Net10-Motorola EM326g

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SuperAshCash: I do miss this phone lots... it was the coolest, and NICEST phone ever. but i eventually switched to sprint cuz i hate pre-paid.

noir alias: @CrueRock so racist.....

Katlin Duboski-Ledee: my dad and i have this and net10 messed BOTH of ours up. it took me a year to finally get ahold of cs and they told me since my 1 year warranty was up, they couldnt do anything and that i needed a new phone. i miss my other motorola net10 phond D:

certifiedgmane: 2nd best net10 phone the Samsung t401g is slightly better

Venom2284: does this phone record video?

COOLKID1471: can it take videos

jordyofficial: u need a SD CARD Adapter

Pam Smith: Is there a way to access your pictures via USB? I can't seem to get that to work... If not, can you do that with an SD card? Also, where could I get an SD card cheap?

Shadowrulz3164: @kendallandgrace411 yes you do

Jordan Robinson: Although your comment is a little aggressive i must say sir, i agree w/ you completely...

EnnkuT108: where do i get the disk, do i just download it from online or do i just buy it at a store

EnnkuT108: nope its still not working and it frustrating because i tried it like a thousand times. it keeps on staying blank does the phone have to be off? On the computer it says it's on but its not on the phone it's automatically suppost to end up in the library right because if so its not working so if u could help me that would be great. Thanks for your help

luiz lopez: is this a CDMA or GSM

tylerd0723: no, you have to have the sd card

tylerd0723: yes this phone is prepaid

hydramiga: why do you have net10 and not a contract phone? i cant afford anything not even this phone!

Chandler Perry: does it have touch senstitive buttons

EnnkuT108: how do u download the songs for the mp3 because i try to and it doesnt work

GreenDeathFlavor: I'm looking for a new phone and I like what I am hearing about this phone especially with the unrestricted bluetooth capabilities. It is a bit more expensive, at $60, then some of the other bluetooth phones available, such as the LG 600g, but it might be worth it.

e11va: You just go back to your 'real' phone costing you like double what my NET10 phone costs me per month, okay? NET10 rulez!

Zevan12: look for the program on google, maybe they have it ripped online, otherwise just buy the software at a cell phone place

jordyofficial: u need to insert the sd card onto the adapter, then insert the adapter on the pc. it should pop out a small screen in the center of yer pc. click (OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES] then get any song file frm yer computer, drag it down to where it says (MUSIC) let it save, and take out yer SD card and insert it in yer phone, u shud have that song, but if u cant still, cmnt back ! :)

Arcticbrian1: My mom got me this phone for my birthday. I can't complain 'cause it was for free, but even then it's an awesome phone. I can text perfectly fine on it, I've had it for about a year now and all the keys work properly, etc. Net10 has got some pretty reliable phone's, my sister's is straight too.

FatChixx97: yur so mexican. haha lokio,, so cute! ^_^

smokeo101: you don't have to put the phone on silent.. you just go through the sounds thing in settings and look for it and turn it off!

strongsoldier26: thats a nice phone Jordy !

jordyofficial: no.

waterlily4114: This kid wasnt joking! I've looked for this phone everywhere and its been hard to find. I heard that Net 10 has awesome service and its really cheap, so lots of people are switching to them. I need to get this phone soon...

Jordan Robinson: Not sure if anyone is aware of this but the LG 600g and this Motorola EM326g have the most advanced antenna's. All the other phones are just "cheapo" phones w/ older outdated antenna's. Anyway the down side is Net 10 is much much more expensive than Tracfone espicially if you have the double minute program and texting w/ Tracfone is 0.3 Units w/ Net 10 it's 0.5 Units. Which adds up to be alot more over time. Espicially if you text alot which alot of people do.

EnnkuT108: there is a little slide on the left side of the sd card adapter u just slide it up then it will unlock

Zevan12: @EnnkuT108 then u need a disc for the phone

cbddrummer: no a sd card does not come with it and the slot is where you put the battery

hydr0p0nic: Speedy Gonzales! :D

VSGsK8r: how much did it cost???

Yen NTrey Channel: net10 confuses me....this phone is like 60 bucks but their touch screenz are like 50 WTF

Gerald Hernandez: any one of you knows how to open line\

2010getupandgo2010: @sarah221ish NET10 is so flexible as you can change your top up every month according to your usage, diverse in its offerings and option and reliable with its network provider. NET10 is the bomb!

TheWolfworth: i have this phone its pretty sick

kazbh: can this celphone be unlucked to use in another countries?

jordyronaldo15: yes you can put it in silent.

noir alias: @thediamondz1 good choice m8!

smokeo101: yes it does have internet access and it's only $60! I want one for by b-day.. I wanted the LG600g and then the EM326g came out!

timerssarah: I am thinkign about switching to Net10 from tracfone? Good choice? LG600 or this phone?

airboyac: I have a question. where is the sd card slot on the phone? And does the sd card come with the phone when you buy it?

hockey2islife: around $50 (no clue for activation)

jordyronaldo15: Moto Em326g

Kevin Roesler: i got the phone today and its okay i would reder have a virgin moble phone but i mean its an okay phone

strongsoldier26: freak you you racist freak whatever race you are you must be a retard to bitch stop wasting you're time and get a life instead of making fun of mexicans...Bitch ass bolillo (WHITE BREAD lol)

TrashMeister: can you turn off the noise every time you slide it or do something? like could I use it in class without anyone hearing it?

tylerd0723: i think the net10 401 would be better...
Net10-Motorola EM326g 4.1 out of 5

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Net10-Motorola EM326g