SO..IT BEGINS!!..Days 1-5

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SO..IT BEGINS!!..Days 1-5
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Bonnie90505: This video was and still is very important to me..I hope if anything, this will help someone to know you are NOT alone..share you experiences, not everyone is the same. I am okay, finally seeing a new doctor, still under pain management for my auto immune disease.

Bella Diamond: Im not apollogizing this lady takes all that for flare ups wow Sickening, and what kind of influenece is she to our children, she cant handle that, wow, she choose to take all thoose pills, Im far worse off then she can imagine, and I DONTand alot younger, I appreciate the info, but replacing one with another isnt the answer, making up your mind is, CHOICES

Miguel Rodriguez jr: Trying too get of the 10 325 right now been trying for 4 months can't seem to stop but I'm back at kaiser and on suboxone been 3 days now !!!! I'm up too taking 30 to 50 pills in a day 15 at a time !!! All start when I was in the Army hurt my back ever since then it's been all bad !!! Infantry rough crap on your body !!! 

icatstaci77: Thank you for this video. It makes me feel better. My doc has had me on 7.5mg hydros, 8 a day since 2005 and I'm done. I want off. But I am so very scared. I hope I am as strong as you were. Staci Bonnie, God bless you and God is watching over you. I have information that will change your life and you will never fear opiate withdrawal again. . If you are struggling with opiate withdrawal then don't fall prey to the current lies online that are scaring people from quitting. I quit a 20 year methadone habit without any withdrawal and without suboxone or any drugs. The e book No More Opiate Withdrawal reveals the secret that has been suppressed for over 30 years that doctors don't want you to know about. It exposes the secret that shows you how to do it within 1 week and without opiate withdrawal. You will never fear opiate withdrawal again. You don't have to be sick when quiting opiates so please save a loved ones life and get them this e book. Don't suffer through withdrawal when it can be avoided for cheap! Go to the link in my name and follow through to the actual site with the ebook and get the free bonus on how to stop hepatitis in all forms in as little as 4 days. YOUR DOCTORS DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THIS INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Diehl: i am going thru the same thing right now, except my doctor put me on butrans patches for pain, and the patches dont stick like they should, and i always end up using all my patches in the first 2 weeks, i only get 4 a month, i have explained this to get every time i see her and nothing changes, i also get injections in my lower back, they dont help as much as i thought it would, but im so happy your doing so well, its a tough battle to get thru it!!!!keep up the good work!!!!!

Jim Tilley: Clayton Thomas: Strange thing for a counselor to say! Seems like you're saying, "You sound like a wuss, compared with what we see everyday!" You should know that every single person's drug problem, is the largest in the world, until they either figure it is indeed "needful with my physical malady," or else know it was all a euphoric high from the get-go, and time to leave it behind! 

Jesse Penrose: xanex is a narcotic too so essentialy ur not fully dexoting! 

smallzabe: Bonnie great video. I hope everything is going well for you in life since you posted this. I also made a video recently about my experience detoxing. I will add the link for your video on mine. best wishes

Marc Vince: My pain specialist put me on 4 norco per day as a way to wean me off my usual 8-13 tramadol per day I was getting from my primary doc. It felt too weak, and I found I started taking BOTH the trams and the Norco for a total of the same amount of pills or more. For me 1 Norco does not even equal 2 tramadol and the doc said the norco was stronger. What....are they afraid to give my oxys or even percocets? He wanted to give me something better than trams for my back pain , not weaker and I wanted less pills to take, not more. Long story short I checked myself into a detox for 2 weeks where they make you go cold turkey no matter what you are on. Gave me some mild anti-depressants for sleep and muscle relaxers and such and I never had so much pain in all my life.By day 8 I was bent over with my head on my lap during a group session just to try to get the stress off my back. Id never insult a group by pretending to be asleep. But I had no choice and at night I slept maybe 45 min a night as the pain and withdrawals just got worse. This 4 day peak and then uits downhill crap they tell us is for me just that...crap. Now I cant even think straight with 10 tramadol a day, 2mg clonazapam, and citro-something for sleep. I want to be totally drug free but I fear at age 55 I would die first before my body ever adjusted. And by the way from what an outside detox nurse told me: 2 years is the new 4 days!!! In other words, to get off an opiate and also benzos it will take 8 months to feel normal, and about 2 years to actually have your brain BE normal. OMG! I dont know how I could handle that. Plus I live alone for now and I get too weak to even go food shopping if Im off the benzos and tramadol for more than 3 days. I tried HTP5. gaba, amino acids,etc, all given to me by a suboxone doctor and they did nothing over 30 days. It didnt even help the suboxone make me feel better. I would up addicted even worse to the suboxone than the tramadol so guess what....right back to the trams!

Jesse Penrose: I like the videos! I cold turkeyed ( nothing but water ) Pure china white Herion and it was horrible! Vicodin withdrawls are like jet lag! u gotta stay strong! the xanex totally help mute ur withdrawls! xanxex withdrawls are worse! It can cause seziures! So just dont take pills!!!! lol dont spend 500 for a gram of pure china lol 

Agent13022: I feel u girl im doing a cold turkey withdrawal today is my 4 day..ll im.taking is valium for my anxiety an to calm down an Advil for feel horrible people plz dont take em

stephen cristinzio: Hey Bonnie I'm trying so hard I was taking 50 15 mg oxis a day now I'm down to 45 oxis! I'm making progress but my funds are running out! It's costing me 400 a day!!! Help please god damnit help

Ryan Brooke: I had them prescribed to me for a year of severe back pain then I tore my meniscus and my doctor won't do surgery and has taken me off them when I need them more then ever I have no faith in doctors I don't know the logic behind it but I don't feel helped by doctors.

Mandi Bridges: i came here by accident some how, but ive been on hydros and oxycodones for going on 3 years and the longest i've been without is probably no more than 4 days, and those 4 days are hell! I got hurt and was prescribed it, not knowing it was addictive or about withdrawals, i got addicted! I tried methadone to get off, it was not good, and most recently suboxones, which greatly help and are way cheaper but it makes my head and eyes feel real strange, which makes me fall back onto the pills. I hate this, but I feel good while on it, its a hard cycle/battle. i cant function without it and feel like death the more days pass by that i dont have it. I wish i had my normal life back. Much love and respect to the ones who beat it, especially cold turkey, the stomach pains and restless leg syndrome with insomnia is the worst part for me.

john murphy: I've been addicted to heroin for 20 years. I've decided to try ibogaine treatment dr vorobiev in Europe. They put you to sleep and you don't feel any pain. So I've been detoxed and ibogaine really helps with the psychological addiction.The doctors are great. I feel very good.

Ryan Brooke: Ya me to they prescribed them and refused me surgery then they take away the only thing that helps me live my day to day life and now won't do crap but I lost my insurance so I spend my 20s laying on a heating pad all day

abalesky: You are very honest! Ive been on norco I0 /325 for the past 6 months 3-4 a day for stage four endometriosis. I get that u have to take it. I try through out the day to not take it but I am left with sitting on the couch curled up in pain while my famiky and life pass me by. August is my final surgery and hopefullg I will b off them once I am healed. Auto immune diseases suck

Jim Tilley: MAJ-12/SM420: Listen If I were you I would understand you have a pain problem, that is bigger than the pill problem, OK? Now, only you know what is truly going on, gal/dude, and so I refuse not to note this, while I am positive concerning your life. I do indeed know people using Vicodin, one using Dilaudid, and I cannot judge them, although often, if anyone comes from an illegal drug experience, s/he is always fighting with self, because it is a difficult situation, coming from an illegal experience to a legal and needful experience. I have yet to see (I have not read ALL the notations), anyone using a mary jane or equivalent for chronic pain, and I am believing doing so, because you have been authorized to by your doctor and the Government, might indeed be the far lesser of two evil if it works for you. When I was a youngfella, I loved to smoke pot, and when I chose to stop (this after a number of months daily in the morning, rolling myself a whole ounce of pot in a brown paper bag - a Jamaican joint with an ounce therein, just to start my day), I had no withdrawal, and no need to ever go back there! Often, having had a most terrible Oxycodone experience (13 Percocet a day, over a year or more), when going cold turkey from that, the only chaos reducer I found, was to smoke a joint, as the night 1800h began, and that joint helped me to get my feet on the ground for the night, a little tv, and bed after the first 10 - 12 days of withdrawal. I finally came back to myself, at withdrawal day 30, and although day 35 on was: "All me again as I remembered me!" the joint a day in the evenings, helped a great deal going through the withdrawal. Earlier in my life, I turkeyed heroin, and it only took 10 days of hell, and so the Percocet withdrawal, was far worse. Ask yourself: "Does my taking the opiate I need, help me to live a better life?" and, if the answer is truthfully Yes! then stop with the self-deprecation, and get on with it, happy you have something to help you. I know often, I would know that one Percocet was all I needed - one 5 mg. pill; but, I would take 2 for the euphoria I knew the other 5 mg. would give me, and that's addiction talking to me! If you ever find this occurring, and you say to yourself, "Aw, why not?" just realize that eventually it will be "Well, I need 10 mg., but I'll take the three, and go for 15!" That is addiction talking, and if allowed, it will not stop! Always take what in your heart you actually need, to be better than you presently feel with your pain problem, and be honest with yourself! That is the thing! Thousands of people are being honest with themselves always, and you can be honest with yourself too. THEN, your being upset about the present, will go away, and you can accept your truthfulness as a sign of true maturity in using the proper amount of a drug millions are buying every day!

bandpassmess: I chop my 10 s 1/4 size when I get low I have trouble getting my meds without lapse sometimes , being male I take T boost and NOS and use guided meditation seems to work ! I have bad arthritis and stay in constant pain wish they'd pass medical marihuana here I'd like other options !

BeautyIzSoThick: Wow how strong I'm withdrawaling now and I feel like I'm going to die

BroccoliBeefed: Nothing works like Codeine. Hydrocodone and Oxycontin just make you goofy

Ramon David: To all those struggling out there, be STRONG! When you try to stop then get sucked back in, don't beat yourself up about it. Build up your will power and try again! Its not easy, but it's not impossible. Ask for God's help! Ask for family help, but get it done! I am still trying to stop for good, but have slipped up a few times. (Like right now) but after withdraws I know now that life is good without it! So I'm gonna kick it for good soon. May God be with all of us! Much love! 

Mandi Bridges: also i was reading the comments and i keep seeing the norcos being referred to as the pills, but not all pills are norcos, norcos are specifically hydrocodone with only 325 acetaminophen. Which to be honest, I believe are the weakest 10 hydrocodones there are. So I always wondered how people get addicted to taking 2 or 3 norocs a day, but i guess taking any strength for long periods of time will cause withdrawal. I use to take 8 or 9 lortabs a day but it would be like 10mg with 500 tylenol in it to sometimes even 650 to 700 in it, which is bad because it can harm your liver and kill you. I also found that even though roxies aka oxycodones are stronger and maybe more so addicting, i could just take those and go through withdrawals waaay easier than hyrocodone, which is really weird. 

Gypsy Hundley: I have watched so many people I've loved, destroy their lives with addiction. I feel like it follows me. But through the experience of being on the other end of the spectrum, it has blessed me with a gift of understanding and sharing my wisdom to other broken hearts in need. 

eugene bell: I was taking two ten mil Vicodins and I thought I was addicted. I went to a drug center and took a test and they talked with me and told me to go to my pain doctor, I was not addicted in fact I probably needed more, the pain I felt was from being under medicated. I have been on the double dose ever sense and doing fine. I am praying that I never get to where that dose doesn't work as I am allergic to Percocet. I was given too much by a doctor over my shoulder operation and starting off I was not allergic but later I did. Has anybody had those same occurances about getting allergic from taking a large does of something?

Willie Bill: I see this video is somewhat old, and I hope you are still doing ok, I have been using pain killers for 15 years, and have no trouble coming off of vicadon percoct, ect, but for two years my doctor had me on Morphien, I lost my insureance, and had to guet cold turcky, for over a week I could not sleep, just sicker than a dog, thought I was realy going to die, I will never get addicted to that stuff agane, that was a living hell.

MAJ-12/SM420: I went 19 days without sleep trying to get off of those things and after the HELL that was withdrawl- my Drs. prescribed me MORE. Considered chronic pain patient. Must have SOME kind of relief so, I just may be a "legal junkie" for life. hope not. Thank you for sharing. I know how THAT is. The name calling, the stigma, the "looks', etc.

arrow tinza: I couldnt handled it, went to my docs. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. Told her I quit cold turkey and she said I shouldnt do that. Its hard on the body. But she admire me of trying. She gave me lortab. I need to take 2 to 3 for 3 to 4 days then drop down 2 a day then 1 a day to slowly take me off completely. Now my wife will be keeping my drugs and will give to me accordingly. Bonnie your an awsme chik. God has given you great strength. I have ben doin my own prayn. i put 1 for ya ;)

mitchie7344: Love you hun. My journey starts very soon... in very scared, but it must be done!

Lenore k: Hi, I dont get on here often so the timing is amazing lol. Thanks so much for responding to me. I'm going to begin doing it this week, scared to death!! I'm doing it while I have the house to myself for the month. It might not work but I am sure going to try. I'm down to six pills a day and hope to drop fast and see how bad my own side effects will be. Might not be so bad, crossing fingers lol. I will surely let you know what's up. I'm also going to get a therapist as well while doing this.

Don Dressel: Josh you are so right!!! I am taking 8-10 norcos 325-10s a day and I have tried to cut back to end up quiting and I am having the same problems as you! Good luck and take care Don

Bonnie90505: yes, I think back and I still have some sleep problems, but not like when I was going through withdrawls...

Nedrick Hunch: Are you in mi?

TayDaviesRawr: Seeing your video made me really wanna quit,im a 17 year old girl and im highly addicted to xanax,vicodin,codiene,and norco's.I was first prescribed codiene for tooth pain and ive been addiced ever since hopefully i will overcome this soon.

Don Dressel: congratulations!!! How long did it take you before you felt a difference? I take 8 norcos a day for my back and even talked to my doctor about getting off but my back is very bad and I have a very bad time without them. My doctor did not seem to concerned with me taking 8 a day but told me he has patients calling the day after asking for refills. great for you I am sure it was not an easy road!

Marlene ONeill: can you help me?

Hawaii Island Recovery: Indeed, trying to get off something that you've been taking for so long isn't easy. Medical help is even advised to avoid horrible withdrawal symptoms.

arrow tinza: Ive been going thru hell. 2nd day of no pills. I need to go through this crap. I have a wife and son. Have bad shoulder pain and back. Told myself I need to get off this drug. Been taking 7.5 lortabs. I have been dreaming about them. I wished I never took them!!

Bonnie90505: I was on dilaudids for a while, and I really can't say if I had any really hard times getting off of them, but everyone is different stages. I will only take Norco,if I need something for severe pain, but its been since June since I had my last pill..I have spondyli arthritis, I can't walk with out taking Enbrel, which is why I don't need the pain meds, I just traded one drug for another..Enbrel suppresses my immune system, and could cause I am in a situation that sucks big time!

Kyle Burns: Hey! I could not really hear your video but listen the best I could. I am ver proud of you for getting off these things. They ruin lives and take over peoples lives. I have had a problem with getting off these in the past. After every surgery the time comes to ween off and it is super hard. Withdrawals are the worst experience I can remember. It is worse then any flu or food poisoning I have ever had. I was taking 10/325 and fentanyl patches before and quit cold turkey. The 1st-4th day are bad!

Isaiah Bojorquez: Good for you friend. Stay strong and how are things for you now?

Scott Cupp: I pray you are doing well. Send some prayers for me this way as I will do the same for you :)

cameleon Girl: This is not something someone online can help you with. I can only suggest you try to get your Son into a detox at a Hospital because if you take him to the er asking for narcotics to hold him over, than that is not appropriate. I'm sorry for his pain but that is not the way to go if that is in fact what has happened. If he said he wanted to commit suicide in front of staff and they refused him, that is bad!! Legal or not is really not the issue right now but to get your son appropriate help.

Silk Boxing: Tell me about it. When I went off Pain meds, I sneezed non stop. I have been with my wife for 20 yrs and she never heard me sneeze. She was laughing everytime I sneezed and I said, You think this crap is funny? It is clearing all toxins from your whole body. It gets better, Promise! 14 months clean after 9 years

Ryan Phillips: when im out of norcos my internet goes down on day 8 its not that bad .....i detox all the time though.... wish they would tell you before they givem to ya they should be honest and say...... if you want to ease your pain you need these....but there are strings attached like addiction they should be blount and say pick your poision... personaly im glad they didnt give me any thing stronger than 10s like perks or dilauded i bet this is a cake walk compared to those.. stay strong good luc


Bonnie90505: Hi, Its been about 6 months now that I have detox off of pain meds. My pain is still here, it comes and goes. I do not have health insurance yet, and still unemployed, so I am dealing with the pain, and will take Enbrel injections if severe chronic pain comes, I continue to manage with over the counter meds, just, there are times I could really use Norco to ease the edge. Thanks for all your comments ♥Bonnie

Bonnie90505: please do it slowly, just cut back, I am not sure what to tell you, except.please.let your doctor know what you want for pain management..I live with pain now..but not as often..and please keep me updated.

accentplaya18: Im proud of you!
SO..IT BEGINS!!..Days 1-5 4.3 out of 5

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