Wealthy Passengers On The Titanic: The Millionaires

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Angela Akinbohun: Watch this.

Mark Dykstra: The first conspiracy of the 1900's.  Funny how good ol JP got off just in time.  Funny how JJA was against the FED and could have shut it down.   Jesuit captain went down with his ship tho, but they did plant explosives in case he changed his mind.

ami gi: astor family are devils, dark satanic evil monsters 

tina sheppard: wow that man was a true gentleman ;o(

Christopher Hahn: John Jacob Astor was a modern day Donald Trump.
One of his hotels in Manhattan is right beside the Peninsula Hotel where I was in NY and they have a big painting of him in the hallway saying that JJ Astor was the man who built it...
I have a lot of respect for this man because he helped save others when the Titanic was sinking and didn't try to use his wealth to save himself like many others would have

leona bermingham: i was madeliene astor

POLSKARZECZPOSPOLIT: Ta inwestycja się nie zwróciła milionerom hahaha

renee smith: Yep

Nealpainting1984: Really gone all out on those effects! LOL 

Jackie Hallam: Those were the outfits Kate Winslet wore on the film.

JorgieTheJRT: This video gets the Worst Phony Mustache Award!

saucersource: Guggenheim supplied all the free energy copper to Nikola Tesla Los Alamos Test Area 33 for the Von Braun Foo project in 1930s as retribution.

saucersource: Death by Free Energy cause they all knew about Nikola Tesla

Patricia Holloway: Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic:  A Millionaires play ground. What happened when they all faced death.What was important, when no amount of money could save you?

Bunny Biedenharn: The comments for this video really should win some sort of prize.  I feel that some sort of threshold has been crossed, here.

0FRIJOLERO: That girl was wearing the same exact outfit that Rose wore at the beginning of the James Cameron film. She must have borrowed that from Kate Winslet. 

Joca Carl: Were the Illuminati didi taht. The iceberg was siubmarino boat or disguised, and hit the hull with a ball or missell canhãoou something that stuck the steel plates folded, very strange?

Joca Carl: The liar history, never there was iceberg, The Illuminati did this accicent, same was they did with the Twin Towers

adoracle1: The Titanic had a twin named Olympic. the Olympic was injured prior to the Titanic trip, in the same area believed to have been hit by an iceberg on the alleged Titanic. When James Cameron went down to the wreck, the name Titanic had started to fail, fall apart, and under it, was the name Olympic. Hence it was not the titanic but the Olympic that was sunk. Those who orchestrated the trip, invited all those millionaires, many of whom were anti Federal Reserve and could have prevented it from coming to pass...they were killed. no more resistance. no need to take my word for it. check it out. this, up to and including the insistence on unsafe speeds, was no accident

ashirly: Some strongly believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on the 14th day of April....I never realized this ship went down on the 14th as well. The thing I recall the most is them boasting how even God could not sink that ship!! What a mistake....
Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires 5 out of 5

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Wealthy Passengers on the Titanic: The Millionaires