Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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Lotte Larsen: 1.09 that's "Roses" outfit­čść­čść´╗┐

Crummy Peanut: Where is Cal Hockley??´╗┐

Angelica Arellano: I like what the narrator said "All equal in death". No money was able to pay for their life.´╗┐

laura alexander: You idiot! Titanic didn't leave New York. She sailed from Southampton. Her destination was New York, but in case you haven't heard; she didn't make it.´╗┐

BigRedChester: So what were they doing in England at the time? Did they go over there soley to ride back on the Titanic?´╗┐

MARIPOSA butterflies: well what happened to her?´╗┐

Bronwin Draney: BTW, congrats to the Brexit voters. Just in time. The EU was a flawed concept to begin with,,, OR, the corruption inherent in any big (or small ) government and ALL bureaucracies was its undoing. It was just a way to concentrate the central government concept anyway. Designed to fail and here we are, the EU is melting down. Deutsche Bank is on the ropes and will Germans accept a bail-in? I think not. Failure of THAT bank will usher in another 2008 time ten.´╗┐

Jeff Thurber: John Astor and three other wealthy men, were killed on the Titanic (really the Olympic: an insurance scam) because he owned most of the bank of America and did not want the Rothschild's to be able to set up the Federal Reserve.´╗┐


emsie76: Erm the titanic was headed to New York never arrived. Their money means nothing, we are born with nothing we die with nothing. What ya lost. NOTHING. ! (Monty)´╗┐

The Slithering Swagger: 3rd class was like 5 dollars´╗┐

C├ęhad Dunebuggy: For all the millions they had it did not save them in the end´╗┐

Roger Richards: bet the 18 yr old bride didn't know what to do with all that old mans money.´╗┐

m stewart: I was told that JPMORGAN had something to do with that sinking.´╗┐

Sharon Newman: Their money couldn't save them´╗┐

Judith Sides: My American husband Thommy Sides produced a song about the Titanic called; "Panic on the Titanic" It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the sinking of that great ship. The song is very unique and mentions Vincent Van Gogh and one of his paintings sinking with the ship. Your gonna love this up temp song that was produced right here in South Africa. To listen to a sample of the song and to order go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thommysides´╗┐

Debs B: wish we could hear the stories of the 3rd class passengers, the workmen loading the coal etc...lost lives/stories forever´╗┐

OLAV WILHELM: hahaha left new york :-)( to hit another iceberg lol)´╗┐

Camilla: Whut? Titanic never was in New York.... Get the facts right..´╗┐
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 5 out of 5

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Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires