Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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emsie76: Erm the titanic was headed to New York never arrived. Their money means nothing, we are born with nothing we die with nothing. What ya lost. NOTHING. ! (Monty)

The Swagger: 3rd class was like 5 dollars

Magical Rectum: For all the millions they had it did not save them in the end

Roger Richards: bet the 18 yr old bride didn't know what to do with all that old mans money.

m stewart: I was told that JPMORGAN had something to do with that sinking.

Sharon Newman: Their money couldn't save them

Judith Sides: My American husband Thommy Sides produced a song about the Titanic called; "Panic on the Titanic" It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the sinking of that great ship. The song is very unique and mentions Vincent Van Gogh and one of his paintings sinking with the ship. Your gonna love this up temp song that was produced right here in South Africa. To listen to a sample of the song and to order go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thommysides

Debs B: wish we could hear the stories of the 3rd class passengers, the workmen loading the coal etc...lost lives/stories forever

OLAV WILHELM: hahaha left new york :-)( to hit another iceberg lol)

Camilla: Whut? Titanic never was in New York.... Get the facts right..

Beth Bartlett: "Reality is ....... humanizing - tragedy is inevitable." BB

Katie Efferding: I can't believe the richest man on titanic died

Reflective Brony: I'm watching this for an ELT (Extended Learning Task) for homework.

Juan Manuel Ben: Titanic was never New York

rohnski2: No, not all were equal. What the White Star Line did to the Third Class Passengers as the Titanic sank was nothing short of murder. Even in death, the First Class dead were given coffins while Third Class dead were wrapped in material. Shameful.

fucked gplus: no more the begest but surely the most expensive

emmy K: dying in style, perfect.

jon pyzel: The Union Jack represents Englnd, country of registry, the Stars and Stripes indicated destination.

Pua Live: Rich or poor but they all die the same ay

jessie james: he had $2,500 dollars with him on that last night . Can you imagine that much money in those years? when you could buy something for a cent or half a cent. my mother was telling us...
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 5 out of 5

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Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires