FragNet Review MineCraft Host.

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FragNet Review MineCraft Host.
FragNet Review MineCraft Host.
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Beastnode ~ Minecraft Server Host
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Sami Ulhaq: Bc I subed and liked

Sami Ulhaq: Create me an epic server 2000 slors or 80 slots

xVenomousPvP: you can use ftp and connekt and then go to world and delate all the files (in ftp) and paste your worlds file there and that was all.

xVenomousPvP: you can use ftp and connekt and then go to world and delate all the files (in ftp) and paste your worlds file there and that was all.

Karl TheKID: how to uplode your minecraft World? i need help

NoObAIpOd: Contact me if you want to help me

patrick mcfadden: @ThomasSandeMossestad op yourself

T3kK0lEliTe: @raua00 Send me a friend request on skype [Username in description] I will see what I can do.

kevin roday: whittelist me kevin20595 i have a question

MoPoMaN FromMTA: Does this host work with cracked minecraft to?

NoObAIpOd: Can you make 1 for me?

T3kK0lEliTe: Yeah, there is never any lag unless you overload it with plugins.

FysxCreating: Yes.

ThomasSandeMossestad: I cant destroy blocks on my FragNet server. i cant destroy blocks 100 blocks away from spawn either... how do i fix it??

homermlt7: They have like double the network locations now then they did when you made the video.

themohawk20200: is it free

OhStrawB Men: U are making this vid juste for money lol..

predatorzMAX: thats the basic stuff. you can do that on any server. if you dont know if you can dont rent one

teypy: Where do i find my code to McMyAdmin? Ps im hosting on Fragnet, plz help me :(

mickyminecraft: How to can i get plugins on my Fragnet server?: )

Mylittleslimes: how do you find out your login?

T3kK0lEliTe: No problem, happy I could help!

Jonas Kelfast: are it free

T3kK0lEliTe: Accepted as a friend! Thanks for the add.

MoPoMaN FromMTA: I dont have cracked, it was just a question.

Gowdsta: My plugins don't work!

DigitalQR: Can you manually add mods?

T3kK0lEliTe: It's very easy, buy if you do need help just add me on Skype!

stacktres: how do i purchase a server with a creditcard?

Sneakyfukkr: If I live in Washington, D.C. And I want to make on sit these but THE CLOSEST option to D.C. Is New Jersey, should I find another host or will it work relatively lag free?

Scotty Street: check

mickyminecraft: Yes, but its fixed now! :) (My English is bad)

MitremTheMighty: The 1-12 slots is the recommended amount of slots. More slots is possible, but it would probably lag badly.

SDJG Stream: how much lag is on the actual minecraft server?

Klotpelle: i dont know how i log on on mcmyadmin i just made a server please help

raua00: i have send it now thanks man!

T3kK0lEliTe: They will setup the server if you request them too, but they also give you the option to do it yourself. It's completely up to you!

TheDedivid: so which is better, minecraftservers(dot)com or fragnet? connectionwise as well as plugins

Ethan Martin: Your a freaking cheapskate if you have cracked. You don't deserve to play the video game anyway.

DetDaOkay1337: My gameservers and voice servers, aren't there. What shall i do?

T3kK0lEliTe: Definitely there servers are flawless and you will not find anything better.

Roahem: For some reason i dont have the game servers and voice servers that you had at 1:00 i have no idea what the problem is so please help me

Dylan Keezer: add me on Skype Dylan Keezer I need help URGENT!

MinecraftFeans: thanks

Gameingg Realm: mcmyadmin is down for me and i just got a server

SsKkarZ: it is 24/7 but it is not free for 25 slots it costs 20 dololars

tc1444: um its called: ftp

Zane8898: is it factions

jamier168: dude please help me i bought a server from these guys just add me on skype and please help me !!! thankyou so much! jamie1684 <---- thats my skype

raua00: can you setup to me plzzzzzz i cant plzzz
FragNet Review MineCraft Host. 4.7 out of 5

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FragNet Review MineCraft Host.