Home Made Bandsaw (version 1)

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Home made bandsaw (version 1)
Home made bandsaw (version 1)
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Homemade bandsaw 2
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My Homemade Band Saw
Homemade Portable Bandsaw Stand - Cut off & Vertical - Part 1
Homemade Portable Bandsaw Stand - Cut off & Vertical - Part 1

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Izzul Romdhoni: Matthias is a goodman

johnathan Stiner: You cut your thumb off yet?  came close on the video!

Arek Kosinski: This is really bad@ss

ches smith: I really appreciate your sharing how you do things- tell me what kind of wood you used for the 14" bandsaw- I'm almost ready to try making one myself.
Thanks Matthias

Steven Donahoo: Do you have building plans for it? I would love to build one myself! : )

Carriage House Farm and Gift: Does it need locking wheels? It seemed to move away from the stock being cut. 

José Alex Molina Saldias: en madera

Gwiazda Wilk: Awesome band saw! And that's homemade! :D

bmcclure0561dad: Never have I meet a guy more in need to get laid than this dude!

seigeengine: Please don't dare people to balance immensely heavy pieces of machinery over themselves. That's just not safe. :(

Ekidrat: almost looked as though you were going to lose a finger...do they use feed sticks for this saw???

specialk22tt: I live vicariously through you because I know I'll never build any of these projects.

Cesar Frederico: Genius...fantastic...

rollercoastermaniac2: Dang, your homemade band saw is a lot better than our schools band saw. And our schools band saw is relatively new.

Joe Schmoe: Bandsaw can be had for $750 at home depot. I think i'd rather go that route than spend a $1000+ in my labor excluding material cost building this.

sombu rokoy: hi  im zaldy cabral i want to know the speed of your blade

袁德凤: nice!!

natemiester: Great build man!!
Home made bandsaw (version 1) 5 out of 5

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Home made bandsaw (version 1)