Pain Pills!-Norco(Hydrocodone)-Opiate Withdrawal-Days 1-5

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Pain Pills!-Norco(Hydrocodone)-Opiate Withdrawal-Days 1-5
Pain Pills!-Norco(Hydrocodone)-Opiate Withdrawal-Days 1-5
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Bonnie90505: This video was and still is very important to me..I hope if anything, this will help someone to know you are NOT alone..share you experiences, not everyone is the same. I am okay, finally seeing a new doctor, still under pain management for my auto immune disease.

arrow tinza: I couldnt handled it, went to my docs. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. Told her I quit cold turkey and she said I shouldnt do that. Its hard on the body. But she admire me of trying. She gave me lortab. I need to take 2 to 3 for 3 to 4 days then drop down 2 a day then 1 a day to slowly take me off completely. Now my wife will be keeping my drugs and will give to me accordingly. Bonnie your an awsme chik. God has given you great strength. I have ben doin my own prayn. i put 1 for ya ;)

mitchie7344: Love you hun. My journey starts very soon... in very scared, but it must be done!

Lenore k: Hi, I dont get on here often so the timing is amazing lol. Thanks so much for responding to me. I'm going to begin doing it this week, scared to death!! I'm doing it while I have the house to myself for the month. It might not work but I am sure going to try. I'm down to six pills a day and hope to drop fast and see how bad my own side effects will be. Might not be so bad, crossing fingers lol. I will surely let you know what's up. I'm also going to get a therapist as well while doing this.

Don Dressel: Josh you are so right!!! I am taking 8-10 norcos 325-10s a day and I have tried to cut back to end up quiting and I am having the same problems as you! Good luck and take care Don

Bonnie90505: yes, I think back and I still have some sleep problems, but not like when I was going through withdrawls...

Nedrick Hunch: Are you in mi?

TayDaviesRawr: Seeing your video made me really wanna quit,im a 17 year old girl and im highly addicted to xanax,vicodin,codiene,and norco's.I was first prescribed codiene for tooth pain and ive been addiced ever since hopefully i will overcome this soon.

Don Dressel: congratulations!!! How long did it take you before you felt a difference? I take 8 norcos a day for my back and even talked to my doctor about getting off but my back is very bad and I have a very bad time without them. My doctor did not seem to concerned with me taking 8 a day but told me he has patients calling the day after asking for refills. great for you I am sure it was not an easy road!

Marlene ONeill: can you help me?

Hawaii Island Recovery: Indeed, trying to get off something that you've been taking for so long isn't easy. Medical help is even advised to avoid horrible withdrawal symptoms.

arrow tinza: Ive been going thru hell. 2nd day of no pills. I need to go through this crap. I have a wife and son. Have bad shoulder pain and back. Told myself I need to get off this drug. Been taking 7.5 lortabs. I have been dreaming about them. I wished I never took them!!

Bonnie90505: I was on dilaudids for a while, and I really can't say if I had any really hard times getting off of them, but everyone is different stages. I will only take Norco,if I need something for severe pain, but its been since June since I had my last pill..I have spondyli arthritis, I can't walk with out taking Enbrel, which is why I don't need the pain meds, I just traded one drug for another..Enbrel suppresses my immune system, and could cause I am in a situation that sucks big time!

Kyle Burns: Hey! I could not really hear your video but listen the best I could. I am ver proud of you for getting off these things. They ruin lives and take over peoples lives. I have had a problem with getting off these in the past. After every surgery the time comes to ween off and it is super hard. Withdrawals are the worst experience I can remember. It is worse then any flu or food poisoning I have ever had. I was taking 10/325 and fentanyl patches before and quit cold turkey. The 1st-4th day are bad!

Isaiah Bojorquez: Good for you friend. Stay strong and how are things for you now?

Scott Cupp: I pray you are doing well. Send some prayers for me this way as I will do the same for you :)

cameleon Girl: This is not something someone online can help you with. I can only suggest you try to get your Son into a detox at a Hospital because if you take him to the er asking for narcotics to hold him over, than that is not appropriate. I'm sorry for his pain but that is not the way to go if that is in fact what has happened. If he said he wanted to commit suicide in front of staff and they refused him, that is bad!! Legal or not is really not the issue right now but to get your son appropriate help.

silk8668: Tell me about it. When I went off Pain meds, I sneezed non stop. I have been with my wife for 20 yrs and she never heard me sneeze. She was laughing everytime I sneezed and I said, You think this crap is funny? It is clearing all toxins from your whole body. It gets better, Promise! 14 months clean after 9 years

Ryan Phillips: when im out of norcos my internet goes down on day 8 its not that bad .....i detox all the time though.... wish they would tell you before they givem to ya they should be honest and say...... if you want to ease your pain you need these....but there are strings attached like addiction they should be blount and say pick your poision... personaly im glad they didnt give me any thing stronger than 10s like perks or dilauded i bet this is a cake walk compared to those.. stay strong good luc


Bonnie90505: Hi, Its been about 6 months now that I have detox off of pain meds. My pain is still here, it comes and goes. I do not have health insurance yet, and still unemployed, so I am dealing with the pain, and will take Enbrel injections if severe chronic pain comes, I continue to manage with over the counter meds, just, there are times I could really use Norco to ease the edge. Thanks for all your comments ♥Bonnie

Bonnie90505: please do it slowly, just cut back, I am not sure what to tell you, except.please.let your doctor know what you want for pain management..I live with pain now..but not as often..and please keep me updated.

accentplaya18: Im proud of you!

johny: you think norco withdrawals are bad try opana

Marlene ONeill: can you help me? Is it legal for a hospital to refuse to help someone asking for mental help and for the police to tell me not to call if my son needs help. He was forced to crash off of norco cold turkey and he was suicidal I took him out of town and they knew what happened but gave him vicodan will that hold him over until monday when he goes to a pain doctor I am afraid to go to sleep I need to know if he is safe.

