerrealm: Folks, be advised that you CAN do this, I did it on a Canon S9000 a long time ago, but I forgot how I did it this video is useless. I believe it's just a sponge that soaks up the ink and you can wash it out with soap and water, then you reset the printer.

linda miller: This is too much for me; how much do you charge to do it?

Greg Flowers: May the other  printers of the world (this one RIP) gang up on you and print "out of order" on you for wasting our time and embarrassing them. You're like a kid tearing up things unable or unwilling or unable to put them back together again.

Sabrina brina: Good on ya...but not the solution i was looking for

Simon M Bush: ....... in other words ......... bin it and buy a new one!

Sailor Barsoom: Unlike some others, I really liked the music.  It's the ONLY thing I liked, but I liked it.

There was no voice and no text explaining what I needed to do about my Canon inkjet printer.  For that matter, there was no video.  It was a slide show.  And nothing about actually cleaning anything.  And, as others have pointed out, nothing about reassembly.

So I still don't know what to do about the printer.  I'm starting to think the guy who made the other video has it right: beat it with a hammer and buy another brand.

Useless video.  Good music though.

uman965: WHAT THE freak, A TOTAL WAST OF TIME, freak YOU, ASSHOLE!!!!

ArJuna22: I wish they could outlaw putting stupid music tracks on YouTube videos.  I issue an automatic thumbs down on any video with music.   No matter how useful the information the music is distracting.

Tom H: I found a square piece, about 1 inch by 5/16 inch, when the top cover. Where does this go when I reassemble it?

sharath iGuy: Do do this it will distroy the printer..

maungsacca: Well done. Obviously he didnt get it back together. These printers really are the work of the devil.

Dave Stephenson: IS HE SERIOUS !!!
Canon printers waste ink tank cleaning 5 out of 5

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Canon printers waste ink tank cleaning