Psoriatic Arthritis-Going Off Pain Meds..Days 1-5

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Chris astral empath: Such a bad drug get into the mind of an addict and subscribe to my channel I will be sharing the dangers, my personal addiction and the struggles iv been threw, how I got started and why, how im doing today and my goals down the road I am a severe addict can't imagine my life without the drug in my system my channel is also for support, suggestions and advice thanks all please check me  out esp if your in the same boat or have a family member hooked and wish to understand the psychology of addiction threw an addicts personal testimony many good videos are on the way thanks for reading.

Felix Burke: Don't look down on other types of addicts because they suffer from the same brain disorder as you it is called addiction and they were born pre-disposed to it and then some form of abuse or neglect kicked off their disease , OK ?
Yeah, the insomnia is the worst especially for me because if I don't sleep I get overtired the next day and my anxiety levels go through the roof. Once I get anxious I can't sleep in bed but can nod off while I'm standing up or sitting on a park bench. It really sucks cos when I finally crash and burn it's always at an inconvenient time and place.

rose boudreaux: You are an inspiration to me. I'm on 30 mg of extended release of morphine every 12 hrs. And 15 mg. immediate release every 4 hrs as needed for avascular necrosis of my hips. Am waiting on my right hip replacement on 2/23/15 and must be off all pain meds 7 days prior to my operation; most likely be bed ridden during those days but that's ok as long as I can get off these meds. I will be seeing pain management Dr on 2/9/15 hopefully he will help me also. I've been taking pain meds for 2 yrs because of this. I had no insurance and no job but because I own 2 acres and a house, I didn't qualify for Medicaid and wasn't 65 yet for Medicare. My condition was not a life or death situation so charity hospital wouldn't help me; I had to wait. I turned 65 last yr on September '14 and went to my first orthopedic surgeon. He said he didn't think I was a good candidate for hip replacement and referred me to another and was told I had waited too long all he could do was cut both my femur heads and necks off. I've been unable to walk now since last yr. April '14 due to the deterioration, but thank God I found a Dr who specializes in cases such as mine and was put on a waiting list. He's that good and has assured me he will get me to walking again. Now I hope I'll be able to get off these pain pills hopefully w/o too much discomfort. Heard about anti diarrhea over the counter meds to help w/discomfort and diarrhea while getting off pain meds, i'm getting these. Hope you do well and your pain lessens. God bless you.

Rachel Strothman: Very awesome! Way to go Bonnie! I know your pain as I am currently addicted to an opiate and am going through a taper.

Brett Mitchell: You are a inspiration to so many. Great job.

Mr Bradford: I mean 23 :)

Mr Bradford: Thank you so much!! I'm 33 and have relied on vicodin as a crutch for emotional support and I ran out and started withdrawing, I didint even know i was addicted as I only took four 325 pills a day..i appreciate this as now I will have the tools to do this privately and hopefully with less ease. Your video is the info I was looking and light :)

maldonadok5: Lol!!!

vee mee: WOW BEING ADDICTED TO LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!' I loved that thx u so much for that!. Hope your holding on and better.

Ryan Dyess: Hang in there. I just got over severe nausea, stomach cramping, shakes, ummmm not so much sneezing or runny nose. Im just battling the anxiety and "couped up" feeling. This bullcrap opiate stuff isnt worth the amount of withdrawals, im done for good.

Darrin Connor: Why do people do Norco's?. It's almost like saying, do a real drug wtf?

Bella Diamond: Im not apollogizing this lady takes all that for flare ups wow Sickening, and what kind of influenece is she to our children, she cant handle that, wow, she choose to take all thoose pills, Im far worse off then she can imagine, and I DONTand alot younger, I appreciate the info, but replacing one with another isnt the answer, making up your mind is, CHOICES

icatstaci77: Thank you for this video. It makes me feel better. My doc has had me on 7.5mg hydros, 8 a day since 2005 and I'm done. I want off. But I am so very scared. I hope I am as strong as you were. Staci

john murphy: I've been addicted to heroin for 20 years. I've decided to try ibogaine treatment dr vorobiev in Europe. They put you to sleep and you don't feel any pain. So I've been detoxed and ibogaine really helps with the psychological addiction.The doctors are great. I feel very good.

Miranda Diehl: i am going thru the same thing right now, except my doctor put me on butrans patches for pain, and the patches dont stick like they should, and i always end up using all my patches in the first 2 weeks, i only get 4 a month, i have explained this to get every time i see her and nothing changes, i also get injections in my lower back, they dont help as much as i thought it would, but im so happy your doing so well, its a tough battle to get thru it!!!!keep up the good work!!!!!

abalesky: You are very honest! Ive been on norco I0 /325 for the past 6 months 3-4 a day for stage four endometriosis. I get that u have to take it. I try through out the day to not take it but I am left with sitting on the couch curled up in pain while my famiky and life pass me by. August is my final surgery and hopefullg I will b off them once I am healed. Auto immune diseases suck

BroccoliQueefed: Nothing works like Codeine. Hydrocodone and Oxycontin just make you goofy

smallzabe: Bonnie great video.  I hope everything is going well for you in life since you posted this.  I also made a video recently about my experience detoxing.  I will add the link for your video on mine.  best wishes

Agent13022: I feel u girl im doing a cold turkey withdrawal today is my 4 day..ll im.taking is valium for my anxiety an to calm down an Advil for feel horrible people plz dont take em

stephen cristinzio: Hey Bonnie I'm trying so hard I was taking 50 15 mg oxis a day now I'm down to 45 oxis! I'm making progress but my funds are running out! It's costing me 400 a day!!! Help please god damnit help
Psoriatic Arthritis-Going Off pain meds..Days 1-5 5 out of 5

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Psoriatic Arthritis-Going Off pain meds..Days 1-5