Magnum 1012 Review

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Magnum 1012 Review
Magnum 1012 Review
Magnum 1012 Handheld UK Radio Review..........Part 1
Magnum 1012 Handheld UK Radio Review..........Part 1
Magnum 1012 AM/FM/SSB Expanded Frequency Conversion 10 & 12 Meter / CB Radio
Magnum 1012 AM/FM/SSB Expanded Frequency Conversion 10 & 12 Meter / CB Radio
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
Review Online Soon ( Radiozing RCI-2995DX )
Review Online Soon ( Radiozing RCI-2995DX )

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stripervince1: doesnt come with a charger? who the freak makes this? a battery company? that is a deal killer right there. i want a ssb walkie, but not ifi gotta buy $80 worth of batteries every three days. lets go buy a car, but it has no steering wheel?? wtf

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punishedexistence: If I'm not mistaken, the beep can be turned off by turning the radio off, holding the PTT button then turning it on while holding the PTT button.  When you release it, the beep turns off.  That's how it was on my old titan radio, it was nearly identical to this one at least in appearance.  Too bad I shorted it out, I can kick myself for doing that.  Nice little radio though.

Fred Suero: nice

b pospolyta: hello ooked for an update to this video: did you ever adjust it? would you still recommend this radio?

Jose A: does it have a repeater offset?

keith rice: can you use them in the uk if your a ham ?

WA5CVI: Is it still for sale?

Michael Parker: Hello Auuudddio! lol

steve94044: cool radio! Maybe they will consider making a 6 meter or even 2 meter all mode ht.

Arabhacks: Yes, 12 watts. Baby monitors run 100 milliwatts, 1/10 of a watt, and can sometimes have greater range, it is all about the antenna. At 27.185MHz your signal is around 11 meters. 36 feet! A full quarter wave antenna is 9 feet long, add a quarter wave counterpoise and you have 18 feet. But if you constructed a portable antenna this long and connected this to 12 watts you will hit around 20 miles groundwave. 100 watts at 10 meters and you have 90 miles. 100 watts at 160 meters and you get 500.

mark williams: Great video, very helpful particularly extended modes change over. Many thanks will be ordering one asap.

nistru78: I want to buy this transceiver! How much will cost this full package? How much shipping to Moldova?

MarvinMcGill: Can you tell me how meany battiers are in a Cherokee AH-100 I Googled the radio and found this see that you work on them please tell me how meany are in it and if you can repair the pack of the Cherokee AH-100 Iam a ham going to use it on 10 meters had this for years used it 1 time when I got found it in a box the pack doesnt hold much of a charge now how much to repair the pack if I cant find the time to. Thanks Marvin KD0JCW

blue9z: I whish it had CW mode to.

blue9z: 9 batteries :)

cobra395: is this radio fcc type accepted?

Arabhacks: First off, the radio will run to full power with 10 cells of NiCad, this is 12 volts and the radio runs on 8 volts by way of a regulator, the final transistors run on B+ Anything above about 9 volts and below 15 volts is good. This is almost the same as the cherokee AH-100. Remove the battery pack and provide 15 volts REGULATED, and you can hit over 12 watts, 15 volts is the absolute maximum! the caps are all rated 15 volts or less. So, if one were to rebuild the battery pack to do 14.2 volts?

d1g1man: This would be perfect for QRP PSK31. I would run battery/solar on a mountaintop into a dipole with a 35 watt amplifier. My netbook, fldigi and signalink will tie in nicely to this little gem!
Magnum 1012 Review 5 out of 5

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Magnum 1012 Review