Home Made Bandsaw (version 1)

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Home made bandsaw (version 1)
Home made bandsaw (version 1)
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1 bandsaw 4 blade guides comparison
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First homemade bandsaw: Things learned
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Ruleto Kupa: How do I build a band saw.. I got 1/4 hp motor

Scott Matthews: That is good but what do you want to make a band saw for when you have a blue one what do you want 2 for when you just need one the other one you don't use you could sell it and get money for it and someone else can be using it so the 2 of them are getting used

Archi Gomez: beautiful work congratulations

konrad zamożny: Any Free plans?

K Chandrashekarnaidu Naidu: it's amazing

Dankaaa Jankowska: witam chcialbym sie dowiedziec jesli mozna jakiej mocy i od czego byl użyty silnik napedu do pily taśmowej?? pozdrawiam

Patrick Harte: love your band saw video, looks and works like a dream. Thanks for sharing

Brandy Swartz: Going to make this, do you have any plans on this project?

cpr58: wonder if I could take part from my old Sears Craftsman bandsaw to make this.

Nomad: Brilliant , I'm going to make one now . Please mate ,use a push-stick ,you came close there cutting that piece of wood at about 4:50 ish. Love your projects though.

Markus Karlsson: Amazing machine, I will probably make one myself some day. Probably out of metal, but will certainly watch this video again before building. 👍👍

Brian King: i want to apprentice under this awesome maniac!

James McIntyre: Love your work and video! Barney and Fred of Bedrock would be proud.

Juan Manuel Suárez Cordón: hola muy bueno el brico me gusta podías mandarme los plano de construcción y montaje gracias

neo: where do i find bearings cheaply and how would i go about getting a motor

jac smith: Matthias, can you tell me the brand name of the blue band saw on the left in the video?              I bought an old one just like it and there are no identifying marks on it.           I would like to find some parts for it.

Taimour Khan: Amazinggggg

владимир лебедев: 🇷🇺 👍👍👍

Michael Venditti: I am thinking about building a bandsaw but i'm thinking of using bicycle wheels for the blade wheels. what is your opinion on that. Thank for your time

luis diego: and with it the levei of the machine to make it in my workshop
Home made bandsaw (version 1) 5 out of 5

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Home made bandsaw (version 1)