How To Fix D3dx9_30.dll In All Games !! (f.e.x PES 2013) (HD Quality)

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How to fix  d3dx9_30.dll in all games !! (f.e.x PES 2013) (HD quality)
How to fix d3dx9_30.dll in all games !! (f.e.x PES 2013) (HD quality)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been installed fix 100% work
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been installed fix 100% work
Fix d3dx9_43.dll missing error
Fix d3dx9_43.dll missing error
How to fix d3dx9_43.dll and other dll errors
How to fix d3dx9_43.dll and other dll errors

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Luka Petrovic: Thanks,it working :D

Bellator Svk: Thanks bro.

Mourad belhaj: very good 

mustafa tajelsir: my hero :)

Ali ahmed: ty it work but it give me force stop i dont know why !

Dj JoX: Thanks man! 

Ahmed Fahmy: working thanks very much!

Meli Mali: It say "the dll file is invalid"

regan putra: thank's you

sayed aizat: Thanks bro. 

γιωργος μπαμπαλιουτας: thanks!

Tedy Shameti: yes , you have right , but this is my first video , and i wanted to look better!!!!!!

MisterNarc: thank you !!!!

Tedy Shameti: not in CD !!! you should copy and paste to Pes Folderr!!

Nurul HQ: Thnanks!!!!!!

shoto javaxishvili: thank you very much

Superkasa1: not working for me ;(

Nandan Rajeev: This had happened to me also .... as soon as you get to the loading page pres Alt + F4 (the game will not exit ... but the game will open in a smaller window ) after you enter the menu screen , do not make it fullsize .... select your team and everything .... and after the match starts .. make it full screen . Hope It Helped :) !! WORKED FOR ME !!!

Rosemary Spiteri: When im copying it to the cd it is telling me that the CD cannot be touched . HELP PLS!!!!

mohamed ali: thanks man its work

MrBede92: not working for me .. my problem is when i install patch .. that pes can`t open and show the kload.dll problem ?? please help me ...

TheP4v0: hi i have instaled patch 1.03 patch i have original CD and after that i go to run game and show me message d3dx9_43.dll missing but and i put d3dx9_43.dll and i run as administrator and nothing happens i have cd in my comp and all but when i want to delete d3dx9_43.dll i send me message that he missing (sorry for bad english)

cbg97: Thank you man

Juan Franco Sanchez Pacheco: I have a problem with a xinput1_2.dll file it appeared when i instaled the pes edit patch also in the Pes 2013 appeared another .exe file called pes 2013_001 and everytime i pick on it shows the msg: xinput1_2.dll file missing I need help please

androidwinner: thanks man so much works pes 13 on windows 7 thanks once again subsribed to you :DDDDD

Tedy Shameti: I think is the same procedure !! Paste to Medieval 2 folder !

Misha Churkveidze: I LOve YOu Baby :***** :D thank you

Kulu Hara: dafreak????

Hardkeycs: can you give me a patch for pes 13

Nachaaaapolllll: THANK YOU

Ikhsan Poyo: yes...

ellen e cleiton Ferreira: internet do cara de 256kb =D

dominik0330: Thanks from Poland! Thanaaaaaaanks!

Arnel Rodriguez: does it works on vcomp.dll ?

Wwe Chanel: thank you ♥ ♥

jeremy gandhar: Thanks this works on me now i can enjoy my pes 2013

Tedy Shameti: add me on fb!!

Tedy Shameti: you are welcome!

panos kokolakis: i doest play it start and it say end game and everything where i can make it is going to close

Shah Rizan: how . nothing change bro ;(

Chairul Maulana: question .. does it works well ??

Jesus Casia: grasias si me sirvio pero yo lo descarge el pess vacio sin liga master ni chanping

Ach Perroni: when it opens , it keeps loading loading loading and the image doesn't come , i leave it about 30minutes and still nothing come , juste the blue circle circling and nothing come ... what do you think should i do?

y0ungWarri0r: Fala brate :)

StarSuperKid: Thank

Tedy Shameti: of course that works !! :D

stephen Emmanuel: please i want to play my PES online....but is saying my pes is out of can i update ?

Tedy Shameti: true1

Ikhsan Poyo: thx... :)

Sayush Maharjan: thanks dude it really worked
How to fix d3dx9_30.dll in all games !! (f.e.x PES 2013) (HD quality) 4.8 out of 5

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How to fix  d3dx9_30.dll in all games !! (f.e.x PES 2013) (HD quality)