How To Paint Plastic

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How To Paint Plastic - HD - The Basics
How To Paint Plastic - HD - The Basics
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How to Paint Plastic
How to Paint Plastic
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Michael Jenkins: Seriously why does your primer on your bumper cover looks shiny wrong don't believe a damn thing on YouTube he he

Marc Garcia: What kinds of paint u use sir it's acrylic paint sir or urethne..

BAC: Can you paint clear over the black plastic ? If so will it result in a gloss black finish. I ask because my fender flares are gloss black but due to sun damage the paint is peeling. It seems to be just clear paint that is peeling exposing the dull black plastic.

John Ton: Great work and good vid - and please, don't pay any attention to the trolls with nothing better to do than criticize someone who's trying to be helpful! Sad that these clowns clog up the information-sharing. The Internet, and the world, would be better off without them. Thanks for the video!

Luis G: Thank You very much brother,, you did a GREAT JOB !!!Don't listen to critics, you keep doing a good job

Don Shires: I think He did a great job. As for all you "pros" that are making negative comments, Where are yalls videos on how to do this? You guys who all share the same trade need to learn how to stick together and stop trying to knit pick other peoples work. Constructive criticism goes further than your bullcrap "Know it all" comments.

foxybrown2: Oh yea another thing I love all the professionals that try to tell another pro how to paint. If what works for them and has been working for them works. Save the I am better than you comments.

foxybrown2: Some people on hear make the stupidest remarks. Sata and Iwata are not the only good guns out there. I have seen many shops use 3m guns and Devilbiss and Sharp guns and get great results. Man I have even seen and done jobs myself with cheap guns and got great results. Yea the guns matters but what matters most is the skill of the painter.

Dj Mystery: I just came here to figure out how to paint my Yamaha blaster plastics now I'm super confused

MarioE102: hi would you list the steps you follow the noise in the back make it hard to heard what you said and the names of the materials please thanks

David Sanders: Why aren't you letting it flash between coats?

George Tempest: I still haven't found someone that can explain to me how to paint flexible rubber spoilers. I know there is a certain component that gets mixed into the paint, keeping it flexible so it won't crack when squeezed, but that was many years ago...

Chad Simmons: " HEY REFINISH NETWORK " I was hoping for some ho-made in basement SHOW-HOW & I do understand the point of this very correct order & im great full you took the time to make this video .After screwing up several scooter panels because of bonding issues & not having pro.equpiment ,i realize I cant do it & im going to use vinyl instead THANKS-4-GOOD-VIDEO

Andre Luiz: i was wondering how to paint a raw plastic bumper, with no prime on it... a few years ago i took the bumper off of an old corsa b (not painted, just rough plastic, not the smooth type), cleaned with water and soap, then clean with thinner, then I painted with spray (the same as graphite dudes use)... the result was perfect, exactly what I wanted, very shining... with a few imperfections, but a decent look... I spent $20 bucks on the job... is there a professional way to it? special paint on something? I want now paint the bumper of another car (give that darker, "wet" look) but want to do something more professional... any tips? thanks

Lotusrk123: "Sealer bla, bla, bla. Idiot for not using sealer bla, bla, bla, ROAR, ROAR, ROAR, bla, bla.

Luís Santos: Hi! I need some help.

I have plastic exterior parts that have been painted in the past matte black to simulate the original look, but now the color is faded.

Could you recommend a Matte Black paint that simulates the original plastic look?

amtpdb1: How do you address a corner or flat area that the hose brushes while you are painting? Do you have to use an additive in the paint to make it more flexible as the plastic moves more then the steel panels?
Thanks for the video.

Goldenboy Productions: what if the plastic you want to paint is already painted? I have an atv with white plastic. Apparently the plastic was injected white which I never heard of but I want to paint it white. Are the steps the same?

Graham Dawes: Turn the noise off when you try ans talk it does not allow you to be heard, or make a talkover afterwards.

William Cervantes: another thing. use a Iwata or Sata spray gun people. . not a plastic 3M 1.4 spray gun ..
How to Paint Plastic 5 out of 5

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