Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled

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Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled
Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled
Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled
Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled
Watercooled mining rig [PCAXE.COM]
Watercooled mining rig [PCAXE.COM]
4x Radeon HD 7990 Mining Monster Rig (8 GPUs)
4x Radeon HD 7990 Mining Monster Rig (8 GPUs)
6 Mhash  bitcoin litecoin R9 290 mining rig
6 Mhash bitcoin litecoin R9 290 mining rig

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birds paradise: dude how much time for a full dictionary to crack wpa with ur 4 gpus... and why didnt you use 6990s they do more hashes than 7???s...and with asic you cant crack wpa?

Arkas: How much money can you make whit this?

Bernardo Lara: It is now April 2014, what is your current setup for mining? are you mining bitcoin or other?

Anun Naki: So I'm watching this video now, googled BFL and nothing but BAD reviews.. just curious as to if you ever got that order and is it worth the time to deal with BFL as they seem to be SLOW to SHIP on paid orders...With the way crypto is, making a hard anti ASIC currency is the way to go. These ASIC companies are going defunct as is makes is TOOOOOOOOx2 easy for mega millionaires with deep pockets to mine crypto. BitCoins is great concept, but making it actually rewarding to mine.....welll ASIC units make it MUCH less attractive. Thanks for the video as that water cooling rig IS BA~! Nice JOB!

Young_Hov: freak this!!! This is just too much to make money when there are soo many ppl doing it now which makes it even harder to mine smfh and all you end up with it is a high electronic bill. plus I don't see any of you pushing a Lamborghini doing all this bs. Get a real job instead of letting a computer work for you lazy freaks 😡

hellsyah666: Can this play Super Mario Bros. on Ultra settings ... 

Mike Paulk: bitcoin mining is why AMD cards are expensive.  assholes

Albert K Fung: Where did you get your water cooled 7970's? How much do they go for?
I looked in all places, but no luck.

John Doe: litecoin with this

Sang3ETA: No, the hardware is still useful for Litecoins (the number 2 crypto-coin) which is the most decentralized network because it uses Scrypt so it can only be mined on PCs!

Edvaldo Júnior: How many golds did manage to you make at the time?

Dre4dwolf: I was thinking about ordering the Siera 1.2TH/S maybe two of them, but my only worry really is regulation coming in and crushing the bitcoins value....which would render the 12,000$ hardware worthless for the most part.

Joshua Vidana: Stopped mining months ago. I have 12 hashfast pre-orders.

Dre4dwolf: Do you plan to continue mining? If you have been mining since the video hows it been working out for you.

joshv06: This vid is old. GPU mining is no longer profitable.

Imdabossou: Hi can someone help me with bitcoins? I was using 2x7970 and it said like over a year to get one bitcoin I think? how is this profitable surely the electricity will be much higher since it said 1bitcoin=£100

shwackthenoobsac: Awesome rig!!!! I just got a rig with 6x7970s and to think you had this a year ago! Where do you buy your water cooling parts?

solidsnake434: I did'nt know you could make money this way, in what country do you live? I'm in Mexicoand wold like too see how viable it is to make a rig to bitcoin myself

joshv06: The Rads I used were thick rads. Basically the same as 2x double stacked regular rads. All cards stayed under 70C. And this is with everything at full load. Good enough for me. Anything else would bring diminishing returns. Plus, I did have 2 rads. a 120 and a 420

joshv06: It was way worth building this PC, it has paid itself off like 5 times already XD.
Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled 5 out of 5

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Bitcoin Mining Rig 4X 7970 Watercooled