Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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adoracle1: The Titanic had a twin named Olympic. the Olympic was injured prior to the Titanic trip, in the same area believed to have been hit by an iceberg on the alleged Titanic. When James Cameron went down to the wreck, the name Titanic had started to fail, fall apart, and under it, was the name Olympic. Hence it was not the titanic but the Olympic that was sunk. Those who orchestrated the trip, invited all those millionaires, many of whom were anti Federal Reserve and could have prevented it from coming to pass...they were killed. no more resistance. no need to take my word for it. check it out. this, up to and including the insistence on unsafe speeds, was no accident

Patricia Holloway: Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: A Millionaires play ground. What happened when they all faced death.What was important, when no amount of money could save you?

Bunny Biedenharn: The comments for this video really should win some sort of prize. I feel that some sort of threshold has been crossed, here.

Jackie Hallam: Those were the outfits Kate Winslet wore on the film.

JorgieTheJRT: This video gets the Worst Phony Mustache Award!

ashirly: Some strongly believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on the 14th day of April....I never realized this ship went down on the 14th as well. The thing I recall the most is them boasting how even God could not sink that ship!! What a mistake....

Victor Regalado: On the 25 of November,I'm going to a field trip to a museme about the titanic♥️💕😀

Joca Carl: Were the Illuminati didi taht. The iceberg was siubmarino boat or disguised, and hit the hull with a ball or missell canhãoou something that stuck the steel plates folded, very strange?

daniel679867: hell that's a good way to get rid of this corrupt illegal alien muslim terrorist that's in our white house illegally give him his wife and all the democrat idiots in Washington a free trip on a Cruise Ship and send it to the same place titanic went down and hope history repeats its self or just help[ it a little

saucersource: Guggenheim supplied all the free energy copper to Nikola Tesla Los Alamos Test Area 33 for the Von Braun Foo project in 1930s as retribution.

0FRIJOLERO: That girl was wearing the same exact outfit that Rose wore at the beginning of the James Cameron film. She must have borrowed that from Kate Winslet. 

Joca Carl: The liar history, never there was iceberg, The Illuminati did this accicent, same was they did with the Twin Towers

saucersource: Death by Free Energy cause they all knew about Nikola Tesla

ronpaulsupporter1: The sinking of Titanic was no 'accident'. The millionaires on board were opposed to the formation of the federal reserve bank. They had to be eliminated.

atomage2006: 22 knots per hour - some mistake surely?!

clydesplace: "All equal in death" I suppose so. Except it would seem that a much higher percentage of the first class passengers didn't have to experience that particular outcome.

whisfoxvictor: If time travel were possible, I'd go back to april 1912 and tell Astor to shave that moustache off!

ChilisCorner: it was odd that he pasted away due to him being a 1st class passenger.

MrTubbymarshall: money can't buy you everything, least of all a hand in fate. kismet.

Canashea: i agree, there really is something about the titanic. for me, its the stories of the passengers and the total selflessness and humanity of people knowing they were gonna die.

TitanicTheShipFan: 705 survivors. Mainly women and children.

MySnaz: WOW!!!

TitanicTheShipFan: Their the Straus guys.

titanicstories: The narrator actually says: 'The Titanic left 'for' New York', not 'The Titanic left New York'. Hope this helps.

Jessie J Heaven: Forgive me however this "story" paints a picture of America The Great! and Britain creating a death trap of a ship...

Samantha Hammond: I had to comment. there has been atomic bombs, the Lucitania, the hindenberg, Pearl harbour and flight R101 to name but a few. All these are totally tragic events, but why does the Titanic evoke such emotion in people. In a few Months time we will acknowledge the 100 year Anniversay of the sinking of the Titanic. Truly tragic like all tragedies. Lest we not forget.


Brittany Marie: first word said in this video: America. for some reason, it made me wanna go watch the potter puppet pals

sweetwaterbeauty: 2:34 Titanic did not leave New York... How did faulty information like this get through???

harriter88: and one thing they all had in common they were all opposed to the federal reserve act which passed a year later under the mandelhouse wilson administration and has enslaved americans 2 this day

fastandfurious2022: wow that is realy good graphics with those people in the picture.

rockinrobintweets: @clydesplace Depended on the gender. Rich men died along with the poor men, dead is dead rich or poor and most had someone that loved them be they poor OR rich. When it comes to death one life REGARDLESS of a bank acount or lack of , someone will greave the loss. And Titanic left many women widows and childern with out dads.........that is the equlity of poor and rich.

marinedrv: Thank you for this production - the narration was beautifully done - nice work.

daedralord1: the video is wrong about their wealth John Jacob Astor alone had over 150 million dollars in 1912, works out at about 12 billion today

De Hirvi: said it left for ny turn up vol lol

Whitney Pyant: What about owners of Macy

gueromexcub: you are right she say Titanic left N.Y.

Titan52berg: The moustache is phony!

Janet Brewer: They didn't copy outfits from the movie...it was the other way around. Don't you think they did some research before they made the Titanic movie??

rick charles: Your point being?

DrepZee: Ummm you might want to listen to it again^^

John Johnson: I sincerely hope this video was made for children. Either that or the narrator needs a smack in the mouth.

TitanicTheShipFan: 1:09 Cool mustache. It looks SO real. But awesome video.

gueromexcub: no she say left N.Y. sorry

Wolf Gang: Why is she wearing Rose's dress?

Civille7: The woman is wearing a pinstripe skirt suit like Rose wore in the movie.

TitanicTheShipFan: In 13 days I'll be acknowledging the 101 anniversary. Titanic goes off for her sea trials 101 years ago today.

Nean Barrett: All equal in death

renlvscock: Yes thankyou for that info, do you know how fast 22 knots are in mph..?

am1966ath: Catch a glimse of the millionaires or the Titanic?? and without the emigrants in third class there wouldn t have been any Titanic at all....and the press of 1912 was much more primitive than today..the paparazzi hadn t yet arrived...and what about the people on Titanic travelling on business??
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 4.7 out of 5

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