How To Build A Tattoo Coil Winding Jig From Items Found At Home.

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bboy satan Poland: why you don't use a old electric bell to make your machine??? check aut this

Atranium Official: very impressive, but what model is this fishing reel? because i buy 1 second hand but is Impossible to modification in that way

Jamie Carter: I liked it, very sim to what I've designed,

Rusty Paris: brilliant.

Paul Carlson: Very impressive. Nice job.

Sticky Barnacle: good work!

Bill K: Genius !  I Love the fishing reel !  The Rubber Cork in the U.S. Rubber Door Stop or In Plumbing Stopper. Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware Store ! I have a Coil Winding Rig I Used Scrap Lumber To Build The Table. & Scrap PVC Pipe from a New Construction Job Site.


gee dee: i made same thing but sometimes the core comes lose from screw because when theres tension on it and when its beeing wound the opposite way it comes lose unless i get it crazy tight but its hard cuz i got nothing to grip on but the core and when i put pliers on core it chews up my kapton tape any tips?

men tattoo designs: cool

tecg1963: Nice one great idea.

Silent Pray: Nice idea simple set up great!!

T Frensdorf: Nice idea, thanks

mischa clawson: very nice!!!

Jerry Gonzales: Brilliant I also build and always try to make a jig or special tool before resulting on buying someone elses idea glad you were able to share that definitely gona keep an I on your uploads thanks!

Rogelio Robles: Seriously amazing! Was about to spend money on one of the same electric style wonders and came across your tutorial! Saved me some $

Luka Penava: good work, I would never think of using fishing reel :D

Faouzi Afou: good job man

Dean Stephens: Nice and simple set up!

Jj Kilgallon: Alright #Meolde.. Did you get that reel you was on about?

Jj Kilgallon: Ive had a bulk for a few years mate, starting to run out of them now, so I'll have to source some more from somewhere.. I have a supplier in Spain were i get my brass and copper from
How to build a tattoo coil winding jig from items found at home. 5 out of 5

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How to build a tattoo coil winding jig from items found at home.