FragNet Review MineCraft Host.

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FragNet Review MineCraft Host.
FragNet Review MineCraft Host.
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Sami Plays Mc HD: Create me an epic server 2000 slors or 80 slots

Sami Plays Mc HD: Bc I subed and liked

UltraGFX: you can use ftp and connekt and then go to world and delate all the files (in ftp) and paste your worlds file there and that was all.

UltraGFX: you can use ftp and connekt and then go to world and delate all the files (in ftp) and paste your worlds file there and that was all.

Karl TheKID: how to uplode your minecraft World? i need help

NoObAIpOd: Contact me if you want to help me

Dango Mafia: @ThomasSandeMossestad op yourself

T3kK0lEliTe: @raua00 Send me a friend request on skype [Username in description] I will see what I can do.

kevin roday: whittelist me kevin20595 i have a question

MoPoMaN FromMTA: Does this host work with cracked minecraft to?

NoObAIpOd: Can you make 1 for me?

T3kK0lEliTe: Yeah, there is never any lag unless you overload it with plugins.

FysxCreating: Yes.

ThomasSandeMossestad: I cant destroy blocks on my FragNet server. i cant destroy blocks 100 blocks away from spawn either... how do i fix it??

homermlt7: They have like double the network locations now then they did when you made the video.

OhStrawB Men: U are making this vid juste for money lol..

predatorzMAX: thats the basic stuff. you can do that on any server. if you dont know if you can dont rent one

teypy: Where do i find my code to McMyAdmin? Ps im hosting on Fragnet, plz help me :(

mickyminecraft: How to can i get plugins on my Fragnet server?: )

Mylittleslimes: how do you find out your login?

T3kK0lEliTe: No problem, happy I could help!

Jonas Kelfast: are it free

T3kK0lEliTe: Accepted as a friend! Thanks for the add.

MoPoMaN FromMTA: I dont have cracked, it was just a question.

Gowdsta.: My plugins don't work!

DigitalQR: Can you manually add mods?

T3kK0lEliTe: It's very easy, buy if you do need help just add me on Skype!

stacktres: how do i purchase a server with a creditcard?

Sneakyfukkr: If I live in Washington, D.C. And I want to make on sit these but THE CLOSEST option to D.C. Is New Jersey, should I find another host or will it work relatively lag free?

Scotty Street: check

mickyminecraft: Yes, but its fixed now! :) (My English is bad)

MitremTheMighty: The 1-12 slots is the recommended amount of slots. More slots is possible, but it would probably lag badly.

SDJG Stream: how much lag is on the actual minecraft server?

Klotpelle: i dont know how i log on on mcmyadmin i just made a server please help

raua00: i have send it now thanks man!

T3kK0lEliTe: They will setup the server if you request them too, but they also give you the option to do it yourself. It's completely up to you!

TheDedivid: so which is better, minecraftservers(dot)com or fragnet? connectionwise as well as plugins

Ethan Martin: Your a freaking cheapskate if you have cracked. You don't deserve to play the video game anyway.

DetDaOkay1337: My gameservers and voice servers, aren't there. What shall i do?

T3kK0lEliTe: Definitely there servers are flawless and you will not find anything better.

Roahem: For some reason i dont have the game servers and voice servers that you had at 1:00 i have no idea what the problem is so please help me

Dylan Keezer: add me on Skype Dylan Keezer I need help URGENT!

MinecraftFeans: thanks

Gameingg Realm: mcmyadmin is down for me and i just got a server

SsKkarZ: it is 24/7 but it is not free for 25 slots it costs 20 dololars

tc1444: um its called: ftp

jamier168: dude please help me i bought a server from these guys just add me on skype and please help me !!! thankyou so much! jamie1684 <---- thats my skype

raua00: can you setup to me plzzzzzz i cant plzzz

polarbearwilson28: Silly. VPS is not for minecraft. Should have bought VDS. Do your research, don't blame the company. Especially by flaming them on multiple channels.

DIMentiaMinecraft: Fragnet sold us a VPS solution for a small private minecraft server which has experienced continuous performance problems even with only one user online. Their own technical support is now saying that the memory handling of their VPS is not suitable for hosting a minecraft server and that it is OUR FAULT for buying what they sold us. Sales appears to be making false promises and misrepresentations, leaving tech support to sort their faerie tales. This is a dishonest, inept service host.
FragNet Review MineCraft Host. 4.7 out of 5

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FragNet Review MineCraft Host.