Life's A Game: Anyone who is having problems with opiate withdrawal needs to give kratom a shot. I've went through opiate withdrawal several times and I finally broke down and tried kratom. Literally zero symptoms. I was on roxicodone's for about 2 years and then on the kratom for about 6 months, when I decided to stop taking the kratom- I just quit cold turkey and waited for the pain to start but nope nothing. Give it a shot.

rob mack: ive been takin 30 a day and now i dont got money to buy them off the streets n i get 120 10/325 a month and morphine 60mg what should i do im in lots of pain cuz i got surgery in my back n neropathy in both my legs

tobybirdmann: i wished detoxing only took 11 and a half minutes....... my legs hurt

silk8668: I quit cold turkey 14 months ago from being on them for 8 years all prescribed for advanced disc disease, scoliosis, herniated discs and 2 buldging discs. The physical which took me about 10days is nothing compared to 4 months it took me mentally. A living nightmare. I would do the physical part a 100 times if that was the end of it. No one tells you about the mental part. Your brain is healing from all the damage. I am married with 3 young sons and went to work every day sick as a dog. BRUTAL

tpvalley: impressive that u managed to continue working.

Shannon Heston: I was on these for five years under a Doctor's care and now I have been off them for two years but keep trying to find a way to get them

Bonnie90505: I can only imagine..but life is all about living, right!

Thewicked: I'm a disabled Army vet. I've been shot 3 times and my vehicle was hit by an IED on 2 different times. I'm now in the care of the VA hospital and its been 8 years since I have left the Army and the VA had me taking three 80mg Oxy and four 10/325(hydro) well I decided to quit and some meds that helped me quit cold turkey was Carbidopa 10/Levodopa 100mg taking it twice a day, Baclofen 10mg 4x a day as well as gabapentin 600mg 3 times a day and some hot showers as well.

Bonnie90505: thank you, I am proud to have shared my experience, I know there are so many having to go through this, just knowing I could help someone not to feel alone.

tpvalley: I was prescribed methadone for 12 years, 95mg daily, stopped over a year ago, but had to have an operation (surgery) to remove gall bladder, I had to wait 6 months for the operation and was given morphine and codiene which messed me up/ reminded me of the feeling which makes life a nightmare for me still; I think it feels like u have lost a loved one and u feel like u r constantly grieving for ur past.

Ryan Phillips: for some odd reason benadryle has saved my ass and made wd much more help you sleep[ too!!! i take 125mg and it lasts all day..try it... its cheap!!!! the only thing you have to loose is withdrawals.....

daniellelaree30: Why coconut oil?

Lenore k: You are amazing for doing that while keeping your job!! I couldn't bare to think of that omg! Best wishes

livelovedaydream: i will never take this norco garbage again, gave me the worst feelings ever, id rather be in pain

justwant2bhappy: Good luck on your journey Bonnie. I know it is very hard for you. Good for you on trying to get off the meds. I hope you talked with your Doctor about it because I hear you can develope terrible side effects. Well my best friend went through this and it was really hard for her.

Kneauche Smith: try tramedall, three a day should be enought to "trick" you brain into forget about the other pills...

Nedrick Hunch: Are you in MI?>Better than milk thistle = Standard Process Simlaryn. Need to get from a doctor who is honest. Twice a day.and do cranberry juice.Cranbury juice comes in different flavors. I never liked cranbury juice without some grape and now they have with blueberry

johny: very true!

Beth S: I am very thankful to have never had to take narcotics enough to long enough to have to withdraw from anything, but I think this is great that you shared this. My mom is hooked on Percocet and at 73 years old, it's impossible to get her to see that she is in a stupor most of the time. Every time she goes into the hospital, it's more from respiratory failure or an injury from taking pain medicine. :( Sad.

Ryan Phillips: I take 15 norcos aday ive been out for 5 days its not that bad..just a lil bored..

XPsilocybinDream: I got this stuff when i get my teeth worked on,I developed cancer now I have cancer and have an infinite refill but I dont need them cause Im not in pain ever from my cancer so I dont refill my subscription

DSdouble: Im not one of those assholes who is gonna rag on the person who made this video. just to be clear. But I think evryone out there watching this, especially other addicts, should know that this is not what u can expect if u have a moderate-serious habit. 15-30mg a day of hydro is not much at all. the wd's will be very very mild. If ur doing 15-20 norco 10's a day, or as many percs, or roxys , or heroin, ur withdrawls will be severe, get help. But good luck sweetie.

Tisha Anderson: cant hear the video at all...

Marlene ONeill: Is there any one there that can answer a few questions

happentodie: well done to you , if youve not experienced WDs before then any detox is tough , remember them long sleepless nights if you ever need a reminder to stay off ,
Pain Pills!-Norco(Hydrocodone)-Opiate Withdrawal-Days 1-5 4.3 out of 5

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Pain Pills!-Norco(Hydrocodone)-Opiate Withdrawal-Days 1-5