Light Seeking Arduino Robot

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Light Seeking Arduino Robot
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Ashish Yamdagni: This little device was made by my 14-year-old brother. =P Video editing and everything was done by him. Light Seeking Arduino Robot

Jaciel Ferreira: 

OldManRik: Where can I get the tank tracks?

AnnoyingXboxer: @lizknorr15 To be honest, this stuff is really not that hard to make. It's just a lot of people get intimidated by the unfamiliar so they don't even try to learn to do this stuff. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's not as hard as it looks.

Diamondpigs: Where did

Mickey Ricketts: i used your instructables to do the light sensors but i dont understand how your robot avoids objects. mine just runs into walls aimlessly

Diamondpigs: You get this

TheMusic1800: Nice robot it kinda looks like a Talon robot used By Navy EOD

n00bsgettalife: Uhmmm.. You know it's remote controlled right lizknorr15?

Cristo Bolaños: Nice work!

light101: What is the song?

n00bsgettalife: @CoreBotics Ohh, Cool!

CoreBotics: It was mixed together on a program. It's a combination of a few free beats. I'm not sure of the exact names.

fashanu willies: @lizknorr15 read alot and you'll be able to do this its more about creativity than it is about intelligence.

zaednovideo: Light/sun seeking + a solar cell = practical use

mitchman99275: cool robo

Brandon Raeder: @lizknorr15 You can make it. Just bought my first board today and see no reason why it cant be done. BTW - Im just a welder :) So you can do it just takes time

CoreBotics: @n00bsgettalife Actually this version of the robot is completely autonomous. The version in my Serial comm. tutorial was controlled by bluetooth.

lizknorr15: coolest thing EVER. so jealous of the people that are smart enough to make this type of stuff

CoreBotics: @lizknorr15 We have an article to make this robot. Look at the description.
Light Seeking Arduino Robot 4.8 out of 5

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Light Seeking Arduino Robot