Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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Jorge Mario Rodas: This was such a tragedy really and a man made one. No ship is unsinkable unless it is made of cork. The mistakes made were several. To keep sailing at high speed when the danger of icebergs was reported by Californian was one. The crew had not been trained on how to properly lower the boats and did not even know what the capability of each boat were. Besides there were too few boats for the capacity in persons of the ship. It was after Titanic sank that new policies to insure the safety of the passengers were at last implemented.

sarah hayes: Because of the Titanic I never want to go on a cruise ship

sarah hayes: The world will never forget the Titanic because it sank

John Bennett: I heard he got his moustache caught in the middle propeller

Don Williams: Had they KEPT all the lifeboats instead of taking half off and filled them ALL to capacity, Many would have survived. how anyone can see people drowning or going to die and not say, "get in the boat" is horrible. Especially children.

RIGGS: Don't forget that guy cal

Luke Warm: the main engines of the Titanic were 2 reciprocating engines, there was a 3rd engine that ran off the exhausts of theses engines and this engine was a turbine.

GARY GRAY: In death or otherwise :we are all equal - since what we are made up of is exactly the same. The mind is what separates and defines us: Human imagination.

Mariflor Zulueta: even the wealthiest can't save his own life in times of disasters

flatusmaximus: The children of Lucifer purposely had this ship sunk because some of those millionaires were opposed to the creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System. christogenea.org eurofolkradio.com

Ian Wyatt: They shouldn't have gone on this boat. All boats are dangerous. Even fancy ones. Very sad story.

ATWFC: ...and this 3 powerful super rich men was successfully murdered in a well planned Titanic ( OLYMPIC ) tragic event...
This 3 wealthiest men is the strongest opposition member againts the formation of Federal Reserve . JP Morgan make fortune thru Titanic:Olympic insurance scandals and FedRes formation after the death of this 3 powerful rich men in the Titanic(Olympic) well planned historical tragic sea disaster.

ATWFC - The Mastermind Thinker of :-
Amer-i-can Tragedy World Federation Conspiracy

Lisa A.: I would have never got on that damn toy boat.....I would have stayed home and shop the hell out of his money.......You can just be rich and look like a fat cow back in them days .... ...and all the jackasses .... men ....are saying.....baby... baby.... I love you...... for the money.......But on the other hand nobody even looks your way....

Unspoken123: When Rose told Jack that J.J Astor was the richest man in the Titanic

ALEC GRIMES: Wouldn't be fair if only the poor suffered.

Michael Neel: My mother would always say that one thing in life was fair , Death comes to the King in his castle & the vagabond in the gutter !!!

Cretia Edwards: The rich and the poor all die together!!!🤔🤔🤔

Ken: With Gilligan & the Skipper too..the Millionaire & his Wife... the Movie star, the Professor & MayAnn here on....

Terry Russel: Now tell us how over two dozen swells and millionaires AND friends of J.P. Morgan, ( one of the richest men of his age and who had controlling interests in the White Star Line) CANCELLED Their reservations on short notice . . . He even had valuable statues destined for one of his mansions in America removed just hours before the ship sailed . . . on her Maiden Voyage with very little fanfare. The more research that is done, the more deep sea submersibles that visit and photograph the wreck, the more probable it becomes that the Titanic was actually her older, and severely damaged sister ship the Olympic. If the pathetically incompetent investigation into her sinking was declared such, a modern inquiry would be looking at enough evidence to declare the sinking one more of the most common of insurance scams.
* When the engine room crew that brought her, 'new' from the ship yards in Ireland, refuses to sign on for the maiden voyage in the middle of a coal strike and mass unemployment problems, that's more than enough reason to make ME look for a fly in the ointment.

Wilbur Wonka: What about Caledon Hockley
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 5 out of 5

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Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires