Homemade Extra Strength Laundry Detergent Recipe

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Homemade Extra Strength Laundry Detergent Recipe
Homemade Extra Strength Laundry Detergent Recipe
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i.rodriguez: Instead, you can use 1 cup of washing soda and 1 cup of borax and shred a baby friendly soap bar and dissolve it all in hot water. Also, if you want a nice softener, you can use your distilled vinegar in your rinse cycle. That is what I use when making my laundry detergents. TIP: Distilled Vinegar is also a great rinse for your hair and for your dogs too. I use it for my dog all the time and everybody loves the shine and softness of my pups fur :-)

i.rodriguez: If I may take this one, I would say that the thing about the baking soda is that is weaker than washing soda when it comes to their purpose here, which is to make the water more alkaline so that you have "softer water" to clean with. So for that alone I would take out the baking soda. (but if you don't have washing soda you could convert baking soda into washing soda by cooking it).

clara17uk: i think B>P white above should act more grown up,than acting like a child who got a chemistry set for xmas,most things we know today came from experimenting and lots of mistakes,i would ignore people like him ,hes trying to be professional comment on a you tube video showed what a nerd he is ,its you tube not the shopping channel

Kara Kay: Thank you. Yea I am no chemistry buff at all. Just experimenting to find what works.

Kara Kay: LoL.. I appreciate the comment, but I don't really need to be professional as I am not selling anything nor am I trying to be anything other than myself. this is youtube. I am not applying for a job. I am just a chick in her kitchen exploring ways to do things on my own and save money and sharing that journey with whoever wants to follow. No I don't know anything about chemistry and have learned much since this video was posted. Thx again, but spare the personal preference criticisms plz.

Kara Kay: Thank you Robert! I no nothing of Chemistry and didn't know any of this when making this recipe. I no longer use it.. What's your opinion of 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup washing soda and 1 cup oxy clean? I found that recipe on a cloth diaper site that they say is super safe for diapers..

Kara Kay: Thank you. Yes. I did not know my chemistry with this recipe. :)

Robert Goodman: By "BS" I meant bull crap, not baking soda.

Robert Goodman: In VERY "hard" water, best not to try to "soften" it completely with carbonate (washing soda), because the resulting strong alkalinity and chalk will be destructive to fabric. So large doses of alkali are either unnecessary or destructive. Silicates were found to be much better with laundry soap, and complex phosphates even better, in terms of cleaning fabric as well as not doing damage to fabrics & washing machine parts.

Robert Goodman: If you're using washing soda, the only reason to add the less-alkaline baking soda would be to moderate the former's alkalinity, but if you're using too much alkali in general, as in this and similar popular recipes, it's much better to simply cut it down. Best would be to use no more soda than necessary to neutralize the "hardness" in a load of the wash water, but that takes an analysis ot fhe water and the amount of water the wash cycle takes.

Robert Goodman: Of the 3 brands of soap used above, Kirk's (not Kirklands) is the strongest because it's all coconut soap, and nothing is to be gained in terms of strength by mixing it with Ivory. Fels "Naptha" soap no longer contains naptha, although it may have undisclosed ingredients to improve its detergency, trade secret, probably BS.

Robert Goodman: Extra alkali have sometimes been added to soap powder & other detergents to cheapen them, but those are inferior products. For a while "borax" even became slang for cheap, inferior goods. Hydrogen peroxide is unstable and should not be mixed with other ingredients in advance. If you want it to have an effect on laundry, add it separately. Mixing it in advance, a lot will be destroyed, so although some of it will still be in the mix when you use it, it's wasteful that way.

Robert Goodman: Why make a video, when it's so much faster to read & write? (Besides, the audio stopped working on this laptop a few weeks ago.) "Alkali" here refers to the borax, washing soda, and baking soda. The soap is alkaline too, but generally is not referred to as alkali in a context like this. Good laundry soap is mostly soap. It can have added alkali, but should not have much. Extra alkali degrade fabrics faster. Vinegar is acid, and acid & alkali neutralize each other, so they're silly to combine.

B.P. White: Totally agree with Robert Goodman & 76irodriguez; you have to know how each ingredient is going to react with the other ingredients regardless of what you are making. One of the basic rules of chemistry, if you took chemistry. Poor quality video also, and you could have taken out the lip ring and especially the snout ring! Try being professional.

Robert Goodman: There's so much wrong, the format here doesn't give enough space to explain why. Several of the ingredients partly or entirely cancel each other. The vinegar and alkali counteract, plus either of them will cause most of the peroxide to be destroyed quickly. If one brand of soap is better than others, mixing 3 different ones isn't going to give you the best of each. Like all of these recipes, way too much alkali, so no wonder it eats thru fabrics. Just use soap with a PINCH of alkali.

i.rodriguez: This is very typical. I mean the thought of: "if some is good, a lot is better". Chemistry is a science that proves very interesting, but you have to really investigate about your ingredients before you mix them. Some of this ingredients you are using will work by raising the ph levels in the water making it more acid, while others will make it drop making it more alkaline. The Washing Soda alone brings the ph very high but the vinegar will make it drop, etc. Study them better for your next time

i.rodriguez: The vinegar is best used as a softener in the rinse cycle.

i.rodriguez: What you mean by "too strong for diapers? Could you elaborate?

Kara Kay: How you liking youtube?

Kara Kay: This recipe proved to be too strong for diapers.
Homemade Extra Strength Laundry Detergent Recipe 5 out of 5

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Homemade Extra Strength Laundry Detergent Recipe