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Michael Mankin: Longest rifle shot ever & no distance measured? Wtf?

Aldo Fitla: Indians never had the beginning of the shadow of a chance against white race.....


Steven Hein: Raton, New Mexico at the Whittington Center with a Borchardt .45/100 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle! Distance was 1125 yards and that black plate on the buffalo is about 15" diameter!

Terry Heick: Quigley Down Under kind of shooting!

Pascal Kickingbear: bonjour, la cible est à quelle distance ? France

Troy Reynolds: I've seen Dave shoot at paper targets at 1000 yards, he's a great guy & shot.

m1shadow: I remember seeing this on tv a long time ago, but they never said the distance or the caliber round used, does anyone know?

patrick askew: Impressive and with iron sights no less ; however, the longest recorded shot was in Afghanistan at 1.5 miles or 2700 yards by a British sniper named Harris. The rifle was a .338 Lapua. 

J Sprague: everybody is always talking crap about the mosin  nagant ,i own one and it is very accurate.the 91/30 is also the most successfull sniper rifle of all time.do your research fellas.

fussellmuscle: Gangster

Buffalo Arms Company: The shooter, Dave Gullo just won the 2014 1,000 muzzleloader championship at Camp Butner, making him the current 1,000 champ in both BPCR and muzzleloader.

Jim Daniel: Wow.  Great shooting.

kwsharps: Dave Just won the America's Cup match in Phoenix AZ a few weeks ago shooting with out a spotter to 1000 yards. Same shooter in this video btw.

M ?: This is entirely possible.  Not sure if this is the 45-70, 45-90, 45-120, but the 45-70 was powerful enough to kill a horse at 1500 yards+ 
It is a slow round with a heavy bullet, 500gn+ usually.  With proper iron sights it make long distance shooting a little easier.  You'll notice the white buffalo fits nicely in the front site so he tries to line up the the opening where he thinks the black plate is. 
This is not fake.  These were the original sniper rifles during black powder times.  The had no explosive effect on the targets when the bullet arrived, but the heavy bullet would penetrate great and bore a hole

Lewis Reynolds: bull crap have shot that buff with a fclass/1000 yard br rifle  no way in hell did he make those 2 shots i would love to know the BC of his pills wonder if i can use them at the 2017 fclass world championships

Buffalo Arms Company: The video is real. It was filmed by "Ripley's Believe it or Not", and the shooter is Dave Gullo. Dave is a 6 time 1,000 yard NRA BPCR National Champion and the owner of the Buffalo Arms Company.

Boris Kuglov: respect

Rob Russell: The rifle is a Sharps Borchardt.

Joel Tercero: is that a sharps rifle with tang sights?

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