Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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Lisa A.: I would have never got on that damn toy boat.....I would have stayed home and shop the hell out of his money.......You can just be rich and look like a fat cow back in them days .... ...and all the jackasses .... men ....are saying.....baby... baby.... I love you...... for the money.......But on the other hand nobody even looks your way....

Unspoken123: When Rose told Jack that J.J Astor was the richest man in the Titanic

ALEC GRIMES: Wouldn't be fair if only the poor suffered.

Michael Neel: My mother would always say that one thing in life was fair , Death comes to the King in his castle & the vagabond in the gutter !!!

Cretia Edwards: The rich and the poor all die together!!!🤔🤔🤔

Ken: With Gilligan & the Skipper too..the Millionaire & his Wife... the Movie star, the Professor & MayAnn here on....

Terry Russel: Now tell us how over two dozen swells and millionaires AND friends of J.P. Morgan, ( one of the richest men of his age and who had controlling interests in the White Star Line) CANCELLED Their reservations on short notice . . . He even had valuable statues destined for one of his mansions in America removed just hours before the ship sailed . . . on her Maiden Voyage with very little fanfare. The more research that is done, the more deep sea submersibles that visit and photograph the wreck, the more probable it becomes that the Titanic was actually her older, and severely damaged sister ship the Olympic. If the pathetically incompetent investigation into her sinking was declared such, a modern inquiry would be looking at enough evidence to declare the sinking one more of the most common of insurance scams.
* When the engine room crew that brought her, 'new' from the ship yards in Ireland, refuses to sign on for the maiden voyage in the middle of a coal strike and mass unemployment problems, that's more than enough reason to make ME look for a fly in the ointment.

Wilbur Wonka: What about Caledon Hockley

Colin Robertson: 1/ There was only one turbine driving the centre propellor but 2 conventional steam engines driving the outer 2 propellers. 2/ 22 knots is 22 nautical miles per hour. It’s incorrect to say 22 knots per hour. That’s the same as people saying an atm machine which is an automatic teller machine machine.

Elizabeth Witz: I remember his character in the movie. I guess they didnt have children, or maybe they did, but he put his wife and children in the boat saying Ill see you in the morning to comfort them.

michelle c: That so surprisingly just because he was rich I would have never thought he would’ve helped the poor but he did
What an awesome man he was.

Vitória Alencar: Why’s Ms. Astor wearing Roses’s sailing outfit?

Ana Sarria: That can only mean that he was an incredibly kind, generous, and selfless person. Being the richest man on the Titanic instantly assured him a spot in a life boat, that means he let others pass before him, because even some of the male crew members survived and the richest man did not...that tells you a lot.

Richard Allen: That is the worst false moustache I have ever seen. Groucho Marx was more convincing.

Marcel Horváth: TITANIE

Peter Brown: You say the Titanic was the largest man made object that moved, what about it's sister ship the Olympic that was launched before the Titanic and was switched for the Titanic and it was the Olympic that sank and not the Titanic

Frankie Bella: haha can't take the money with ya"

Miki Vega Tendo: Astor had a wife and kids.............. that girls was his mistress (whore) who was pregos. and ended up in ruins I suppose. the others died from cold and drowning, He died by being crushed when one of those "big things" full of smoke fell on him and covered him with ashes. he was found covered in cinder. ..................... no money or possessions are worth in this life, only the good you do.

shippermd: Thank You for not being a robot voice!

Alina Garofalo: I was just about to say the same thing the lady said yeah so rich they were but in death we are all equal doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor mean or good death is equal to all! Not even their money could save them
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 5 out of 5

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Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires